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"Have a very special 18th birthday. You're an adult now but you're still our little girl. Check your account. Don't blow it all at once." — Ryan's SMS to his daughter, Max, in "Chrysalis"

Ryan Caulfield is Max Caulfield's father. Once a resident of Arcadia Bay, he now resides in Seattle with Max's mother, his wife Vanessa Caulfield.


Max's father is very close to her - the two attending sports events together. He's presented as a very loving father figure. He doesn't seem to be as concerned as Max's mother about Blackwell Academy.

In a text message regarding Max's eighteenth birthday, he says that she is an adult now but still their little girl and shouldn't blow the money they'd sent her at once.

He is concerned about the threat he gets from an unknown number in Episode 4 and messages Max about it.

In another text message to Max in the changed reality where Max has won the Everyday Heroes Photo Contest, he points out that Max is an adult now and can tell her mother that she doesn't need to be too worried regarding the arrest of Mark Jefferson and Nathan Prescott.

Alternative Timeline

In the alternative timeline, Ryan and Vanessa sent Chloe Price a postcard, giving their best to her.


Chloe, you know we love

you and you're in our
hearts and thoughts. We
hope to see your smiling
face soon.

Please be well.

Ryan & Vanessa Caulfield


  • In Episode 1, Max looks at a Thunderbirds pennant in her room and thinks of how she misses going to games with her dad.
  • Also in Episode 1, he sends Max an SMS message. There is a shared birthday message from him and Max's mother in Max's drawer in her room.
  • In Episode 4, it is revealed his name is Ryan.
  • It is implied that Ryan is of Irish descent. The family name Caulfield is of Irish origin and Ryan is a typical Irish first name. In "Out of Time" Chloe also mentions Max's "Irish luck".
  • In Episode 3, Max mentions that her grandfather - either Ryan's or his wife Vanessa's father - has a garage.[note 1]



  1. Max's comment upon looking at a toolbox in Samuel's custodial room: "Nuts and bolts... like my grandpa's garage."