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"Listen, I feel sorry for you, I really do. But denying what you did will only make things worse..." — Patrick in "Wolves"

Patrick Campbell[1] is an officer at the El Rey Police Department. He appears in Episode 5 of Life is Strange 2.


Patrick appears to be an easygoing man with regards to how he sympathizes with Sean Diaz on his situation, but he is still a duty-bound police officer. He is brash and cold when confronting the vigilantes, and he does not appreciate Sean's evasive or dismissive attitude after being urged to be truthful over the "crime spree" in his file.


He is a male with orange hair with green eyes and sideburns, wearing a police uniform.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

Patrick is first seen when two vigilantes, Madison Wright and her father Luke Wright, capture Sean and Daniel Diaz. Patrick's arrival is unexpected as the vigilantes were expecting to see another officer, "Spencer," whom they seem to have some kind of deal with. They try to convince Patrick to arrest the brothers, but he and the other police officers arrest the two vigilantes along with them.

He later comes into the prison area after Sean's conversation with Madison, Diego Morales, and Carla Morales. Madison tries to convince him to release her and her father, but he instead tells them to remain silent. He takes Sean to an interrogation room where he cuffs Sean to the table and reassures him about his brother Daniel's health. After temporarily leaving to fetch Sean a coffee, he returns to look through Sean's file as they wait for Agent Flores to arrive. (The list of crimes he reads out is dependent on players choices up to this point.) After asking about Sean and Daniel's strange "crime spree," he is interrupted by the lights flickering on and off and gets up to see what's going on outside. He is warned against this by a worried Sean, who suspects this is Daniel's doing, but he ignores the warning. He is forcefully pushed back by the door as it is blown inwards Daniel, knocking him out. If Daniel's morality is low, he will be knocked back more brutally. After Daniel frees Sean, he stops to see if Patrick is okay, with Daniel either having concerns or showing no regard for him before escaping.


Sean Diaz - Patrick sympathizes with Sean and states he feels "sorry for him," but he does not let this interfere with his duty as an officer and urges Sean to be truthful about his crimes.

Madison and Luke Wright - Patrick heavily disapproves of their vigilante activities, which shows when he confronts them both at the wall and the police station, stating at the latter location: "You have the right to remain silent... so fucking use it, okay?"

Spencer - Not much is known about Patrick's relationship to this officer other than both of them being aware of Madison and her father's vigilante activity. Patrick has heard about a deal Spencer has with the two vigilantes which he seems to disapprove of and tells Madison it is "not happening anymore." The deal is implied to be unofficial, and the two vigilantes ask for Spencer by his first name.

Agent Flores - Patrick knows Agent Flores by name but it is unclear how familiar they are in a professional sense.

Memorable Quotes

"Hey, you have the right to remain silent... so fucking use it, okay?"
— Patrick in "Wolves"
"Jeez. That's quite a crime spree. It's hard to believe what kids can do nowadays..."
— Patrick in "Wolves"
"I did what I had to do. I needed to protect my brother..." - "I know, son. But running away from trouble is never a good solution. "
— Sean and Patrick in "Wolves"
"Those were just... random accidents... Yeah, it's crazy, but... it just happens around us... I can't explain it." - "Uh huh. Listen, once is an accident... twice is luck... three times is enemy action."
— Sean and Patrick in "Wolves"




  1. First name revealed in the credits to Episode 5.