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The Reynolds household is the home of Claire and Stephen Reynolds in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Episode 2 of Life is Strange 2. Upon arriving at their doorstep, Sean and Daniel Diaz are taken in by the Reynolds in order to nurse Daniel back to health while hiding them from the police.


The main floor consists of an entryway, a dining room, Stephen's study, a recreation area, a kitchen, a pantry, a bathroom, and a laundry room. The upper floor consists of a hallway (which contains Stephen's model railway of Beaver Creek and a mezzanine overlooking the lower floor), Claire and Stephen's bedroom, a guest room, a bathroom, and Karen Reynolds' old room.

Captain Spirit

Looking at the Reynolds' house, Chris Eriksen comments "I'm glad our neighbors look out for us. They treat us like family." Chris can look over the fence into the backyard, but has no access to the house, as he will not leave the outside boundary of his home. During the final cutscene, Sean and Daniel are in the Reynolds' backyard, waving to Chris after his fall.

Episode Two - "Rules"

After Daniel falls ill, Sean decides to leave their shelter in Willamette National Forest in order to find help from their grandparents in Beaver Creek. Upon their arrival on December 3rd, the boys are taken in by Claire and Stephen, who allow them to stay in their guest room while Daniel recovers. Over the next week, the brothers become accustomed to their new home, decorating the guest room with their belongings and participating in board game sessions with their grandparents every other night.

On December 10th, Claire sends the brothers to the backyard shed in order to retrieve toys for Daniel. While in the backyard, Daniel witnesses Chris fall from his tree house and saves him with his powers. The next day, Sean wakes up to find that Daniel has gone to the Eriksens' house and leaves the house to find him. Before he leaves, Sean can choose to use Stephen's computer and call Lyla Park on the Reynolds' phone.

Later on, upon returning home from the Christmas market, Daniel coerces Sean into searching for a way into Karen's old room, which Claire had expressly forbidden them from entering. Inside, the brothers find a recent letter from Karen expressing her concerns about the boys following Esteban Diaz's death in Seattle. Soon afterwards, Claire returns home with Stephen and angrily confronts the brothers; during their argument, Stephen leaves downstairs to his study and becomes trapped underneath his long-neglected cupboard. Following Stephen's rescue, the police arrive at the Reynolds' house after discovering the brothers' location. After a tearful goodbye, Claire distracts sheriff Angus Lee at the front door while Sean and Daniel escape through the backyard.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

In the "Parting Ways" ending, if Sean chooses to cross the border and Daniel decides to stay behind, Daniel is placed under custody of Claire and Stephen and grows up in their home. The camera pans across a bulletin board containing photos and drawings chronicling the timeskip, which is revealed to be located in the Reynolds' home near the front door. Six years later, Daniel is shown calling Karen in the house after all the snow has melted and as Stephen mows the lawn outside. He receives a letter from Sean which contains photographs of him at the beach and a pocket of sand, and he looks outside as the camera pans to the words "WOLF BROTHERS" and two wolves engraved onto a tree outside.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode Two - "Rules"

Guest Room

  • Sean can look at his clothes and get dressed. (Comment: Look: "Claire wanted to throw our clothes away, but... we convinced her that, with some sewing and cleaning... it would be enough."
    Get dressed: All right. I'm allowed to go out now.)
  • He can look out the window. (Comment: "I don't even know how Beaver Creek looks like... We're not allowed to get out.")
  • He can look at Mushroom's bandanna. (Comment: "Man, I miss that dirty, little dog... More than I thought I would...")
  • He can examine a photo of Esteban standing with Claire and Stephen. (Comment: "It's cool Claire dug this up for us... Dad's such a baller in his suit.")
  • He can examine Stephen's book, "Inherent Mice" by Kate H. Alkin. (Comment: "This is pretty good so far. I love that Stephen only has crime and train books...")
  • He can look at the dice. (Comment: "That's a cool memento of our... secret cabin in the woods.")
  • He can look at a pair of earmuffs. (Comment: "Thanks Claire, but... I will never wear these things.")
  • He can look at Daniel's bag.
  • He can look at some wooden blocks. (Comment: "Daniel is training his precision with these... Fucking awesome.")
  • He can look at a space toy on the cabinet. (Comment: "Yeah. Daniel knows how to milk Grandma for toys... Good. He deserves to be spoiled.")
  • He can look at Daniel's pyjamas. (Comment: "Heh... Daniel looks like a total thug in his new pyjamas...")
  • He can look at his own bag. (Comment: "Can't believe we actually spent a month out there and survived... Pretty badass.")

While searching for Daniel:

  • Sean can look behind the open door for Daniel. (Comment: "Ugh...")

After searching for Daniel:

  • Sean can ask Daniel to stop using his powers to clean the room.

After waking up the following Sunday:

  • Sean can look at the note Daniel left him. (Comment: (sigh) "Daniel didn't give a shit about what I told him yesterday.")
  • He can look out the side window. (Comment: "Okay. Time to get Daniel at the Eriksens'.")
  • He can put on his clothes. (required)
  • He can leave the room after getting dressed. (required)

Upstairs Hallway

  • Sean can look at and speak to Stephen. (Comment: "I'm glad they get along so good. Daniel's like the perfect grandson."
    "I love how Stephen is kind of an old nerd... He's sweet.")
  • He can look at a cracked flowerpot. (Comment: "Fuck... I broke this thing like... 10 years ago. I can't believe they fixed it...")
  • He can open the door to the Reynolds' bedroom. (Comment: "Better not sneak in. They won't like it.")
  • He can look at a crooked painting. (Comment: "Gee... Don't know why crooked frames stress me out like this.")

After breakfast:

  • Sean can look at and play with the train set, which can net him a miniature Beaver Creek sign. (Comment: "Can't believe Stephen spent his whole life building this. He's... A real artist.")


  • Sean can wash his face in the sink. (Comment: "Aw man... How did we survive for weeks out there with no hot water?")
  • He can look at a tube of toothpaste. (Comment: "I used to hate brushing my teeth... Just like Daniel. Now I can't get enough toothpaste...")
  • He can look at an empty glass. (Comment: "Saw some teeth in there a few nights ago. Wonder if it's Claire's or Stephen's.")
  • He can look at a grab bar. (Comment: "Hope I'll never have to hold on to a bar to take a shit.")
  • He can look at a hamper full of dirty laundry. (Comment: "Whew. They sure did stock us up on clothes for the winter.")
  • He can look at some medicine. (Comment: "They have so many pills and stuff to take... Sucks to be old.")
  • He can look at some neatly folded towels. (Comment: "Crazy how everything is neat and tidy here. Quite the change from our last home...")

After being asked to do the laundry:

  • Sean can either search for Daniel behind the shower curtain or behind the door. (required)
  • He can look at and take the laundry. (Comment: Look: "'I know, I know, boring rules...' Right."
    Pick up: "All right, all right. Let's get it over with.")

While looking for the key to Karen's room:

  • He can look at the laundry hamper. (Comment: "This whole house is pretty much a huge washing machine...")
  • He can look at some neatly folded towels. (Comment: "Crazy how everything is neat and tidy here. Quite the change from our last home...")
  • He can look at and search through Claire's cardigan. (required) (Comment: "Hey, I think that's the cardigan Claire was wearing yesterday!"
    "The key may be in one of Claire's pockets...)

Claire and Stephen's Room

  • He can attempt to search and (after finding the key) unlock the vanity drawer. (Comment: Attempt to open: "Locked drawer. Maybe the key to Karen's room is inside?."
    Unlock: "Whoa, I'm just looking for a key, not the crown jewels.... ew. Are these... milk teeth?! Not sure if it's... gross or cute. But still. No key here.")
  • He can search through a drawer. (Comment: "Yeah, no. No way I'm searching Claire's underwear.")
  • He can examine a wedding photo. (Comment: (laughing) "Love the outfits, guys. Man... they look so different. So young.")
  • He can look at some trinkets. (Comment: "Karen hated collecting trinkets... She used to say they were just useless dust traps.")
  • He can look at an old picture of Sean holding a baby Daniel. (Comment: "Who knew this sweet little muffin would turn into such a brat? Still super cute, though.")
  • He can look at a sewing basket. (Comment: "Sharp objects... Bit like Claire.")
  • He can search through two closets. (Comment: "Shit, these are Christmas presents? Must not tell Daniel, or he'd freak."
    "Clothes, old stuff... but definitely no hidden key.")
  • He can look at and search through a box, where: (Comment: "Damn, too high for me...")
    • He can examine an old picture of Karen. (Comment: "Karen's smile in this picture... kind of reminds of Daniel's.")
    • He can look at a flashlight. (Comment: "That would've been really useful when we lived in the woods...")
    • He can look at a medal. (Comment: "Would be cool to ask Stephen about his firefighting career.)
    • He can look at Stephen's old firefighting uniform. (Comment: "Small Town Hero Starter Pack... Shit... wish I had the chance to find my thing, too...")
  • He can search through Stephen's nightstand, where: (Comment: "Okay Stephen, where do you hide this key?")
    • He can examine a book entitled "I Have An American Dream" by Archie L. Melville. (Comment: "We clearly don't share politics, but... At least Stephen doesn't preach.")
    • He can look at an audio tape. (Comment: "I don't really see Stephen listening to old school pop rock music...")
  • He can look through Claire's nightstand, where: (Comment: "Come on, little key, don't be shy...")
    • He can look at some sleeping pills. (Comment: "Didn't know Claire had sleep troubles...")
    • He can take the key to the vanity drawer. (Comment: "Definitely not the one... Way too small.")
    • He can look at Claire's Holy Bible. (Comment: "One hell of a bedtime story...")
    • He can look at a keychain. (Comment: "How much more Irish can you be?")
  • He can close the door.

Karen's Room

Prior to Daniel requesting to enter the room:

  • Sean can try opening the door to Karen's room. (Comment: "It's been locked ever since we got here. I kinda don't give a fuck.")

After finding the key in Claire's cardigan:

  • Sean can open the door.
  • He can look at Karen's perfumes. (Comment: "It's like... she almost never used those...")
  • He can look at and discuss a teddy bear with Daniel. (Comment: "I think I remember that one. Karen showed it to me once. U... Ulysses? Ulysses.")
  • He can examine a family picture of Karen, Claire, and Stephen. (Comment: "They looked happy. How could she send all of this to hell?")
  • He can look at some Polaroid photos tacked along the desk. (Comment: "These pictures are so... random.")
  • He can look at some crystal rocks. (Comment: "Is that an amethyst? She was into new-age bullshit?")
  • He can look at one of Karen's old poems. (Comment: "Yeah, you finally left forever...")
  • He can switch on and off a lamp.
  • Afterwards, he can look at a carving. (Comment: "Well. Figures Karen was already looking for an exit...")
  • He can look at a pen pal letter underneath the bed. (Comment: "Man, that pen pal sure loved listening to her own voice...")
  • He can look at an old phone. (Comment: "Guess the 'no phone' rule wasn't such a thing back then...")
  • He can examine a book on travel tips. (Comment: "Hope you enjoyed your trips. So you didn't bail on us for nothing.")
  • He can look at a stack of board games. (Comment: "I don't recognize any of these games...")
  • He can look at more of Karen's books. (Comment: "Read a lot of these in the 10th grade... Yawn.")
  • He can look at a mostly empty CD rack. (Comment: "This playlist is boring as hell.")
  • He can look at and play a CD player. (Comment: Look: (sigh) "I miss my music."
    Play: "I think it's not plugged.")
  • Afterwards, he can plug the CD player into its socket and attempt to play it, discovering a ticket from Portland to New York City. (Comment: Play: "The fuck is wrong with this? Oh. Hiding spot. Smart.."
    Examine: "So... Karen was already serious about running away...")
  • He can open a chest, where:
    • He can look at a disposable camera. (Comment: "Karen liked to take pictures of strangers when we walked down the streets.")
    • He can look at a pair of hiking boots. (Comment: "Never been a big fan of hiking... but here I was... walking my way down to Mexico...")
    • He can look at a pair of eclipse glasses. (Comment: "I think I saw a moon eclipse once, before Daniel was born.")
    • He can look at a pair of roller skates. (Comment: "I miss my skateboard... and going to the park... with Lyla.")
  • He can look at a box of Karen's things. (Comment: "They wanna forget anything related to Karen... I can relate.")
  • After Daniel takes the bear, he can look at and read a letter. (required) (Comment: "These letters look... pretty recent...")

Main Floor

After going downstairs for the first time:

  • Sean can look at and discuss an aquarium with Daniel. (Comment: "I haven't seen any actual fish in there since we got here..")
  • He can examine a charity flyer. (Comment: "I heard Claire rehearse some songs. She's got the groove.")
  • He can look at a ship in a bottle. (Comment: Before fixing: "Oh, this looks cool. Too bad it's broken."
    After fixing: "Kinda wish I didn't see this now. So weird they kept this around...")
  • He can look at and put back one of Claire's books. (Comment: "Tried one of Claire's books out yesterday. It's basically a telenovela with white old women.")
  • He can look at Claire's book collection. (Comment: "'Feeling of Love'... 'Passion Princess'... 'Escape to Pleasure'... Man... Does Claire read all these?")
  • He can look at some colored pencils. (Comment: "I'm glad I picked these up. Gives me something to work on when they're all watching TV.")
  • He can sit and draw at a spot in the corner.
  • He can look at the fireplace. (Comment: "Such a big fireplace... and not even needed. That's luxury.")
  • He can look at and discuss the television with Daniel. (Comment: "They have such a kick-ass set, but... they only watch boring shows and cable news...")
  • He can look at and speak to Claire. (Comment: "You're not the only one Karen hurt...")
  • He can look at a crooked painting. (Comment: "Gee... Don't know why crooked frames stress me out like this.")
  • He can look at and discuss some Christmas decorations with Daniel. (Comment: "I miss Dad and his silly... 'Santa Gringo' accent.")
  • He can look at and tidy up one of Daniel's toys. (Comment: "Jeez! I told him about leaving his toys around.")
  • He can look at some travel photos of Claire and Stephen. (Comment: "I wonder where this was taken. I don't picture Claire and Stephen as world travelers...")
  • He can look at an easel. (Comment: "It's cool that Claire does her... little paintings.")
  • He can look inside a food storage cabinet.

After retrieving the key from Stephen:

  • Sean can ask Daniel to telekinetically lift a rock in the aquarium.
  • He can ask Daniel to telekinetically repair the ship.
  • He can ask Daniel to telekinetically fix the crooked painting.
  • Sean can look at and exit through the back door. (required) (Comment: Before doing laundry: "Gotta do the laundry first."
    After doing laundry: "Time to see the sun again.")

After waking up the following Sunday:

  • Sean can look at the note left on the door. (required) (Comment: "Well.... I guess they won't be back for... at least two hours.")
  • He can look at the decorated Christmas tree. (Comment: "We had a good time decorating the tree together last night. Daniel loved it.")
  • He can look at the phone and call Lyla. (Comment: "Maybe risky... but I need to know what's going on with Lyla.")
  • He can leave through the front door.


  • Sean can join Claire for breakfast at the dinner table. (required)


  • He can look at and tidy a cereal box. (Comment: "You belong in the cupboard.")
  • He can look at a chores list on the refrigerator. (Comment: "Yeah. Pretty different from the one we had back at home.")
  • He can look at a recipe book. (Comment: "Mmm... Claire could totally be on one of those cooking shows. She would be brutal.")
  • He can look at some painted plates. (Comment: "Claire paints all these. Not my style, but... pretty impressive.")

Stephen's Study

While Stephen is present:

  • Sean can look at a train catalog. (Comment: "Stephen sure digs his hobby.")
  • He can search the cupboard behind Stephen for some glue. (required)
  • He can discuss a disco ball with Stephen.
  • He can discuss a photo with Stephen.
  • He can discuss a drawing with Stephen.
  • He can attempt to use Stephen's laptop.
  • He can exit through the door.

After being asked by Claire to do the laundry:

  • Sean can ask Stephen if he's seen Daniel.

While Stephen is gone on the following Sunday morning:

  • Sean can look at and use Stephen's laptop. Afterwards: (Comment: Look: "I could just delete my browser history after I'm done..."
    Page 1: "Jeez... Stephen went search crazy on us... Look at this..."
    Page 2: "These articles are almost a month old... Maybe they stopped looking for us?"
    Page 3: "What the hell is this? Had no idea Stephen could fall for these bullshit conspiracy theories...")
    • He can check Brody's blog. (Comment: On The Edge: "Well, Brody... if we ever make it home... wherever that is... you'll be much, much welcome."
      The Nude Age (if Sean talked to him inside Bear Station): "Well... This article is less creepy than it seemed back then."
      The Nude Age (if Sean didn't talk to him inside Bear Station): "Brody makes everything interesting... Even the weirdest stuff.")
    • He can log into his social media. (Comment: Sean's page: "Holy shit... Who are these assholes? That's some fucked up hate speech."
      Lyla's page (if Sean called her in "Roads"): "Wow... Lyla seems to be having a hard time... Never seen her this salty."
      Lyla's page (if Sean didn't call her "Roads"): "The hell is wrong with Lyla? Maybe I should call her while there's nobody home...")

Dining Room

Upon arriving:

  • Sean can look at his hot drink. (Comment: "Shit... I'm so hungry my belly hurts.")
  • He can look at a painting. (Comment: "I... remember that. I think it used to be in the living room.")
  • He can look in the direction of his grandparents outside the front door. (Comment: "Fuck... Did I make a mistake coming here?")
  • He can look out the window. (Comment: "It's good to be inside, finally... I just hope they let us stay the night. ")
  • He can look at the kitchen. (Comment: "Feels so awkward to be here...")

After waking up the week after:

  • Sean can look at the crockery. (Comment: "What's even the point of having so much crockery?")
  • He can look at and tidy a board game. (Comment: "This is fun every once in a while but... It gets old every other night.")
    • Afterwards, he can look at and keep one of Claire's drawings. (Comment: "Claire can draw pretty damn good. Guess it runs in the family.")
  • He can look at and help Daniel with a workbook. (Comment: "I don't know when Daniel will be able to go back to a school...")
  • He can look at a painting of Beaver Creek. (Comment: "I get why they love their town so much... It's kinda cute.")

Laundry Room

After being told to do the laundry:

  • Sean can turn on the light switch. (required)
  • He can look at a note from Claire to Stephen regarding the laundry rules. (Comment: "As always with Claire, I can't really tell if this is cute or bossy.")

While searching for Daniel:

  • He can look in the closet for Daniel. (Comment: "Not here. Come on...")
  • He can look behind the open door for Daniel. (Comment: "Gotcha! Hmm...")

After finding the laundry:

  • Sean can look at and put the clothes into the washing machine. (Comment: "Better be careful with it. Looks expensive...")


  • Sean can look at their neighbors' tree house. (Comment: "So that's the tree house Stephen helped out with! Pretty awesome...")
  • He can open the shed. (required)


  • The Reynolds' house number is 102.
  • The board game on the Reynolds' dining table is entitled "Draw! Draw! Draw!" After tidying up the game, Sean can optionally keep a sheet of Claire's drawings from the game.
  • One of the paintings in the Reynolds' kitchen appears to depict American painter Bob Ross, who became famous for hosting the instructional television show The Joy of Painting.





  1. Seen on the front of an envelope in the "Parting Ways" ending of "Wolves". (Video reference: timestamp 31:00.)