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Claire and Stephen's Room is a bedroom located in the Reynolds' house. It is an explorable location in Episode 2 of Life is Strange 2.


Claire and Stephen's bedroom is located on the house's second floor across from Karen Reynolds' old bedroom. A metal cross hangs over the bedroom's door, several paintings decorate the walls, and a wall-mounted fish carving is positioned above the room's king-sized bed.

Notable Items

  • Vanity drawer – A white vanity drawer is located in front of the room's entrance. Placed among a collection of bracelets and jewelry is a plastic container holding Karen's baby teeth.
  • Cupboard - Within one of the cupboards next to the bed are several rolls of wrapping paper and boxes containing Christmas presents, including what appears to be a charging cord.
  • Claire's nightstand – On top of the nightstand are a sleeping mask and a lamp. Within its drawer are a bottle of sleeping pills, spare glasses, a copy of The Holy Bible, and a passport, as well as the key to the vanity drawer.
  • Stephen's nightstand – On top of the nightstand are an open glasses case and a copy of a book entitled Bad. Within its drawer are a set of pliers, a black watch, an audio tape, a set of dentures, a copy of a book entitled I Have An American Dream.
  • Old box – Hidden atop one of the bedside cupboards is a box next to Stephen's old firefighting uniform. It contains a medal, a flashlight, and an old photograph of Karen wearing the uniform.

Episode Two - "Rules"

While at the Reynolds' house, Sean Diaz can choose to peek into Claire and Stephen's bedroom. Later on, while searching for the key to Karen's room, Sean can attempt to search the bedroom to no avail.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Sean can attempt to search and (after finding the key) unlock the vanity drawer. (Comment: Attempt to open: "Locked drawer. Maybe the key to Karen's room is inside?"
    Unlock: "Whoa, I'm just looking for a key, not the crown jewels.... ew. Are these... milk teeth?! Not sure if it's... gross or cute. But still. No key here.")
  • He can search through a drawer. (Comment: "Yeah, no. No way I'm searching Claire's underwear.")
  • He can examine a wedding photo. (Comment: (laughing) "Love the outfits, guys. Man... they look so different.")
  • He can look at some porcelain figures. (Comment: "Karen hated collecting trinkets... She used to say they were just useless dust traps.")
  • He can look at an old picture of Sean holding a baby Daniel Diaz. (Comment: "Who knew this sweet little muffin would turn into such a brat?")
  • He can look at a sewing basket. (Comment: "Sharp objects... Bit like Claire.")
  • He can search through two closets. (Comment: "Shit, these are Christmas presents? Must not tell Daniel, or he'd freak."
    "Clothes, old stuff... but definitely no hidden key.")
  • He can search through the clothes on the bed. (Comment: "Nope. Nothing in here...")
  • He can look at and search through a box, where: (Comment: "Damn, too high for me...")
    • He can examine an old picture of Karen. (Comment: "Karen's smile in this picture... kind of reminds of Daniel's.")
    • He can look at a flashlight. (Comment: "That would've been really useful when we lived in the woods...")
    • He can look at a medal. (Comment: "Would be cool to ask Stephen about his firefighting career.)
    • He can look at Stephen's old firefighting uniform. (Comment: "Small Town Hero Starter Pack... Shit... wish I had the chance to find my thing, too...")
  • He can search through Stephen's nightstand, where: (Comment: "Okay Stephen, where do you hide this key?")
    • He can examine a book entitled "I Have An American Dream" by Archie L. Melville. (Comment: "We clearly don't share politics, but... At least Stephen doesn't preach.")
    • He can look at an audio tape. (Comment: "I don't really see Stephen listening to old school pop rock music...")
  • He can look through Claire's nightstand, where: (Comment: "Come on, little key, don't be shy...")
    • He can look at some sleeping pills. (Comment: "Didn't know Claire had sleep troubles...")
    • He can take the key to the vanity drawer. (Comment: "Definitely not the one... Way too small.")
    • He can look at Claire's Holy Bible. (Comment: "One hell of a bedtime story...")
    • He can look at a keychain. (Comment: "How much more Irish can you be?")
  • After speaking with Daniel, he can look at and search through the clothes on the bed. (Comment: Look: "The key may be in... one of these pockets. Come on, where is this cardigan?"
    Search: "Nope. Nothing there.")
  • He can close the door.


  • Multiple books with covers in the same style of the book titled Bad on Stephen's nightstand can be found throughout the house with different photos interchanged, indicating that it is part of a series.
    • Within the game's files, the textures for the Bad books are referred to as crime novels.