"There's a sign for the prenatal class!" - "I can't believe we're finally doing this! I'm so excited!" - "You're gonna be a good dad." — Picnic Couple in "Hell Is Empty" (determinant)

The Picnic Couple are two characters in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. They can be found at the Overlook Park having a picnic together.

Episode One - "Awake"

The couple is seen sitting at a picnic table at Overlook Park. They are arguing because the man locked the keys in their car.

Chloe Price can approach them and ask for some change. The picnickers mistake her as a beggar and say that they might have some leftover food when they are finished. When Chloe inquires on what kind of food they have, the man remarks that "this place has gone downhill" while the woman will remind him that Chloe is standing nearby.

Chloe and Rachel Amber return to the same place shortly afterwards. Rachel pretends to faint to distract the picnickers and allow Chloe an opportunity to steal their wine. Just as Chloe is about to grab the bottle, the couple notices her and urge her to call for help. Chloe can walk away or try to focus the couple's attention on Rachel by using backtalk.

Successful Backtalk
Chloe manages to convince the male picnicker to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Rachel and snatches the wine bottle while they are not looking. Rachel gets up from the ground, thanking him for saving her life, and the two girls walk away from the picnickers.

Failed Backtalk
The female picnicker notices something strange about the situation. Chloe shouts for Rachel to get up and quickly grabs the bottle. The two girls then run away from the picnickers. The woman berates her husband for being naive.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

If Chloe comes close to the elevators in the hospital, she will overhear the couple searching for the maternity wing.

Won backtalk in "Awake"
After the man points out a sign for the prenatal class, the woman reassures her partner that he'll be a good father. As they leave, Chloe comments that she is glad about having stolen the wine from them earlier.

Failed backtalk in "Awake"
As the woman expresses frustration towards her partner and questions whether he'll be able to take care of their child, the man points out a sign for the prenatal class. As they leave, Chloe mentally remarks that they "suck".


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