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Riley Lethe (born: June 12th, 1998) is a resident of the town of Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors. She's the granddaughter to local flower shop owner, Eleanor Lethe.






Riley was born and raised in Haven Springs by her grandmother Eleanor, who she assists in running Lethe Flowers. Riley met Mac in 2014 at a robotics competition. Riley was afraid he was a jock about to make fun of her, but he actually thought she was cool. They began dating around 2015.

Chapter 1: Side A

After Gabe and Alex Chen enter Lethe Flowers, they say hi to Riley and engage in a short conversation. Once the siblings buy a bouquet of flowers, Riley and Gabe then talk about Riley's boyfriend Mac Loudon before leaving. Riley later comes to the Black Lantern to complain to Mac for attacking Gabe. If Alex calls Mac out, she will end her relationship with him. If she doesn't get involved, they will not break up.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Riley is among the people in the Black Lantern mourning Gabe's death. Alex later finds Riley and has a short talk of Mac's whereabouts.

Riley is also one of the people watching the sky lantern dedicated to Gabe.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

During the LARP, Alex pays a visit to Riley and learns that she is close to deciphering the drive that was stolen from Diane. She is also one of the characters who does not take part in the LARP. Depending on Alex's choices, Riley may or may not find out about Eleanor's condition.

Chapter 4: Flicker

During the Spring Festival, Alex finds Riley somewhere in town. Her location and how things will go out depends on Alex's past choices. Alex can also tell her about Eleanor's condition if she doesn't know yet.

Chapter 5: Side B

During Gabe's future visions, Riley can be seen spending time with Mac or with another guy (if she did not leave town) in the Black Lantern.

If Alex chooses to leave town, Riley can potentially be seen watching her board a bus either alone, with Ryan, or with Steph.

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  • Mac Loudon – (Ex / Boyfriend)
  • Unnamed man – (Boyfriend) – Should Riley and Mac be broken up, and Riley have stayed in Haven Springs, she'll be seen sitting and talking with an unnamed man at the Black Lantern.