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"Then how about I show you how unimpressed I am with limp dick assholes who get butthurt over a spilled beer?" - "I think she's calling us out, dude."Chloe Price and Peter Gillespie at the punk club in "Awake"

Peter Gillespie is a minor character in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


Peter is shown to be dim-witted, selfish, obnoxious and apathetic as shown when he hits Chloe Price in the face out of revenge for Chloe attacking Sheldon. He seems to enjoy his role as one of Damon Merrick's "enforcers".


Peter has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a baseball cap, hoodie and jeans.

Episode One - "Awake"[]

Peter is present when Chloe knocks Sheldon's beer out of his hand. He is later seen again with Sheldon and they both move towards Chloe menacingly and threaten her. If Chloe attacks Sheldon, Peter punches her in the face. When Peter and Sheldon chase after Chloe and Rachel, Frank stops them and they leave.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"[]

Peter is seen on a file in the Ambers' house; he is listed as one of the people affiliated with Damon Merrick.



  • Sheldon Pike - Peter and Sheldon seem to be on good terms and they have only ever been seen together.


  • Chloe Price - Peter goads Sheldon on before Rachel intervenes, encouraging him to attack Chloe. If Chloe attacks Sheldon, Peter will then punch her in the face and give her a black eye.
  • Rachel Amber - Peter helps Sheldon chase Rachel and Chloe and appears angry when Frank stops them.


  • Damon Merrick - Damon is Peter's employer and he uses this as an excuse to act threateningly towards others, such as Chloe.
  • Frank Bowers - Despite both being affiliates of Damon, it can be assumed that Frank and Peter are not on friendly terms, as Frank stops him and Sheldon from attacking Chloe and Rachel.


  • His last name could be a reference to the singer of the song "Out of Line" by Sarah Gillespie that's played on the radio in Episode 2.