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"A girl like you with pretty, pretty flowers on her bicycle shouldn't lecture me on what I can do." - "That's a traditional Samoan—! (laughs) Look. My boss decides who gets in, alright?" — Rodney and Chloe in "Awake" (determinant)

Rodney "Thunder" Sears[1] is a character in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. He is the bouncer at Damon Merrick's club. In Episode 1, Chloe Price needs to get past him to get into the club.


Rodney has a nose piercing and flesh tunnels on both ears. He also has ornamental tattoos on the right side of his face and right arm. In Episode 1, he is wearing a red shirt with a fist on it.


As Damon's bouncer at the mill, he is loyal not only to his work but also to his boss, following the directions given to him. However, he is also a source of information for the police after being detained.

If Chloe succeeds at the backtalk, he becomes friendlier towards her. He has a sense of humor, as he tries to make jokes and sarcastic comments when speaking to Chloe. He seems to have a passion for his Samoan heritage, exemplified by his explanation of the floral decoration on his motorcycle to Chloe doing their argument and the Samoan tattoos all over his body and face.

Episode One - "Awake"

The biker is standing at the club's door, with his bike nearby. Chloe can look at his bike and sarcastically remark that his floral print is "badass". She then has to talk to the biker. At first, Chloe tries to fool him by using a fake ID card, but gets caught easily. The only option left is to use Backtalk.

Successful Backtalk
Chloe manages to outtalk the bouncer, and he lets Chloe enter the club with a smile on his face.

Failed Backtalk
The bouncer insists that Chloe will not enter the club, and counters all her attempts to interrupt his talking. Chloe has to find another way inside the club.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

His name and connection to Damon are revealed if Chloe looks at James Amber's case files.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

Rodney turns out to have been a mole hired by the police to spy on Damon in exchange for immunity from a past offense, making him the snitch Damon was looking for. If Chloe breaks the news to Damon on James' burner phone, later, at the old mill, she can find Rodney's phone, with numerous frightened messages from him trying to talk Damon down. Since he doesn't appear at all in this episode, it's unknown what became of him, especially if Chloe ratted him out. It can be assumed that if she does, especially considering the naure of the text messages, Damon kills or severely injures Rodney, and if she doesn't, Rodney has all of the charges against him dropped for his cooperation.


  • If Chloe looks at the bike earlier, she can mention the floral print to the bouncer. He then remarks that this is a traditional Samoan print. His tattoo ornaments may also be Samoan hinting at his descent. In Episode 3, Chloe can find his criminal record on the computer of James Amber's office, stating that he actually has an American Samoa accent.
  • Rodney's zodiac sign is the same as Chloe, Pisces.
  • He shares a similar appearance and voice to Jonah from Tomb Raider (2013).



  1. His name is revealed in James Amber's case files in Episode 2.