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"Rewind" is an original live-action web series based on Life is Strange. The story is a five-part episodic series following the character of Max, a male character based on Max Caulfield, and his dysfunctional childhood friend Charlie, based on Chloe Price.

The series was created by UK filmmakers TheDramaKings with the story being set in an unnamed UK town with an all-UK cast. The full series was made available to view on YouTube with Episode 1 being released on September 20th, 2015 and Episode 5 being released on May 8th, 2016.

The series features a cast of local actors and a soundtrack sourced from the Life is Strange community with contributions from Koethe and Eduard Frolov.


Maxwell Caulfield, a photography student, suddenly gains the ability to rewind time after experiencing a very vivid dream. Along with his childhood friend Charlie Price, Max tries to find a missing person and himself being drawn into the world of a mysterious local drug gang as he struggles to control his new power.

Similarities and Differences

The script for Rewind draws on elements from the game in terms of the storyline and the characters. The story balances an original plot with threads of the storyline of the game. The characters exhibit some traits from the characters in the game, as well as drawing influence from their names. There are also references to lines from the game with Charlie using the word "hella", much to the bemusement of Max.


  • Louis John Brzozka as Maxwell Caulfield
  • Luke King Abbott as Charlie Price
  • Natasha Wise as Danielle Warren
  • Becky Louise Rich as Alice Kelly
  • Richard Knox as Andy Fields
  • Jennifer Spreadbury as Becky Scott
  • Emily Holyoake as Bethan Harris
  • Jemma Carlin-Wells as Jade Alexander
  • Jason Collins as David Price
  • Sarah McCourt as Judith Price



"Rewind" - Live Action Series Based on 'Life is Strange' - OFFICIAL Trailer

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