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"Home... right. Now I remember why I'm here. Any place is better than home."Chloe at the Old Mill in "Awake"

The Price Household is the home of Joyce Price and her daughter Chloe Price. It is the previous residence of William Price before his untimely death.

Episode One - "Awake"

Chloe wakes up in her room after her noight at the old mill She sits up and takes her red 'Oregon' ashtray and starts smoking a cigarette (or weed, if she bought it from Frank earlier with the stolen money). Chloe can look at a photo of her and Max Caulfield as kids along with her dad, William Price and can also look at her diary. After being called by her mother, Joyce Price, for breakfast downstairs, she gets up from her bed and changes clothes before leaving her room. Due to having drunk too much, Chloe notices her phone is missing. She then goes to her mother's room to call her phone with her mother's phone. Chloe finds her phone in the bathroom, and just after she takes it, her mother asks her from downstairs to bring her purse along with her phone, causing her to go back to the room. When she finally goes downstairs, she speaks with her mother about several topics, and at the end of the conversation, she may either be comprehensive towards Joyce or say how she actually feels. Depending on her choice, Joyce will be either kind or tough towards her. Chloe'll have to pick the keys from her stepfather, David Madsen, and take them to him since he'll be taking her to school today. After leaving the house and going to David, he'll ask her to get the tools he needs to fix his car in the garage. After this, she gets in the car and David will try to start a conversation with her. She can either start a fight with him or listen to what he has to say. After the conversation, David then takes Chloe to Blackwell Academy. 

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

Chloe returns home the next morning after spending the night at Rachel's house (in which she may discover that David had searched through her room depending on decisions made in the previous episodes) and calls Frank Bowers, who reluctantly agrees to meet Chloe at the junkyard. While heading downstairs, she sees Joyce and David embracing each other. When she tries to sneak pass them, they see her. David reveals that he has decided to trust Chloe more if she stops taking drugs, but this does not convince Chloe to give up her rebellious ways. David then explains the reason while he's here: his friend Phil Becker had died during their last mission in the army and he did not want Chloe to suffer the same pain that he had when he lost his friend. He then hands her a photo of him and Phil. Chloe can choose whether to take the picture or reject it, which will either earn David's trust or anger. She then leaves for the junkyard, taking her father's toolbox and an old repair manual with her.  At the end of the game and depending on Chloe's past choices, she is either seen embracing embracing David and Joyce or still resenting David.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Awake"


Chloe's Room
  • Chloe can look at her journal (required). (Comment: "Daily rituals are important, even when they involve writing
    unread letters to friends who've forgotten you...")
  • She can look at a photo of William, Max and herself (required). (Comment: "Hey, Max. Hey, Dad. Another day in paradise, right?")
  • She can look at a joint. (Comment: "Wake and bake is part of a healthy breakfast.")
  • She can look at and switch off her radio alarm clock. (Comment: "I'm perfectly capable of waking up without you, you know. Eventually.")
  • She can look at and improve her periodic table. (Comment: Look before improving: "I'd like to think my humor has improved with age."
    Look after improving: Better living through chemistry.)
  • She can look at and trash her report card. (Comment: Look: "Man, I am killing it this year! Somehow I don't think Mom's going to feel the same way."
    Trash: "Yeah, no one needs to see that, thank you.")
  • She can look at a class photo. (Comment: "That really was Rachel Amber! And she saved my life... how was last night even real?")
  • She can look at and use her computer. (Comment: "One of these days I'm actually going to use you to do my homework.")
    • She can look at several websites on the computer. (Comment: Website 1: "Ask Miss Arcadia. You're the only source of info I trust in this town."
      Website 2: "Wait, what? Who? What photo?!"
      Website 3: "I have feelings about this. Most of them are not good feelings.")
  • She can look at a photo of herself and William. (Comment: "Dad was so proud of me for winning that stupid science fair.")
  • She can look at a glowy bear. (Comment: "Bask, ye mortals, in the light of the glowy bear.")
  • She can look at and tear down a unicorn poster from a wall. (Comment: Look: "Used to dream of riding a unicorn as a kid. But then all the unicorns died."
    Tear: "No more unicorns, no more princesses, and no more fucking rainbows.")
    • She can look at and write a graffiti on the empty wall. (Comment: Look: "Nothing like a fresh start."
      Graffiti: "Adapt or die.")
  • She can look at a shark toy. (Comment: "Fun fact: shark babies eat their siblings in the womb. Maybe that's why I'm an only child?")
  • She can look at a "Pirate Power" mix inside a drawer. (Comment: "Max made me this mix CD years ago. And because it was Max, not a single song was pirated.")
  • She can look at several show tickets inside another drawer. (Comment: "As awesome as some of those shows with Eliot were,
    they were nothing compared to Firewalk last night.")
  • She can look at a "Noravi" poster. (Comment: "Mom said I was too young to go. She was wrong, and it was awesome.")
  • She can look at a skateboard. (Comment: "I used to love skateboarding. It's the only mode of transportation
    that doubles as a middle finger to authority.")
  • She can look at a pirate hat. (Comment: "I bet Long Max Silver traded her hat for beer and booty long ago.")
  • She can look at and use her dresser to change clothes (required). (Comment: "How do I want to express my teenage angst today?")
    She can look at the mirror (if she got punched at the punk club). (Comment: "Nice one, Chloe. Mom's gonna love the new look.")
  • She can leave the room (required).
  • Chloe can look at a picture of Arcadia Bay. (Comment: "Home, sweet home. Whoever said 'You can't go home again' was probably
    from Arcadia Bay. And he could go home again. He just didn't want to.")
  • Chloe can look at the hair dye inside a cabinet. (Comment: "Mom's hiding her gray hair to impress her boyfriend. Maybe
    gray hair's his kryptonite. Maybe I should dye my hair gray.")
  • She can look at a pirate towel. (Comment: "The preferred towel of Captain Bluebeard, Scourge of Arrrr-cadia Bay.")
  • She can look at and take her phone from the floor, after calling it with Joyce's phone (required). (Comment: Look: "Ugh... I drank way too much last night. Or was it just enough?"
    Take: "There we go. Wonder how many calls I've missed.")
Joyce and David's Room
Chloe can look at Joyce's engagement ring. (Comment: "Mom's old engagement ring. Supposed to be mine, if I'm ever stupid enough to get married.")
She can look at an "Arcadia Pawn Appraisal" ticket. (Comment: "Grade B? Fuck you, Arcadia Pawn. Wait, Mom's selling her engagement ring?")
She can look at a framed photo of Joyce, William and herself inside a drawer. (Comment: "I hate that she hides all our old pictures of Dad."
Saw the condom: "What's the matter, mom? You don't want Dad to see your new boyfriend?")
She can look at the photo again and place it on top of the dresser. (Comment: Look: "Ah, Dad. If you could see us now."
Place on dresser: "You don't deserve to be stuck in a drawer like this.")
She can look at a handmade necklace. (Comment: "I made this for Mom when I was like ten years old. If she wore
it now, I'm not sure which of us'd be more embarrassed.")
She can look at and use Joyce's phone (required). (Comment: Look: "I should call my phone."

Call: "How can Mom look at this every day and not see what a tool she's dating?"
Look while ringing: "I should stop looking at this phone and find my cellphone."

Look after calling: "You'd think Mom would keep a picture of Dad on there.")
  • She can look at some condoms inside a nightstand drawer. (Comment: Look: "Gaaah, Mom! Bad enough that David comes here for dinner!"
    Look again: "Why would I open that drawer again?")
  • She can look at the bed. (Comment: "Mom's finally making her bed again? I guess that's a good sign.")
  • She can look at and read a self-recovery book. (Comment: Look: "I want Mom to be happy, but... not like this. Not like this!"
    Read: "'Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been to stand up taller
    than you ever were?' Blegh. 'Don't give up on yourself. A single spark can start a fire that burns the
    entire prairie.' Better."
    Read again: "Nah. The heart can only take so much.")
  • She can look at and take Joyce's purse downstairs (required). (Comment: Look before finding phone: "Can't believe I used to sneak in there for her makeup."
    Look after finding phone: "I should take that down to Mom.")


  • Chloe can look at the front door. (Comment: "David's here so early? Mom calls him just a friend. But look at him, pretending
    he didn't just spend the night."
    Opened the drawer in Joyce's bedroom: "...And you never saw the condoms,
    Chloe. You never. Saw. The condoms.")
  • She can look at the family photos. (Comment: "Dad took these photos. Now that David's staying over so much, I wonder how long it'll take Mom
    to shove them in a drawer somewhere.")
  • She can look at the trashcan. (Comment: "Mom doesn't want me to know, but it's pretty clear her boytoy David hasn't worked in like a year.")
  • She can look at and open the mail. (Comment: Look: "Any letter from Blackwell is never good."
    Open: "Is Mom having trouble with payments again? My scholarship doesn't cover everything... Ugh.
    Like I need another reason for Principal Wells to get on my case.")
  • She can look at a framed photo of herself and Max. (Comment: "Aaaaarrrrgh-n't you glad you left for Seattle, Max?")
  • She can look at the CRT TV. (Comment: "Dad always talked about upgrading to a flatscreen. Too bad that never happened...
    I would've gotten this bad boy in my room.")
  • She can look at the discolored square. (Comment: "Family pic used to hang here. I... wow, I can't actually remember which one.")
  • She can look at the trophies. (Comment: "Hard to believe I was an eighth grade science athlete... Did I peak in middle school?")
  • She can look at the wilted plant. (Comment: "It's my job to water these plants, but it was Dad's job to remind me. So... nobody's fault, really.")
  • She can look at the "Support Our Vets" button. (Comment: "We're already supporting one, thanks.")
  • She can look at the wine stain. (Comment: "From when Max and I spilled Mom's wine. I think the only reason Mom hasn't re-carpeted
    is so she can stay mad at me.")
  • She can look at the ashtray. (Comment: Look: "Made that for Mom in an art class when I was like five. She was never a smoker, but it's cool.
    I was never an artist. Wait, those aren't Mom's keys. And these would be David's keys. There's probably
    a better place for them than the ashtray I made Mom. Like his home, maybe?"
    Look again: "I. Made that. For my. Mom.")
  • She can look at and shake the snow doe. (Comment: Look: "Feeling trapped? Right there with you."
    Shake: "Little dude's like, 'What the hell just happened?'")
  • She can look at several newspaper articles on the table. (Comment: Shipyard Closing:
    (Didn't see David's job fair poster)
    "Wow, Sean Prescott's son Nathan goes to my school. Sounds like the apple didn't fall far from the asshole."
    (Saw David's poster) "Shoot. I was hoping David could get a job on a container ship. To Japan."
    Wildfire Warning: "Why do I suddenly want to get some fireworks?"
    Tuition Hike: "This is Principal Ray Wells. Let me be emphatic. I have an enormous stick inserted into
    my butt. Thank you. Also, Chloe, you're poor and in trouble.")
  • She can look at the living room table, and put Joyce's purse on it (required). (Comment: "Haven't really felt like sitting down to eat since David started having dinner here.")
  • She can look at Joyce's purse and slip the money inside it (determinant). (Comment: Look: "Got Mom's purse, still exhausted. Better not do any more good deeds today."
    Look after talking without money: "Almost wish I could slip Mom cash. If I had any cash to slip."
    Look after talking with money: "Mom said money's tight and here I am with this wad of cash
    from last night..."
    Slip Money: "You're welcome."
    Look after slipping money: Hope that'll help with the bills, Mom.)
  • She can look at the "Travel Money" jar. (Comment: "Dad's old swear jar. We spent the last of his curses on bus fare and milk.")
  • She can look at the cereal box. (Comment: "How can bacon smell so good, but I'd still rather stuff these sugar bombs in my mouth?")
  • She can look at the slow cooker. (Comment: Look: "Pot roast? Mom hates pot roast."
    Look after talking: "Guess David likes pot roast. Guess we're all about what David wants.")
  • She can look at the breakfast. (Comment: "It's not that I'm ungrateful. It's just that when your mom works in a diner,
    you're not always in the mood for diner-type food.")
  • She can look at and talk to Joyce (required). (Comment: Look: "Joyce Price. A.K.A. Mom. She looks as beat as I feel."
    Look after talking: "Breakfast. The most important fight of the day.")
  • She can look at the ashtray again, and take David's keys from it (required). (Comment: Look: "Here they are."
    Take Keys: "Let's get these to David so he can drive away.")
  • She can look at the front door again, and exit the house through it (required). (Comment: "I actually have to let this jack off drive me to school? This is my life now? Kill me.")
  • Chloe can look at and speak to David (required). (Comment: "Mom should date literally anyone else.")
  • She can look at and check the mail in the mailbox. (Comment: Look: "Does Max picture me pathetically checking this mailbox
    every two seconds for letters that never come?"
    Check Mail: "No love for Chloe.")
  • She can look at and pick up a socket wrench near David. (Comment: Look: "Wait. Isn't that a socket wrench right there?"
    Look again: Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, fuck you.)
  • She can look at David's car. (Comment: "Tiniest penis in all of Arcadia Bay.")
  • She can look at the fire extinguisher. (Comment: "Should fill this with gasoline just in case David's car ever catches on fire.")
  • She can look at a stereo hi-fi system. (Comment: "Damn. This stereo used to be in Dad's workshop.
    I should hook it up in my room before garbage day gets it first.")
  • She can look at William's old camera. (Comment: "Dad's old camera. Pffft. Do they even make film for these anymore?")
  • She can look at a box with William's stuff. (Comment: "Uh-oh. Mom's been cleaning again.")
  • She can look at a framed photo. (Comment: "This used to hang in the living room. Guess it's ancient history now."
    Looked at the discolored square in the living room: "This was the photo Mom took down from the living room. Guess we don't have room for it and David's mustache.")
  • She can look at a lawn mower. (Comment: "David's lawn mower. Maybe Mom and I like our lawn the way it is. Ever think of that?")
  • She can look at William's toolbox. (Comment: "Dad's toolbox. He used to get so excited whenever anything sprung a leak or busted.")
  • She can look at some car repair guides. (Comment: "Do these have chapters on hotwiring your mom's boyfriend's car
    so you can drive it off a cliff? Asking for a friend.")
  • She can look at and open David's toolbox. (Comment: "By 'toolbox' did David mean this or did he mean himself?")
  • She can look at take the socket wrench (required). (Comment: Look: "There's his stupid socket wrench set. Let's get this shitshow over with."
    Take: "Fifty-fifty chance I smash him in the face with this. Sixty-forty. Maybe ninety-ten.")
  • She can draw a graffiti on the toolbox. (Comment: "If it's in my garage, it gets my special treatment. What message does David really need to hear?"
    Graffiti: "Got it!")
  • She can give the socket wrench to David (required).

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"


Chloe's Room
  • Chloe can look at and switch on/off her alarm clock. (Comment: "Ugh, it's way too early to be up on a Sunday.")
  • She can look at her report card (determinant). (Comment: "I'm about to rack up a lot more absences...")
  • She can look at and graffiti her class photo. (Comment: Before graffiti: "Inaccurate as of yesterday. Someone should update this photo..."
    Graffiti: "What do I want the record to show?"
    Burning graffiti: "I'd say I went down in a blaze of glory."
    Burnout graffiti: "The sudden and mysterious absence of Chloe Price.")
  • She can look at and spin the globe. (Comment: Look: "Huh. Almost forgot I had this. I haven't played with it since... ever."
    Spin #1: "California, huh? Would be cool to see where Rachel grew up."
    Spin #2: "Nope."
    Spin #3: "Argentina. Neruda's journey through the mountains... Dad used to love that story. I'll visit one day.")
  • She can look at and use her computer. (Comment: Look: "Wonder what I can find out about Rachel's mom...")

She can look at several websites, including:

    • A web search for Sera Gearheardt. (Comment: "Figures.")
    • An automated email from Nodface. (Comment: "Um, what?")
    • Victoria’s photo of the vandalized Blackwell bathroom. (Comment: "Nice to see my work is appreciated.")
    • The first page of an article about Blackwells performance of "The Tempest". (Comment: Successfully backtalked Drew and told Samantha to help Nathan: "Rachel really is good at everything she does..."
      Failed backtalk with Drew/didn't tell Samantha to help Nathan: "A further layer of nuance? Nathan almost pissed himself.")
    • The second page of an article about "The Tempest" performance. (Comment: "Thou art an idiot.")
    • An article about Pisshead. (Comment: Didn't talk to Skip about Pisshead: "Whoa, Skip's in a band?"
      Didn't like Skip's demo: "Huh. Guess people liked Skip's music a lot more than I did."
      Successfully backtalked Skip: "Hang in there, Skip!"
      Failed backtalk with Skip: "Yeah, go Skip!")
  • She can look at some graffiti on the wall that says "Hole to Another Universe". (Comment: "I wonder if that's the universe where Dad's alive and Rachel has three happy parents.")
  • She can look at a photo of herself and William. (Comment: "So much has changed. I wonder if you’d even recognize me now.")
  • She can have a Moment of Calm by sitting and smoking on the bean bag chair (determinant).
  • She can look at William’s jacket. (Comment: "Dad’s favorite jacket. Definitely taking that if Rachel and I ever leave.")
  • She can look at and water a plant. (Comment: Before watering: "Have I ever watered that?"
    Water: "Better than nothing."
    After watering: "You're welcome, plant.")
  • She can look at a skateboard. (Comment: "Sorry, board. I've got a real ride to fix up now.")
  • She can look at some shelves. (Comment: "If Rachel and I were still leaving today, there’s literally nothing in there that’s worth taking.")
  • She can look at a pile of laundry. (Comment: "Huh. Mom usually does my laundry when she gets sick of me not doing my laundry. Maybe she believed me for once about never coming back home.")
  • She can look at a box (determinant). (Comment: "Still can't fucking believe that David went through my stuff.")
  • She can leave the room (required).

After taking a shower,

  • She can get dressed (required).
  • Chloe can look at a road picture. (Comment: "Is getting out of here still in my future? Or is this picture the closest I'll ever get? Either way, worth fixing that truck from the junkyard.")
  • She can look at an Arcadia Bay picture. (Comment: "One day I'll look at that and think 'Aw, my old home.' and not 'Fuck this shithole forever.'")
  • She can enter David and Joyce's room.
  • She can enter the bathroom (required).
  • She can go downstairs (required).
  • Chloe can look for her towel (required):
    • She can look at and search the hamper. (Comment: Look: "Maybe Mom threw my towel in here?"
      Search: "No awesome pirate towel.")
    • She can look at and search a drawer. (Comment: Look: "A logical place for a towel."
      Search: "Lots of washcloths, no towel.")
    • She can look at and search a tub (required). (Comment: Look: "I don’t even know what's in there."
      Search: "Score. Can't believe Max and I were so into this shit when we were kids. Waitaminute.")
      • She can look at a bottle of blue hair dye (required). (Comment: "Captain Bluebeard's hair dye. Max was going to make me a pirate, but we never got around to it...")
  • She can look at an electric razor. (Comment: "I truly hate seeing so much of David's shit around here.")
  • She can open the medicine cabinet.
    • She can look at pomade. (Comment: "Gross.")
  • She can take a shower (required).
Joyce and David's Room
  • Chloe can look at and graffiti a car calendar. (Comment: Before graffiti: "Cause nothing screams 'compensating for something' like a bright yellow sports car."
    Graffiti: "Sports cars are really good for..."
    Hotrod Flames graffiti: "Flames. Lots of flames."
    Hitting on chicks graffiti: "Hitting on chicks."
    After Hotrod Flames graffiti: "That's probably going to ruin the paint job."
    After Hitting on chicks graffiti: "Hope you know a good body shop.")
  • She can look at Joyce’s engagement ring (determinant). (Comment: Saw appraisal: "Hey! Mom's keeping her ring? Sweet! Kind of really glad I stole that money for her."
    Didn’t see appraisal: "Wonder how long until Mom starts hiding her engagement ring.")
    • She can look at the appraisal (determinant). (Comment: Didn’t see appraisal: "Whoa. Mom was thinking of selling her ring? I guess that money I gave her really made a difference."
      Look again/saw appraisal: "Suck it, Arcadia Pawn.")
  • She can look at a receipt (determinant). (Comment: Look: "No way... Mom actually sold her ring? For $300?!"
    Look again: "I hate this so much.")
  • She can open the dresser drawer. (Comment: "Shit. David really is moving in.")
  • She can look at a Mother's Day Card. (Comment: "I remember this! Mom loved it. Wait... is today Mother's Day? Shit!")
  • She can look at a necklace (only after she looks at the card). (Comment: "Ugh, can I just give that to Mom again for Mother's Day?")
  • She can open the nightstand drawer to the right of the bed. (Comment: Open 3 times: "Ugh, why do I keep looking?")
  • She can look at a book on top of the other nightstand. (Comment: "I wonder who gave this to Mom.")
  • She can open the other nightstand drawer. (Comment: Placed photo on dresser: "So if I put this photo out, Mom just hides it in a different drawer? What the hell."
    Didn't place photo on dresser: "I really hate that Mom keeps hiding this photo.")




  • Unlike Season 1 of Life is Strange, the Swear Jar is completely empty in Before the Storm.