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Pacific Steve's Famous Crab was a seafood restaurant located in Arcadia Bay. In Before the Storm, it is discovered that it was shut down on Friday, May 7th, 2010.


  • Max Caulfield can look at an old sign of this restaurant which has been left to rot in the junkyard in Life is Strange. She can comment, "No way... I totally remember going there as a kid. I loved the hushpuppies. Now the sign is just Arcadia Bay junk..."
  • In Before the Storm, Chloe Price states that Max and herself used to go there as kids.
  • A radio host announces that the restaurant just shut down (when listening to the radio in Chloe's room in Before the Storm). He says, "Terrible news, my fellow Arcadians. Our very own Pacific Steve's Famous Crab is shutting its doors. Might have something to do with all the health and safety violations they've suffered this year. If you've had a near-death experience eating there, let us know." Headphones
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