Life is Strange

This is a community page that features a list of Life is Strange playthroughs in order of views of the first video. The views and likes/dislikes are only taken from the first video and are rounded.

Feel free to add your favorite playthroughs, which are not on here (must have over 10,000 views or be notable in some way; must be part 1 of the series or the whole episode in one video).

Pewdiepie Edit

Views: 9.5 Million
Likes: 352.000
Dislikes: 5.800
Ratio: 98.4% Approval

Jacksepticeye Edit

Views: 4.5 Million
Likes: 104,000
Dislikes: 2,000
Ratio: 98.1% Approval

Gronkh Edit

Views: 1.3 Million
Likes: 22,000
Dislikes: 500
Ratio: 97.8% Approval

NukemDukem Edit

Views: 600,000
Likes: 7,000
Dislikes: 800
Ratio: 89.7% Approval

YOGSCAST Hannah Edit

Views: 233,000
Likes: 5,000
Dislikes: 68
Ratio: 98.7% Approval


Views: 181,000
Likes: 3,700
Dislikes: 72
Ratio: 98.1% Approval

Geek Remix Edit

Views: 98,000
Likes: 1,700
Dislikes: 25
Ratio: 98.6% Approval

ManlyBadassHero Edit

Views: 17,600
Likes: 500
Dislikes: 4
Ratio: 99.2% Approval

GT Live Edit

Views: 970,786
(on playlist)
Likes: 68,073
(added up from all videos)
Dislikes: 1,256
(added up from all videos)
Ratio: 98.1%

Jessy Cox & PressHeartToContinue Edit

Views: 282,818
Likes: 7171
Dislikes: 134
Ratio: 99.2% Approval

Cinematic Playthrough Edit

Storify Edit

References Edit

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