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San Francisco is a location in Life is Strange. Max Caulfield visits there with Principal Wells on October 11, 2013, after winning the Everyday Heroes Photo Contest held by the Zeitgeist Gallery. The plane journey to San Francisco takes place "Between Realities."

Max comments that she feels so stressed but so excited about visiting San Francisco. As she arrives, the airline pilot announces it as a "beautiful day" ... "with clear skies and cool 60 degrees." (15.5 degrees Celsius.)

Max also notes that the Zeitgeist Gallery where her work is on display has a cool history in San Francisco. A newspaper inside the gallery itself states that it is one of two places praised for engaging with the diverse San Francisco community.

San Francisco is an important and big step towards Max's dreams of being a "respected globe-hopping photographer." However, she makes the choice to leave this reality behind and go back in time to save her best friend. She does not appear to hesitate about making this choice even though she thinks that the San Francisco timeline was "so perfect." After going back in time to the point where she took her photo entry, she rips up the photo and says, "Sorry, San Francisco... Chloe comes first."


William and Joyce in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Plane ticket illustration in Max's journal

  • Joyce and William both travelled to San Francisco and took a photograph in front of the Golden Gate Bridge as noted by the photograph of the holiday she keeps in her bedside dresser.
  • San Francisco is misspelled as "Fransisco" on the ticket illustration in Max's journal.
  • Warren recommends that Max watch a film that is set in San Francisco called Time After Time. He thinks it will help her with her time travel research.
  • In the alternative timeline, Chloe Price uses an online ID of "Miss Blue" and enjoys chatting to somebody by the name of "Ignatius" who lives in San Francisco.
  • There are three public-serving airports in the "San Francisco Bay Area": San Francisco International Airport (KSFO), Oakland International Airport (KOAK), and San José International Airport (KSJC). Only the San José International Airport has a Terminal B as we see named on this image of Max leaving an airport and getting into a taxi. The other two airports in the Bay Area have numerically named terminals. This suggests that Max likely landed at San Jose International Airport. The drive to San Francisco from this airport is approximately 55 minutes, which can be considered a short journey in the USA.