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The Sand Snake Motel is a motel in Life is Strange 2 located at 1181 Brandy Hgw, Blue Rock, Nevada. Its first appearance is in Episode 4 where Sean Diaz and his mother, Karen Reynolds, are staying in Room 11.






Episode Four- "Faith"

After being thrown out of the Universal Uprising Church, Sean is taken to the motel by his mother. After his shower, and while Karen is out shopping for supplies, Sean calls Jacob Hackerman where a meeting is arranged for the next day. Karen returns to the motel room and begins a conversation with her son who then steps outside in frustration at his mother's attempt to reconnect. Karen follows and resumes their conversation where the level of engagement from Sean depends on player's choices. Sean and Karen leave the motel the next morning to meet up with Jacob.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.


  • Sean can look at Karen's stuff. (Comment: "Karen seems to be on the move quite often...")
  • He can look in the mirror. (Comment: "Damn, you look bad. Gotta change that dressing soon...")
  • He can exit and enter through the door. (required)

Main Room

  • Sean can look at a roadmap on the table. (Comment: "This country is just way too big...")
  • He can inspect Karen's bag, where:
    • He can look at some condoms. (Comment: "Glad to know she learned the lesson...")
    • He can look at diner bills from Boulder City, Nevada and Kingman, Arizona. (Comment: "Karen did her own road trip to get here..."
    • He can look at a notebook. (Comment: "Damn... Karen does like to capture the world around her.")
  • He can look at Karen's keychain on her bag. (Comment: "Kinda pretty... Wonder if she made it.")
  • He can look at a church flyer. (Comment: "So Karen did check it out... Wonder if she saw Daniel in action?")
  • He can look at a copy of the bible on the nightstand. (Comment: Told Daniel heaven doesn't exist in "Rules": "Yeah, I bet every guest can't wait to read this..."
    Told Daniel heaven does exist in "Rules": "I really should finish reading this someday...")
  • He can open the desk drawer, look at, and take a casino token as a souvenir. (Comment: Look: "Sorry, I still have no game... and the house always wins."
  • He can look at and unlock Karen's tablet. (Comment: Before unlocking: "Hmm. This isn't her tablet..."
    Upon unlocking: "Yay... technology."
    Haven Point website page: "She came prepared."
    "A Slice Of Haven Point" article: "The Reverend Mother doesn't look too humble..."
    Motel review site: "Looks like a roach motel... but nobody will find me there...")
  • He can look at Karen's note and Jacob's letter. (required) (Comment: Karen's note: "'Be right back'... we'll find out..."
    Jacob's letter: "Jeez, it only took Supermom eight years to give a shit...")
  • He can look outside the curtains and draw. (Comment: "This place is quite remote... Good, at least nobody will be looking for me here..")
  • He can look at the door. (Comment: "I'm not going out. Better wait for Karen in here.")
  • He can Karen's mobile phone. (Comment: "Karen was always into low-tech. I even think it's the one she had back then.")
  • He can look at his backpack.
  • He can look at his sweater. (Comment: "We've come a long, long way, buddy...")
  • He can call Jacob on the phone. (required)
  • He can sit and wait for Karen. (required)


Sand Snake Motel - Karen's Tablet Browser Tabs 03.png
  • According to its signs, the motel has a 9-foot tall entrance and is equipped with Wi-Fi and 37" TVs.