Rose Amber is James Amber's wife and Rachel Amber's step-mother in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Personality Edit

Rose appears friendly and welcoming, especially to Chloe. However, she may come off as humorless, since at Chloe's several attempts to make jokes, Rose does not seem to react. Instead saying, "You are a riot, Chloe." This could also be a simple difference in sense of humor, since the jokes Chloe tells are play on words. "The glasses are in the china cabinet. You can place one at his setting." To which Chloe replies, "How am I supposed to get to China?"

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Rose Amber has short brown hair and brown eyes. She wears an elbow-length red jacket over a cream-colored shirt with a white floral pattern, ruffles along the bottom, and a red hem along the top. She wears dark brown pants that end above her ankles and cream-colored shoes with light brown heels. She has a white necklace with a round pendant and a white bracelet on her left hand.

Biography Edit

The following is what Chloe Price wrote about Rose in her journal:

Rose, Rachel's mom, also seems pretty decent. She certainly really loves Rachel and James. Poor lady.

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Episode One - "Awake" Edit

Chloe finds out that Rose Amber is assisting Blackwell's production of The Tempest and is among those thanked in the playbill. Rachel wears the costume that her step-mother sewed for her role as Prospera.

Episode Two - "Brave New World" Edit

Rose is first seen at the very beginning of the episode, alongside James Amber and Rachel in Principal Wells' office. Later on in the episode, she is seen again at the Amber household after Chloe and Rachel decide they are going to leave Arcadia Bay and both Rose and James invite Chloe to stay for dinner at their house. Rose has Chloe set the table, including asking what James would like to drink. When at dinner, Rose asks Chloe if she and Rachel are in any of the same classes. As Rose was present when Chloe was excluded it seems an odd question, whether she forgot or it is a continuity error is unknown. Rose is welcoming to Chloe and says that the Amber house is always open to her. When an argument breaks out between James, Rachel and Chloe, Rose defends Chloe and is upset at her husband for being rude to Chloe. She is upset to learn that James is cheating on her. Rose, along with James and Chloe, are shocked when Rachel smashes the table.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty" Edit


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  • James Amber (husband) - Rose and James are happily married and she is shown to truly love her husband. Rose is devastated to learn that James is cheating on her.
  • Rachel Amber (step-daughter) - Rose and Rachel have a loving relationship. Rose is very proud of Rachel describing her as driven and wishes she was like Rachel at her age.

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  • Chloe Price - Rose seems to like Chloe based on her saying that she is welcome at their home and when Rose becomes angry with James for saying unkind things to Chloe. When Rachel is stabbed by Damon, she will hug Chloe and thank her for saving Rachel's life.

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