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"This is our home! Our church and community. The Reverend Mother says we were all chosen by God." — Sarah Lee in "Faith"

Sarah Lee Hackerman is the younger sister of Jacob Hackerman and a young member of Lisbeth Fischer's religious community at Haven Point. She appears in Episode 4 of Life is Strange 2.




Sarah Lee has wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears a light blue short sleeved t-shirt, purple capris, and dark grey slip-on shoes. 


Sarah Lee was raised in a small community with her father, mother, and older brother, Jacob. After Pastor Lisbeth Fischer founded her community at Haven Point, her parents decided to move west in order to join the community. Sometime in the past, Sarah Lee contracted pneumonia, which her parents decided to forgo medical treatment for due to Lisbeth's assurance that they can heal her via prayers.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

While writing her a postcard, Jacob may reveal that Sarah Lee owns a pet chicken named Alexander.

Episode Four - "Faith"

As Sean Diaz walks up to the church, Sarah Lee can be seen leaving the church while coughing before re-entering with her father. After the sermon, Sarah Lee brings a stack of books to a second-floor bookshelf and encounters Sean. She offers to answer questions Sean has about Daniel Diaz's presence and upon his request, she reunites him with Daniel.

When Sean and Jacob break into Reverend Lisbeth's office, they learn that Sarah Lee has pneumonia and is being refused proper medical treatment in favor of faith healing. Her parents haven't been much help because of their resentment towards medical treatment and have agreed to go along with Lisbeth's idea. After either being caught by Nicholas or successfully avoiding him, Jacob leaves the house and retrieves his sister. They later meet with Sean, Daniel, and Karen Reynolds outside of Haven Point after the latter escape the burning church, and Sarah Lee hugs Daniel before they head their separate ways.

Episode Five - "Wolves "

Sometime later, Sarah Lee sends Sean and Daniel a letter that informs them of how she is doing. 



  • Jacob Hackerman - Jacob is Sarah Lee's older brother. As Jacob meets with Karen and Sean to explain their situation, he convinces Sean to help him find Sarah Lee's medical files, as she is ill and Reverend Lisbeth is denying her proper treatment and instead wants to cure her with "prayers." As they break into Lisbeth's office, Sean can discover her medical files and learn she has pneumonia.


  • Daniel Diaz - Daniel and Sarah Lee meet when Daniel arrives at Haven Point along with Jacob. While speaking with Sean, Sarah Lee can describe Daniel as "really kind and funny" and reveals that they play together frequently. In Daniel's room at Lisbeth's house, a crayon sketch of the two can be found tucked underneath his pillow. In the final church scene in Episode 4, if Sean mentions how Sarah Lee is not being given proper treatment, Daniel becomes furious. Just before Daniel leaves Haven Point with Karen and Sean, he and Sarah Lee hug before they part.


  • Sarah Lee's name may be a reference to the American brand Sara Lee.
  • In Episode 3, Jacob refers to his sister as "Sarah"; however, in Episode 4, he, other characters, and the games' subtitles all refer to her as "Sarah Lee".




  1. "She's nine years old now."
    (Episode 3, "Rise and Shine" - Jacob in response to Sean.)