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Ryan Lucan (born: September 14, 1993) is a resident of the town Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors. Ryan is one of the game's main characters, in addition to serving as one of two love interests for protagonist Alex Chen. He is best friends with Alex's brother, Gabe Chen.


Unlike his father, Jed Lucan, Ryan is a rather introverted and sensitive boy, which usually belies his more burly persona and love of the outdoors. Within Haven Springs, many of the townsfolk look to Ryan when it comes to advice on wildlife and hiking, due to his profession as a park ranger. Ryan also engages in more niche, and to some, peculiar hobbies, such as bird watching as well as listening to bird calls.

Nevertheless, Ryan is seen by most as a gentle, kind man, who ends up forging strong friendships within the town among the likes of Gabe Chen, Steph Gingrich, Charlotte Harmon, and eventually Alex Chen.


Ryan is a tall Caucasian man with light brown hair, messily stylized back, a trimmed beard and blue eyes. For his Chapter 1 appearance, he wears a red flannel fleece jacket with a graphic Colorado black t-shirt underneath, along with dark jeans and brown boots. He accessorizes his outfit by wearing a black and gold choker necklace, a black ring on his left hand middle finger and a black bracelet on his right wrist.

For his Chapter 2 outfit, he wears a plain dark green long-sleeve shirt over a gray undershirt, with dark jeans and brown boots, along with the same accessories.

For his Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 outfit, Ryan wears a light blue flannel shirt over a white undershirt, with dark jeans and brown boots, along with the same accessories. During Steph's LARP (live action role-playing) of Chapter 3, Ryan plays three different characters: a dire wolf, a serpent and a troll. He wears a grey wolf mask, leaving the lower half of his face exposed; a green serpent hat and a green troll mask that covers his entire head and face.

For his Chapter 5 outfit, Ryan wears a plain black long-sleeve shirt over a white undershirt, with dark jeans and brown boots, along with the same accessories. In the stay in Haven Springs ending, Ryan will be seen wearing his pervious outfits; the red flannel jacket, the plain black long-sleeve shirt, a red flannel shirt and then finally the plain dark green long-sleeve shirt. In the leave Haven Springs ending, Ryan will seen wearing the light blue flannel shirt.


Ryan was born and raised in the small town of Haven Springs, Colorado to his parents Jed Lucan and Ann Lucan on September 14th, 1993. When he was a child, his mother suffered from insomnia, where at sometimes in the middle of the night Ann would take him with her to the rooftop of the Black Lantern to garden. Around that same time in Ryan's life, his father would take him to the old Typhon Mining building, back when it was still in operations, claiming how he was his father's "miner in training". During his teenage years, Ryan informed his mother he wanted to become a park ranger, who happily encouraged his decision. In his young adult years, he fulfilled his goal and became a Colorado state park ranger.

Ryan has never left Haven Springs, leaving him a limited view of the outside world.

Chapter 1: Side A[]

Ryan is first seen coming out of an office in the Rocky Mountain Record Traders telling Alex Chen that the store is closed, but states that it is usually open. After talking about Gabe, Alex helps Ryan search for a missing hold list. After Alex find it under Valkyrie, but is unable to get her to move, Ryan advices her to use Valkyrie's favorite toy to lure her away from the list. After finding it, Alex is able to recover the hold list and hand it to Ryan. After another conversation about Gabe, Alex purchases a record. Steph then comes out of the DJ room arguing with someone on the phone, to which she is unable to come over because she is busy handling her job. Ryan sees that Steph's anger is affecting Alex and goes to calm Steph down, offering to take over for her while she goes to handle her situation. Grateful of this, Steph then leaves. As Ryan goes to ask Alex if she is okay, Gabe shows up. After talking about Ryan and Gabe's friendship, Ryan tells Gabe that Mac wants to have a word with him. Alex and Gabe then leave, with Ryan promising to come see them later after he finishes carrying out Steph's job.

Ryan is later seen tending to Gabe's injuries that he received from Mac and Alex and takes him to the station to find first aid for him. Sometime after, he informs Alex and Gabe of Ethan's disappearance. They realize that Ethan has gone to the mine and quickly leave to go find him. After searching the mines, they find him on the other side of a ravine. Because the fallen log leading to the other side cannot hold his and Gabe's weight, they have Alex go and tie a rope around the siblings while using a tree stump as a fulcrum. After rescuing Ethan, an avalanche caused by a planned explosion strikes Gabe, knocking him over a cliff. This forces Ryan to cut the rope and pull Alex away to elude the avalanche.

Chapter 2: Lanterns[]

Ryan is among the people attending Gabe's funeral. He blames himself for his death, but Mac reveals that he was part of the operation and claimed that there was no call. Ryan finds out that Mac is actually lying (to which Alex can support Ryan's claim or not), leading to a heated argument with everyone else while red auras appear around them.

Alex then receives a phone call from Ryan and heads to the cliff where Gabe died. Arriving there, she finds Ryan standing there with a red aura around him. Touching him, Alex goes into Nova where the world around them turns dark with the ground collapsing except from where they are standing. It turns out Ryan blames himself for Gabe's death. Alex then tries to comfort him, eventually causing him to break down in tears as Alex exits Nova, returning reality to normal. Later, Alex and Ryan (who is no longer upset) are shown cloud watching where Alex tells him about her powers and demonstrates this by sensing a yellow aura around Ryan while using clouds to read his thoughts, learning that he and Gabe once accidentally killed a goose and buried it. Afterwards, Alex can then choose to hug Ryan or give him a handshake. Alex then plans to put a stop to Typhon's plot with Ryan's help.

Ryan can later be seen releasing a sky lantern dedicated to Gabe.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal[]

At the start of the chapter, Alex and Ryan tell Steph about Alex's powers and Alex uses it on her to prove it. Recalling that Diane was working with her laptop earlier and remembering her fear from the previous chapter, Alex suspects that she may be working for Typhon and plans to learn the truth from her. After Alex returns to talk to Ryan and Steph, they have already formed a plan, but it isn't well thought out. Seeing Diane come in and sits at a table to work on her laptop, Alex can have Ryan act as the distraction while she swaps Diane's flash drive. After they excuse themselves, they head to Alex's apartment to try and decrypt the drive using Alex's laptop, but it is password-protected. Ryan sends it to Riley to see if she can access it. Steph then leaves to prepare for the LARP and reminds Alex to bring her guitar and bard hat.

During the LARP, Ryan plays as a werewolf, a serpent, and a troll whom Alex and Ethan must either defeat or find a way to bypass them without fighting. He will drop items if they win the battle.

Alex returns to her apartment where she finds Ryan and Steph waiting for her. It turns out that they had finished unlocking the drive. She then begins to listen to the messages inside it. If she took Charlotte's rage earlier, Alex will get enraged and throw Gabe's foosball winner whiskey at the wall, causing Steph to storm out while Ryan goes after her. If she didn't, she won't destroy the whiskey and Ryan won't leave and will instead stay to help Alex.

Chapter 4: Flicker[]

Alex meets Ryan at the Spring Festival along with Steph, the latter commenting on Alex's skirt before they are interrupted by a loud screech from the speakers. If Alex got enraged in the last chapter, she will apologize to them and Steph will claim that she is the one who needs to apologize. Ryan and Steph then continue to work on the speakers. Alex also has the option to give Ryan a rose. Once they are ready, they have Alex go onstage with her guitar, to her dismay. Alex nevertheless begins singing her song. If Alex formed a romantic relationship with Ryan, they will meet at the Black Lantern rooftop to spend time with each other. Depending on earlier choices, they may share a hug or a kiss.

Chapter 5: Side B[]

Ryan is among the people taking part in the town council meeting hosted by Diane and Jed, but are soon interrupted by an injured Alex barging into the Black Lantern. He and Steph are horrified to see that Alex has been hurt and suggest taking her to a doctor, but she dismisses their concerns. She then tells everyone the truth about what really happened at the mine; Jed had lied to everyone about saving all the miners. If Ryan is convinced, he will demand the truth from Jed, who will get angry with Ryan. If he is not convinced, he won't support Alex and Steph will get into an argument with him.

Some time later, Ryan will visit Alex if she formed a romantic relationship with him. If he didn't believe Alex at first, he will apologize to her. She can choose whether to accept his apology, say that she wants to try to forgive him, or refuse to forgive him. Not forgiving him will end their relationship. Gabe's future visions then determine Ryan's fate. If Alex and Ryan have formed a relationship with each other, the following events happen: a bus leaves and Alex is shown on the bridge with Ryan, Alex works at the Black Lantern with Ryan, Alex plays guitar for Ryan on the rooftop, and Alex watches the sunset on the bridge with Ryan.

If Alex chooses to leave town, Ryan will be seen boarding the bus with Alex. If Alex did not form a romance relationship with him, he will instead be seen on the rooftop with a sad expression on his face while Alex boards the bus alone or with Steph.


He sends Steph a note at the start of her job and later arranges a scavenger hunt for Steph along with Charlotte and Gabe. Ryan also makes a brief appearance at the end of the story, which leads to the events of the main story.

Memorable Quotes[]

"For a guy who lives in the woods, I'm pretty good at this customer service thing."
— To Alex, Chapter 1: Side A.
"Only the coolest person in Haven Springs. He walks up to you in an extremely cool way, his plaid jacket swaying in the breeze..."
— To Alex, Chapter 4: Flicker.



  • Jed Lucan – (Father) - While not much is known about their relationship, it is seen throughout the game that Ryan greatly looks up to his father and respects him highly due to him being seen as the town hero, but is unaware that his past is a lie. For Ryan's 21st birthday, Jed threw a party for his son in the Black Lantern, and the night ended with Ryan getting so drunk he ended up throwing up and expressed how he "felt like he was going to die", which Jed playfully teases him about. However, their relationship is strained once Alex reveals the truth about Jed's old misdeeds with Typhon Mining and his attempt to murder Alex. It's heavily implied that Ryan may have cut ties with his father by the end of the game.
  • Ann Lucan – (Mother) – Ryan had a loving relationship with his mother, calling her an "incredible mom". When Ann discovered she was pregnant with Ryan, she couldn't wait until her husband, Jed, got home. She elected to call him while he was still at work to share the exciting news. When Ryan was a child, Ann suffered from insomnia, and at times she would take him with her in the middle of the night to the rooftop of the Black Lantern in order to take care of the garden. Due to these nights, the rooftop garden became a special place for Ryan. As Ryan grew older and decided he wanted to be a park ranger, Ann was the first person he told; calling Ryan "exactly what these mountains need". When Ryan was 19-years-old, Ann died, leaving him devastated.


  • Alex Chen – Ryan meets Alex when she first wanders into the record store in search of a gift for Gabe. The two partake in some friendly banter, and he eventually helps Alex pick out a record for her brother. After Gabe’s death however, Ryan immediately blames himself for cutting the rope, which has Alex reassure him that there was nothing he could do and that he saved her life. After this, Alex reveals her powers to Ryan, as well as her plan to take down Typhon. Ryan then clarifies that he has her back from here on out, and that she’s stuck with him. The two wind up forming a very strong friendship over the course of the next month, with Alex even going hiking with Ryan offscreen before the events of Chapter 3. However, their friendship is put to the test at the town council meeting in Chapter 5 when Alex accuses Ryan’s father, Jed, of attempting to kill her, and that he was responsible for the deaths of Gabe, her father, and multiple other miners. If Alex was able to convince key members of the council to support her, Ryan will believe Alex, and the two remain friends. If not, Ryan will completely turn his back on Alex, and after the truth is finally revealed when Jed confesses, he apologizes to Alex via text, to which she doesn’t respond.
  • Charlotte Harmon – Charlotte and Ryan seem to have a friendly relationship due to both sharing a connection with Gabe, and it's even implied that Ryan keeps an eye on Charlotte's son, Ethan, while she's busy working. After Gabe's death however, Charlotte starts harboring a deep seated resentment and hatred towards Ryan due to him failing to save Gabe's life. Ryan is completely unaware of these feelings, however.
  • Gabe Chen – (Best Friend) Prior to the events of the game, Gabe and Ryan had an extremely strong friendship, with Gabe bluntly stating that Ryan is his “best friend” to Alex within the record store and that he was excited for them to meet. Later on, Alex notes that Ryan’s more gentle, calm personality seemed to have rubbed off on Gabe, and in her words “turned him into a model citizen”, as he had previously struggled with unruly behavior as well as getting into trouble with the law due to his poor upbringing. Ryan is absolutely devastated following Gabe’s death however, with the act of him cutting the rope that led to Gabe falling down the ravine and eventually being crushed by the oncoming avalanche only fueling his own self-blame. After Alex talks Ryan down from jumping off the ravine, Ryan proceeds to reminisce on all the happy memories he shared with Gabe, with one memory in particular causing Ryan to laugh heavily, resulting in Alex seeing a yellow, joy aura for the first time. After Alex reveals to Ryan about her plans to take down Typhon, Ryan becomes committed in giving Gabe the justice he rightfully deserves, all the while mourning the great friend he once had.
  • Steph Gingrich – Steph and Ryan have a very close friendship, with the two becoming almost inseparable by the time Alex starts her investigation into Typhon. The two playfully tease and banter with one another constantly, and even subject Alex to choosing who is the hotter distraction between the two of them when it comes to seducing Diane. However, if Ryan turns his back on Alex at the town council meeting in defense of his father, Steph is immediately taken aback, and goes on to state that Alex’s injuries are more than enough proof that she’s being truthful. When Ryan dismisses this and stands firm on his defense for Jed, Steph’s anger gets the best of her and she proceeds to curse him out, all the while exclaiming her disbelief at Ryan not believing them even after everything they’ve been through together. Following Jed’s confession and eventual arrest, it’s heavily implied that Steph and Ryan do not reconcile or mend their friendship afterwards.



  • If Alex doesn't intervene, Ryan wins the 2019 "Birder of the Year" title.[2]




  1. Ryan's birthday
  2. In Chapter 3, a woman known as "Birdwatcher", is furious at Ryan because he spotted one more red-tailed hawk that she needed to spot in order to win.