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"Oregon is like the edge of the world..."Brody Holloway to Sean Diaz in "Roads"

Otter Point is a location offering a view overlooking Arcadia Bay, situated at the opposite end to its lighthouse in Life is Strange 2, and a non-explorable location in Episode 1. It serves as a resting area off the U.S. Highway 101. A small visitors plaque gives information about the bay.

Episode One - "Roads"

Otter Point is visited briefly by Sean Diaz, Daniel Diaz, Brody Holloway, and Mushroom as they head south along the 101.

The town's state and the information displayed by its visitors plaque depends on the final choice made in the final episode of the first game that is selectable as the start of Life is Strange 2.

The state of the town will slightly change the conversation that Sean has with Brody. If the town is destroyed, Sean will say that his future feels dead and empty like the town below. If the town was saved, Sean will instead say that his home in Seattle was boring like the town below and he used to bitch about it so much, but he wishes he could go back to it. In response to either of these comments, Brody will gesture toward Arcadia Bay and say, "This is the past."


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