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Before the Storm (Farewell)

The Price household is the residence of the Price family; William Price, Joyce Price and Chloe Price, where Farewell takes place in circa 2008.

Bonus Episode - "Farewell"



Chloe's Room

  • Max can look at the bookcase. (Comment: "Chloe's such a nerd. She hangs on to all her old textbooks and school supplies.)
  • She can look at the skateboard. (Comment: "Chloe keeps trying to get me to hop on her board. I'd rather take pictures.)
  • She can open the drawer.
  • She can look at and attempt to trash the boy band cards. (Comment: Before trashing: "Woah. Talk about embarrassing."
    After trashing: "I guess these are really pieces of our past. Then again, so is this whole room.")
  • She can look at the doll head. (Comment: "Live fast, die young, and go out with a bang. Rest in pieces, doll.")
  • She can look at the clothes pile. (Comment: "Chloe's mom wanted us to go through this pile of old clothes and find stuff to donate. Instead, we played
    dress-up for an hour.")
  • She can look at the comic strip. (Comment: "Chloe's had this hung up on her wall forever, but neither of us can figure out what happened to the last panel.
    I hope Dr. Chloestein's okay.")
  • She can look at the unicorn poster. (Comment: "Chloe's always preferred imaginary animals to real ones. Besides Bongo, of course.")
  • She can look at the concert tickets. (Comment: Before conversation: "This was our first unsupervised concert together. It was so much fun. We were supposed
    to see another show next month, but..."
    After conversation: "At least we got to go to one concert together before I left.")
  • She can look at and attempt to trash the board game. (Comment: Before trashing: "Chloe and I haven't played this game in forever. And I'm pretty sure it's missing pieces."
    After trashing: "I can see why Chloe has such a hard time cleaning out her room. Sheesh.")
  • She can look at the glowy bear. (Comment: "Let this box of trash be a sacrifice to you, O almighty Glowy Bear.")
  • She can look at the firecracker remains. (Comment: Told Chloe that was insane: "I can never tell if Chloe is my best friend because she makes me do crazy things,
    or despite it."
    Told Chloe that was amazing: "That was awesome. Who else but Chloe could turn cleaning her room into a
    pyrotechnical adventure?")
  • She can look at Chloe's report card. (Comment: "As usual, Chloe's grades are better than mine. I still kick her butt in PE, though.")
  • She can look at the string of pictures above the bed. (Comment: "Ever since I started taking photos, Chloe's hung them in her room. It's like my own private gallery.")
  • She can have a moment of calm on Chloe's bed.
  • She can open the drawer to Chloe's desk.
  • She can look at and attempt to trash the magic set. (Comment: Before trashing: "I was lucky to survive Chloe's magic phase with all my fingers intact."
    After trashing: "I guess Chloe wants to keep the magic alive.")
  • She can look at the camera.
  • She can look at the acceptance letter. (Comment: Before conversation: "I bet Chloe's parents were freaking out when she got this letter."
    Pushed further: "I hear Blackwell students aren't the easiest to get along with. I hope Chloe makes some friends
    there soon."
    Said nothing: "Whatever is bothering Chloe, I hope she finds some friends at Blackwell soon.")
  • She can look at Chloe's backpack. (Comment: "People say a lot of things about the Prescott family. But this is pretty cool.")
  • She can look at and attempt to trash Mr. Sharkie. (Comment: Before trashing: "I think Chloe used to call this guy Mr. Sharkie. I doubt she plays with it anymore."
    After trashing: "No messing with Mr. Sharkie.")
  • She can look at the height chart. (Comment: "Chloe's been beating me for a while. But that growth spurt could come any day now.")
  • She can open the drawer to Chloe's dresser.
  • She can look at and attempt to trash the jawbreaker. (Comment: "We bought this as a gag years ago. I honestly can't believe Chloe still has it.")
  • She can look at and attempt to save Chloe's hoodie in the trash box. (Comment: Before saving: "Chloe's had this hoodie for years. It's her favorite. I don't think she'd mean to throw it away."
    After saving: "I can't believe Chloe wants to part with this. Seems so unlike her.")
  • She can look at Chloe. (Comment: "Chloe's so determined to find the map. I love how when she puts her mind to something, she just doesn't
    give up.")
  • She can look at the sketchbook. (Comment: "This looks like a page was ripped out. I wonder if it's the map?")
  • She can look at the drawing. (Comment: "Chloe and I were doing a lot of drawing in Ms. Shelley's class. I wonder if the map is mixed in with her school
    supplies from that year?")
  • She can look at the make your own story book. (Comment: "I remember writing this! It's a story where you choose what happens. Wonder if I could still get to the end?")
  • She can read the make your own story book. (Comment: "Yes! Take that, rat king.")
  • She can take a photo in the mirror.
  • She can look at and examine a textbook. (Comment: "I think this was the first class Chloe and I had together. Not sure I learned much about the Stars and Stripes.")