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The Price household in 2008 is the residence of the Price family; William Price, Joyce Price and Chloe Price that Max Caulfield is able to see once again when she goes back in time through a photograph. There are many differences in the decoration of the house when compared with its future state in 2013 when David Madsen is married to Chloe's mother. Max returns here to alter the timeline to try and prevent William's death.

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"

Near the end of the episode, we see "Future Max" enter the body of her 13-year-old self as it was standing in the kitchen with Chloe and William, who are making pancakes. On top of the living room table behind Max are drawings that she has been working on that day with Chloe. Also in the living room, a video game they have been playing has been left on "Pause" on the TV. As Max is getting her bearings, William receives the fateful phone call from Joyce, asking him if he can pick her up from the grocery store. Max knows that she must prevent William from driving that day so that he never dies in a car accident, so she uses her rewind power to locate his car keys and hide them. Once this happens, Max is transported back to the future in 2013 but is initially unaware that preventing William's death has created an alternative timeline and made Chloe fall foul of a car accident instead, causing her to become a quadriplegic.

Only the kitchen, hallway, and living room are explorable during this time. Max can take a photo and observe and speak with both Chloe and William.

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

In a cutscene, Max returns through the same photograph to the Price household in 2008. She sadly realizes that she must let William die in order to return to the original timeline. She throws the photograph she used to return to this year in the fire and watches it burn. Doing this causes her to fix the timeline and return to 2013, where she finds herself standing in Chloe's room with an unharmed Chloe.

Notable Differences

In 2008, there are some minor changes to the house when compared to its future state in 2013.


Downstairs, the furniture is much the same but moved around slightly. The photographs belonging to David and the ones of his life with Joyce are not here as this is a time when William was very much alive and married to Joyce.

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PC users: Hover over the text to see Max's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Max can look at Chloe. (Comment: "Chloe is just so damn happy and carefree... and this is the last time unless I change it.")
  • She can look at William. (Comment: "I love William like he was in my own family... I won't let him die today. I won't.")
  • She can look at photos on the refrigerator. (Comment: "I know I've seen those pictures before...")
  • She can look at a note plastered to the kitchen wall. (Comment: "Joyce loves William so much.")
  • She can look at a magazine on the kitchen table. (Comment: "Man, I remember Chloe reading this... but not after today.")
  • She can take an optional photo with William’s camera. (Comment: "You can see the bond between Chloe and her father... and the love. Now this is a photo.")
  • She can look at the mess on the living room table. (Comment: "What a mess we made! I remember those cool drawings I did with Chloe... ")
  • She can look at a magazine on living room table. (Comment: "Chloe was so into manga... nice hair!")
  • She can look at a snow globe on the fireplace. (Comment: "That's a cool snow doe...")
  • She can look at a drawing of the Lighthouse. (Comment: "I forgot about this... back to the lighthouse...")
  • She can leave a mark on the fireplace, and later look at it. (Comment: "Obvious, but it will have to do...")
  • She can look at the portrait of the Price Family. (Comment: "My family never took fun, goofy photos like this...")
  • She can look at the DVDs on the floor. (Comment: "Oh yeah, I miss movie nights here—cookies and popcorn...")
  • She can look at some brochures. (Comment: "I know they never took that big vacation.")
  • She can walk toward the edge of the scene, on the way to the front door. (Comment: "Whoa, it's all blurry here, like I can't step out of the photographic bounds...")

After William answers Joyce’s call and Max rewinds,

  • She can look at and unplug the phone cable. (Comment: Look: "Ohh! If I unplug the phone, William can't take any calls!"
    Unplug: "Boom, disconnected!")
  • She can look at the phone. (Comment: "I could call Joyce at the Two Whales Diner and warn her... If I had the number!")
  • She can look at a notebook with the Two Whales number inside. (Comment: "Yes! Here's the Two Whales number! Now I can warn Joyce.")
  • She can use the phone to call the Two Whales Diner. (Comment: "Max, you have the number, so call Joyce—now.")
  • She can answer Joyce’s call herself.
  • She can grab William’s car keys from under his cap (required). (Comment: "Score!")
  • She can try to talk William out of leaving the house.
  • She can speak to Chloe.

The following is a list of places where Max can hide William’s keys, with bold entries indicating a successful concealment (required):

  • Cookies
  • Flower pot
  • Books
  • Sliding door
  • Jar near the fireplace
  • Window
  • Cereal
  • Sink
  • Waste bin
  • Vase
  • Couch