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"I should take a good look at the subject before drawing."Sean Diaz during the first optional drawing in "Roads"

Optional Drawings are a gameplay mechanic in Life is Strange 2. Throughout each episode, Sean may encounter multiple locations where he may sit and draw pictures to varying levels of details using his sketchbook. Completion of a drawing will result in the sketch being saved to Sean's journal pages, and starting any drawing at least once throughout an episode awards the player with an achievement.


The observation phase of the drawing mechanic.

The drawing mechanic consists of two phases; observation and sketching. First, the player must take in their surroundings and memorize its details, which involves pointing the camera at a specific part of the scenery and holding down the A, X, or left mouse button. Next, the player must look down at their journal and sketch out the scene by moving their control stick or mouse until the sketch is done. This process is repeated several times, as the player's surroundings come into focus and their sketches become more detailed, until the drawing reaches its maximum detail variant.

Episode One - "Roads"

Location Drawing Description
SitAndDrawE1P1.jpg Sean's Sketchbook 12.jpg Sean can sit in a beanbag chair in the left corner of his room and sketch a picture of the adjacent corner of his room.
SitAndDrawE1P2.jpg Sean's Sketchbook 15.jpg While camping at Mount Rainier National Park, Sean and Daniel will set up camp under a rock formation. After he and/or Daniel gather firewood, Sean can sit by the river and draw the surrounding area.

With Daniel and Mushroom
Sean's Sketchbook 22.jpg

Without Daniel and Mushroom
61056758 2145970915522777 2084326274171404288 n.png

When in their motel room, Daniel will ask to play Rock Paper Scissors over the bed closest to the TV. If he wins the game or Sean wins and gives up the bed, Sean will immediately be able to draw Daniel sitting on the bed. If Sean wins and does not give up the bed, Daniel will sit on the bed when Sean enters the bathroom. If Daniel and Mushroom are sent to have a bath before you choose to draw the room they will not appear in detail.

Episode Two - "Rules"

Location Drawing Description

With Mushroom
Sketch 41 outside.png

Without Mushroom
Sketch 41 outside no mushroom.png

Sean can head outside after preparing food on the stove at the cabin and draw a sketch.
SitAndDrawE2P2.png Sktech 46 room full.png Sean can relax in the corner of the living area after breakfast in The Gingerbread House. In order for both Claire and Daniel to be featured in the sketch, it must be started before Sean collects the shed key from Stephen. If Daniel has not finished his homework, he can be added to the sketch later before Sean heads outside.

UFO variant
Sketch 48 sketch market.png

Zombie variant
Sketch 50 market zombies.png

Sean can sit on a bench in the Christmas Market and draw the scene. After completing the sketch, Chris will walk up to Sean and ask to add something cool. Sean decides on adding either a UFO or zombies.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

Location Drawing Description

With dog
Sketch 74 E3D1.png

Without dog
Sketch 76 E3D1b.jpg

Sean can sit on the stump and sketch the campsite after he leaves his tent in the morning. If he sketches after petting the dog, he will not include the dog in the sketch.

Choose Cassidy
Sketch 76 E3D2a.png

Choose Finn
Sketch 76 E3D2b.png

Sean can sit in a camping chair next to his tent and draw after he gets back from work. He can sketch either Cassidy or Finn, both of whom are sitting in front of their respective tents.

Be sober
Sketch 78 E3D3.png

Be intoxicated
Sketch 78 E3D3 V2.png

As the group sits around the campfire, Sean can sketch the scene. The drawing features Finn, Hannah, the dog, Jake, Cassidy, Penny, and Daniel. If Sean is intoxicated (by drinking or smoking), his drawing will be affected.

Episode Four - "Faith"

Location Drawing Description


Prison bars

After waking up from his nightmare, Sean can look at the sketchbook in front of him. Afterwards, he will have the option to draw his hospital room. He can add a staircase or prison bars.

Oasis variant

Hell variant

Sean can draw the surrounding desert once he reaches the shady spot underneath the billboard. He decides to spice up his drawing by adding palm trees or hellhounds.

With kraken

No kraken

While waiting for Karen in the motel room, Sean can look out from the curtain. He will then have the option to open the shades and draw the surrounding area. Assuming the player doesn't leave before the drawing sequence is complete, Sean will draw a kraken.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

Location Drawing Description
Screenshot (30).png

Chilled variant
S2 Sketch 109 chilled.png

Badass variant
Screenshot (33).png

At the canyon, Sean can draw the mountains while packing up their gear. Daniel will ask to be added in, letting Sean imagine a chilled or badass pose.

Wolf Pack variant
S2 Sketch 110 wolfpack.jpg

Biochemical Fantasy variant
20210407210021 1.jpg

On top of Karen's caravan at Away, Sean can sit and draw the location and is also a Moment of Calm.


Sketchy Achievement.png Sketchy
Xbox G Icon.png30SilverTrophy.png
Start any drawing in Episode 1
Draw The Line Achievement.png Draw The Line
Xbox G Icon.png30SilverTrophy.png
Start any drawing in Episode 2
American Graffiti Achievement.png American Graffiti
Xbox G Icon.png30SilverTrophy.png
Start any drawing in Episode 3
Chiaroscuro Achievement.png Chiaroscuro
Xbox G Icon.png30SilverTrophy.png
Start any drawing in Episode 4
Out Of Ink Achievement.png Out Of Ink
Xbox G Icon.png30SilverTrophy.png
Start any drawing in Episode 5


  • At the release of Episode 1, several reviews made mention of the tediousness of the sketching process of the drawing mechanic[1], furthered by a sensitivity issue that made it much longer and harder to carry out.[2] On October 8, 2018, a patch was released to add better support for low sensitivity mice and controllers and fix the rare occurrence of camera locks.[3]