Raoul Barbet is a director working at DONTNOD Entertainment and at DONTNOD since 2011. He is one of the two Creative/Game Directors responsible for the DONTNOD-developed Life is Strange related installments, the original Life is Strange (2015), The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (2018) and Life is Strange 2 (2018). He is also supervising the music department of the developers team.

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Raoul Barbet has a background in film and audiovisuals.

From 2008 to 2010, he worked on Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain as Game Designer/Builder and Motion Capture Technician.

Joining Dontnod Entertainment in 2011, he worked on their first game Remember Me as Game / Cinematic / Narrative Designer.

Starting from 2013, he's been working on the Life is Strange games as Writer, Co-Director and Designer.

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Easter Egg signature
  • Raoul has a background in film which heavily influenced the appearance and execution of Life is Strange Season 1.[1]
  • Raoul on interactive storytelling: "I find it a lot harder to make a game than a movie, because you have to keep that in mind: interactivity makes things difficult."[2]
  • Raoul's cute little dog signature is present on Max Caulfield's pencil case that we first see in Episode 1 in Mark Jefferson's classroom. It is unknown whether he drew it on the pencil case texture himself or whether somebody on the art team drew it on his behalf.

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