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This article lists references to pop culture and different media that can be found in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Popcultural references are a significant part of Dontnod Entertainment's world-building. Like in the original Life is Strange, references and inspirations can be found in Captain Spirit.


  • Chris's transformation sequence draws inspiration from the anime Sailor Moon. Like the anime's lead character, Chris performs several dramatic movements as his costume comes together. "Sailor Moon, of course, is one of the references we have in mind," said Co-Director Raoul Barbet.[1]
  • Chris' favorite book is called Where the Strange Things Went. The book's title and cover are references to the 1963 children picture book Where the Wild Things Are, written and illustrated by American author Maurice Sendak.
  • Chris mentions watching and singing along with the movie Frozen. He also owns an Elsa-like ice princess figurine that can be found in his tree house.
  • The "PlayBox" console brand is a portmanteau of two real-world console brands, PlayStation and Xbox. Chris's Christmas wishlist includes the PlayBox console and the game Hawt Dawg Adventures for the PlayBox.
  • Several collectable cards of baseball players, namely Noah Raymond, Jon McClanahan, Scott Cicero.
  • Emily owned a selection of vinyl records, including "Moon And Moon" by Bat For Lashes, which can be played on the record player in Charles's room.
  • A photograph shows Charles and a friend at "Westernland Park". This might refer to the Tokyo Disneyland old west themed area, also known as "Frontierland" outside of Japan.
  • Charles has a letter from Audra locked in his wardrobe where she refers to herself as, "Your Tiny Dancer," a reference to a hit song by Elton John.

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