Rewind and Play

The Life is Strange Rewind and Play compact cassette was advertised on the Square Enix blog on April Fool's 2016.[1] As a special feature, it was said to include the "never before heard Hawt Dawg Man Theme song".

The announcement reads as follows:

We're today very excited to finally be able to announce that you can now pre-order the Life Is Strange soundtrack… on compact cassette!
We have always felt that the licensed soundtrack of Life Is Strange is a key part of the game and the amount of accolades and awards the soundtrack won underlined just that. On top of this, the fan-interest in the limited run of vinyls[note 1] we pressed for the release of the Limited Edition clearly demonstrated an interest in alternative media formats.
Armed with this knowledge, we returned to the drawing board… the result of our efforts is a product that is both a throwback to the old days and part of one of the fastest resurging areas of the music industry - mixtapes.
To celebrate this momentous occasion we will also be including a bonus track - Hawt Dawg Man's Theme - on the first batch of mixtapes we produce. As this iconic character's theme will ONLY be available on the mixtape, it's highly unlikely you'll ever be able to hear an illegally ripped version of it on YouTube, so do pre-order the mixtape here  before it sells out to avoid disappointment! 
We hope you'll have as much fun listening to the mixtape as we did creating it!


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