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Peter Wyatt and Kristen Wyatt are the parents of Emily Eriksen and the in-laws of Charles Eriksen. After their daughter's death, the two offered support to Charles and their grandson Chris.

Captain Spirit

A letter from Peter to Charles can be found near Charles' computer in the kitchen area of the Eriksen Household. It reads as follows:

SP PT Kitchen GrandparentsLetter 1 2 result.png

Dear Charles,

We just wanted to let you know how much we both care about you and Chris. I know life has been hard since Emily left us but we’re still a family and we intend to keep it that way. That includes making sure Chris is getting all the care he needs at this fragile age. We've always been honest with you, so please take our concern as a sign of our love, the way you loved our beautiful daughter.

We also heard through a friend that you were in some kind of bar fight, but the police declined to arrest you. Thank God! Please take care of yourself!

To cut to the chase, we want to help so we hope you will allow us to take care of Chris for the next year, or as long as you need, and consider joining a support group.

SP PT Kitchen GrandparentsLetter 2 2 result.png

We are not judging you in any way, only showing that we care by offering our home and love to your wonderful son. A letter seems impersonal but we want you to think without pressure. Forgive us if you feel we have overstepped our bounds.

This is only about how much we love you and Chris. We’re here for you both. Always.


In the Eriksens' garage, Chris can find a letter from Peter thanking Charles for sending flowers for Kristen's birthday.

SP PT EHOutside Garage GrandParentsLetter.png

Dear Charles

Thank you for your lovely note and flowers for Kristen's birthday.

They always mean more coming from you. We miss you and would love to see how Chris is growing. Like you, we also still miss Emily every day, every hour and minute. And we know that grief is part of your life so always know that we think of you often. We're always here for you like you were there for us. Forever.

Please stay in touch and let's make plans to meet soon. You're family and always in our hearts and prayers.

Love, Peter

Episode Two - "Rules"

Upon returning from the Christmas market, Sean Diaz has a conversation with Charles in his truck while Chris and Daniel play outside. If Chris opened up to him about his father's alcoholism and anger issues, Sean can confront Charles about his behavior. If Sean tells him to get help, Charles tells Sean that he'll consider taking up Peter and Kristen's offer to look after Chris while he sorts himself out.