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Rhianna DeVries (born November 12, 1996) is a singer and actress is the voice of Chloe Price in the prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm developed by Deck Nine Games and published by Square Enix, in lieu of Chloe's original voice actor due to the SAG-AFTRA video game voice actor strike. She also did the motion capture performance for Chloe.

Rhianna is best known for her roles in True Beauty (2018) and Starfish.

Early Life




Art; Porcelain & Pink; Our Country’s Good; Once on this Island; The Wedding; The Merchant of Venice; The Wizard of Oz; A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Godspell; Twelfth Night.


True Beauty; She Enlightened Me with Science; Athens; Homecoming; Dogme: The Brothers McMullen; Pain Cuts Deep; 36 Cows Sat on a Cliff in Vermont; Harmonixxx; Feste.


Mercedes Benz Commercial; Bloom; iTriage Commercial.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm



FFCHS Actress of the Year 2013; FFCHS Actress of the Year 2014; Best Actress in a Capstone 2016.

Private Life



  • Chloe's emotional breakdown in the junkyard in Episode 1 was done twice, because Rhianna instinctively curled up on the floor the first time but the sensors didn't catch it.[1]
  • Her professional resume lists her ethnicity as Asian, Caucasian, Eastern European, Latin/Hispanic, Mixed, Pacific Islander.
  • She is based in Denver, Colorado.
  • She is managed by Big Fish Talent.
  • Her performance skills include dancing, comedy, voiceover, hosting, singing, improvisation, public speaking, and sewing.
  • She can play the ukulele.
  • She enjoys sports such as track and cross country, aerobics, and yoga.
  • She enjoys jazz dancing and is a beginner at ballet.
  • She can do British and American Southern accents.
  • She can speak conversational Spanish.



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