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"Now why would somebody run all that electricity into an old empty barn?"Max's comment in "Dark Room"

The Prescott Barn is an old outbuilding located on derelict farmstead grounds owned by the Prescott family,[notes 1] officially under the name of Harry Aaron Prescott. It is an old, dilapidated, and explorable area in Episode 4.

Episode Four: "Dark Room"

Max and Chloe are led to the barn after their investigation into Nathan's involvement in drugging Kate Marsh. Discovering the coordinates of the barn thanks to information provided by David Madsen's files, the girls head out to explore the barn.

Outside, they discover fresh tire tracks and a firmly padlocked entrance, as well as an unfitting modern power supply leading into the derelict building. Max goes around the side to discover a movable metal panel, and the girls enter.

Inside, they discover a chest with information about old deals within the Prescott family, as well as photographs and letters relating to the family.

As Max continues to search the barn, she finds a trapdoor, which is suspiciously more modern than the rest of the barn. She breaks the lock, and the girls discover a code-locked door leading to what is known as the Dark Room, or the Prescott Bunker.

Episode Five: "Polarized"

After being rescued from the Dark Room by David, Max goes outside and calls Warren in an attempt to save Chloe. She learns that Warren is in the Two Whales Diner, and drives there using Mark Jefferson's car, which is parked inside the barn.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.


  • Max can look at a "No Trespassing" sign. (Comment: "Watch us.")
  • She can look at an old car. (Comment: "Watson, we can safely assume that this ancient vehicle is not our suspect.")
  • She can look at fresh tire tracks. (Comment: "Hmmm, these are thick tracks and definitely fresh... Nathan's SUV?")
  • She can look at a modern power supply. (Comment: "Now why would somebody run all that electricity into an old empty barn?")
  • She can look at Chloe. (Comment: "Chloe is so damn fearless... Where does that come from?")
  • She can take an optional photo of a bird.
  • She can enter the barn by moving a metal sheet (required).

First Floor

  • Max can look at a chest containing old Prescott clippings. (Comment: "Chloe would make a great detective too...")
  • She can look at a photo of Harry Aaron Prescott. (Comment: "Even Harry Aaron Prescott was into selfies...")
  • She can look at an old tractor. (Comment: "This tractor has paid its dues.")
  • She can search a crate and discover a letter from Harry Aaron Prescott to Mr. Lyndon. (Comment: "I guess the Prescotts were just born bastards...")
  • She can look at the fresh tire tracks. (Comment: "Okay, there's no reason for anybody to drive out here... but there must be.")
  • She can look at a photo of the barn. (Comment: "Wowser, talk about 'Home on the Range.'")
  • She can look at a pitchfork. (Comment: "If a zombie shows up, I have my weapon.")
  • She can look at a hook attached to a pillar. (Comment: Look: "Hmmm, these hooks are used to lift haystacks... I saw them in a 'Friday the 13th' movie."
    After finding padlock: "The hook is attached pretty tight to the rope... I could use it to
    open the hatch...")
  • She can search a crate on a shelf, and finds a bill from the "Pollard Market" inside. (Comment: "Ah, the good ol’ days...")
  • She can look at several haystacks. (Comment: "So many haystacks, so few needles...")
  • She can look at a rusty button. (Comment: "There’s no way this rusty ass button will activate these ropes or pulleys...")
  • She can search the ground in several places, and eventually finds a padlocked trapdoor leading to the Dark Room. After that, there will be several new interactions available:
    • Max may try to open the padlock with her bare hands. (Comment: "No, Super Max, you can't open this with your bare hands.")
    • She can attach the hook to the padlock (required).
    • She can look at and climb a platform to the second floor (required). (Comment: "Hmmm, the rope leads up to that platform... Must climb.")

Second Floor

  • Max can pull an old motor towards herself (required).
    • She can look at and stand on the old motor to surmount another platform (required). (Comment: "That looks sturdy enough to stand on.")
  • She can look at and try to pull a rope. (Comment: Look: "Here’s the other end of the rope..."
    Pull: "Nope, I can’t pull this rope without tearing my flesh off. I need to hook this up to
    something heavier...")
    • She can attach the rope to the old motor after rewinding time (required). (Comment: "Talk about heavy metal... I could use that to open the hatch.")
    • She can pull the old motor once again to tear the padlock open (required). (Comment: Pull without rope: "So that didn’t work at all."
      Pull with rope: "MaxGyver strikes again!")
  • She can look at and take an optional photo of a sleeping owl. (Comment: "Good evening, 'Doctor Hoo'... Sorry.")

Optional Photos

There are two optional photos in and around the barn. The first is outside on the fence by the side of the barn; Max can spot a bird there and choose to photograph it if she's quick enough, or uses rewind. The second is in the eaves of the barn, as Max can discover an owl in the rafters. She wakes it as she takes her photo.


  • In the barn, the construction agreement is signed by architect Howard Roark from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.
  • A derelict farmhouse, likely based on a concept art, is visible in the background near the old barn. Given that the model is detailed, its creation from its own concept art and prominent position on a leaked journal location overview screenshot, it likely was considered to play a bigger role in the story at some point in development. There is also a path to the farmhouse, which is only blocked by a fence. The old barn map package is called "OldFarm.upk", which could refer to both buildings.
  • In Episode 5, David's car can be seen near the barn.


Concept Art


  1. Ownership of the farmland is mentioned on Page 62 of Max's journal and in an article by The Independent newspaper that Max can read on the plane to San Francisco.