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"Pompidou, huh? That's one... badass name for a dog."Chloe about Pompidou in "Brave New World"

Pompidou is Frank Bowers' three month old puppy that he was given as a gift from Damon Merrick.


Prior to April 12, 2010, Damon gave Pompidou to Frank as a gift after rejecting a buyer who had offered him $3,000, claiming that everything Frank has done for him more than makes up for the cost.

Though he initially bought a number of steaks to feed Pompidou with, Frank soon discovered that Pompidou refused to eat them, causing him to search up possible reasons why before deciding to get dry dog food. If Chloe uses Frank's computer, she finds that Frank has posted on a website "DoggieHelp" asking why his dog has been peeing everywhere, to which a commenter replied that it was likely due to fear caused by scolding.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

Pompidou appears in this episode as he dashes out of Frank's bedroom and bites Chloe Price's shoe. After Frank calls him, Pompidou runs towards him, where Frank pets him lovingly before he falls asleep next to a Hawt Dog Man doll.


Main article: Canon Inconsistencies
  • In the original game, we learn that Frank Bowers used to bet on dog fights before having a revelation and saving a bunch of dogs, keeping one for himself.[1] Max Caulfield even comments to Frank that's she's heard how he "rescued a bunch of fight dogs",[2] and Frank replies to her saying, "It was just the right thing to do. I couldn't stand to see those poor animals treated like slaves. That's how I came to own Pompidou." However, Before the Storm reveals that Pompidou was gifted to Frank by Damon Merrick in an email we see from Damon to Frank.
  • In Before the Storm, we see that Chloe learns Pompidou's name and comments on its uniqueness.[3] However, during the events of the original game, Frank tells Max that "The only way you know my dog's name is if you broke into my RV." This should not be the case if Frank has told his dog's name to Chloe in the past, as he should have come to the conclusion that she gave this information to Max.



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