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Reginald McCallister III, commonly referred to as Duckie, is a resident of the town of Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors.


Duckie is an eccentric but kindly senior citizen, prone to formal ways of speaking.


He sports long gray hair and a thick beard, and is seen wearing jeans and a button-down shirt with a bolo tie.


Duckie served in the Korean War, becoming acquainted with a group of fellow soldiers who would go on to establish a tontine, burying a chest of gold in the Nevada desert and meeting yearly to reminisce and take account of who remained among the living.

Chapter 1: Side A

Duckie is first seen sitting at the same table with Diane in the Black Lantern. After Alex asks for his order, Alex has the option of helping him find his missing whiskey bottle.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

He is one of the people at the Black Lantern moaning Gabe's death. At the end of the chapter, he is among the other characters watching a sky lantern dedicated to Gabe.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

Duckie takes part in the LARP, playing as a gnome in a tavern (which is really the Black Lantern).

Chapter 4: Flicker

Alex can find him in the Black Lantern during the Spring Festival. He is not in the mood to join the festival. Alex can either choose to dance with him or just leave him. If Alex dances with him, he will be convinced to join the festival.

Chapter 5: Side B

He is one of the people attending the meeting at the Black Lantern voting for Typhon's support before they are interrupted by Alex, who exposes Jed and Diane's scheme. Depending on Alex's past choices, Duckie may or may not support her.

During Gabe's future visions, Duckie will potentially be seen in the Black Lantern.

If Alex chooses to leave Haven Springs, Duckie may watch her board the bus.


Duckie is heard talking to Steph on the radio asking her to predict his future. Depending on the player's choices, one of Steph's dating app conversations will involve someone claiming to have recognized Duckie as the host in a 90s-era infomercial.

Memorable Quotes




  • Mabel McCallister – (Daughter) – Duckie is estranged from Mabel. A message from his cellphone explains how Mabel finds it difficult to be his daughter. Duckie wishes to have her back in his life, however Mabel is unable to forget her "first 20 years," though says she'll "think about his request". Mabel made Duckie a grandfather, explaining how the "kids are doing well," and that she's shown them a photo of him.


  • Alex Chen (Determinant) –
  • Jed Lucan
  • Gabe Chen - Chapter One indicates that it is not uncommon for Duckie and Gabe to drink together late into the night, even after the Black Lantern has closed.
  • Diane Jacobs - The two are first seen sitting together at the Black Lantern, indicating they are on friendly terms.


  • Tabitha Baker – (Wife) – Duckie is widowed. Duckie and Tabitha, nicknamed "Tabs", met at the Black Lantern 30+ years prior to 2019. The two first made acquaintance over a large bear carving Duckie created. Tabitha was also a drinker as Duckie had proposed to her, quoting for her not to "drink it" and "look at the bottom" before asking her to marry him. They lived happily as husband and wife years until Tabitha's unknown death, leaving Duckie especially saddened each year during the Spring Festival. On the first barstool of the Black Lantern's bar, there are two initials crarved into it, reading "RM and TB".