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Rachel's Room is an explorable location in the Amber Household.


Notable Items

Rachel's bulletin board.

  • Cork board – Attached to the right of the room's entrance. Includes:
  • Needlepoint – Attached to the left of the room's entrance, depicting the words "Above all, remember... You are LOVED." A sticky note attached on top of it reads a quote from Italian politician Niccolò Machiavelli: "Before all else, be armed".

Rachel's Enneagram poster.

  • Enneagram – A poster listing traits for the fourth of the nine Enneatypes, The Individualist.
  • Astrology chart – A poster for the Cusp of Oscillation, or the Cancer-Leo Cusp. Its strengths are listed as "creative, passionate, loving, devoted, and diplomatic", while its weaknesses are "self-centered, volatile, possessive, and dramatic".
  • Emergency kit – Includes a sticker depicting the words "May you always be safe. Love, Dad". Contains two jugs of water, a first-aid kit, a portable radio, and a flashlight.
  • Picture – A photograph of Rachel Amber and Nathan Prescott hanging out together.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

After listening to her father recount the story of her birth mother, Rachel withdraws to her room upstairs, followed by Chloe Price. In an attempt to lift her mood, Chloe uses a flashlight to project Rachel's nightlight's stars onto the ceiling before lying down next to her. Rachel tells Chloe that she wants to find her birth mother, to which Chloe agrees to help in doing.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Chloe's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Chloe can look at the corkboard. (Comment: "Rachel has so many inspirations, she can barely keep them all contained.")
  • She can look at the lamp. (Comment: "Rachel even knows how to make a dinky lamp look cool.")
  • She can look at the card. (Comment: "Rachel's surrounded by so much love, yet she seems... so alone.)
  • She can look at the astrology chart. (Comment: "Makes sense that Rachel needs two signs to contain her awesomeness. I shall call her "Lioncrab" from now on.)
  • She can look at the nightlight. (Comment: "Cool light.")
  • She can turn on the nightlight (required). (Comment: "Eh. This light needs more... light.")
  • She can look at and speak to Rachel. (Comment: "I can't imagine what Rachel is thinking right now. I want her to tell me... when she's ready.")
  • She can look at the needlepoint. (Comment: "The ying and badass yang of Rachel Amber.")
  • She can look at the duffle bag. (Comment: "We were so close to making our break last night. Now... I don't know.")
  • She can look at the Enneagram. (Comment: "Is there a section on how to walk Fours through batshit crazy family drama? No?")
  • She can look at and open the emergency kit (required). (Comment: ""May you always be safe." Sure, but from who?")
  • She can look at and take the flashlight (required). (Comment: "Rachel might not survive her family, but at least she'll survive the zombie apocalypse.")
  • She can open the drawer.
  • She can look at the report card. (Comment: "I could get grades like this. I just don't want to.")
  • She can look at the computer. (Comment: "I know something Miss Arcadia doesn't. Weird.")
  • She can look at and graffiti the planner. (Comment: Before graffiti: "Rachel's always made being an A student seem so easy. Almost sad to see all this... effort."
    Graffiti: "That's the one."
    Anatomy graffiti: "I bet Rachel could have any study partner she wanted." (Kissed Rachel): "Not that I would let her."
    Herbology graffiti: "There's an essay I might actually read. Or, y'know, write.")
  • She can look at the flowers. (Comment: "Hard to believe the show was only a few hours ago. Seems like everything has changed since then.")
  • She can save the flowers. (Comment: "At least she'll have something from tonight.")
  • She can look at a book about Shakespeare. (Comment: "Even you, Willy, couldn't come up with the tragedy Rachel's going through.")
  • She can look at a globe. (Comment: "Rachel's really into stars. I wonder if it's her way of feeling connected?")
  • She can look at and graffiti the map. (Comment: Before graffiti: "I bet Rachel would rather be anywhere but here."
    Something Rachel said graffiti: "Rachel was incredible as Prospera. I won't forget a second of it."
    Something I said graffiti: "I can't wait to leave this place.")
  • She can look at a picture of Nathan and Rachel. (Comment: "I've heard that Rachel and Nathan hang out some times, but it still seems hard to believe.")



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