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Sean's Room is a bedroom located across from Daniel Diaz's bedroom in the Diaz household. It is an explorable location in Episode 1 and Episode 3 of Life is Strange 2.


Sean's bulletin board.

On the wall to the left of the door, a bulletin board is set up with various papers and photos of Sean Diaz and his friends. In the corner opposite to the door is a large cabinet, which has Sean's work uniform hanging from one of its handles. Lying beside the cabinet are a gym bag, a pair of green running shoes, and a speaker. Next to the cabinet is a desk, which holds Sean's laptop and mouse, a lava lamp, a cinema light box, a pad of sticky notes, and a pencil holder. A skateboard is placed underneath the desk, and a red swivel chair is positioned in front of it.

On the wall next to the door is a desk, which holds Sean's MP3 player, an assortment of DVDs, a speaker, a pair of headphones, a tablet, and a stack of art books. To the right of the desk is a white bookshelf, which holds Sean's collection of novels as well as a sketchbook and a toy rocket ship Daniel had gifted to him.

Sean's track and field trophies.

Sean's bed is pushed up against the corner opposite to the door. Underneath the bed are several piles of dirty clothes, and above the bed are two shelves, one of which holds several track-and-field trophies while the other holds a skateboard.

The brown and blue paint covering the room's walls is visibly beginning to chip, and a yellow paper lantern hangs from the center of its ceiling. The walls are covered with various notes, newspaper clippings, posters, magazine clippings, and sticky notes with small doodles. Beside the door is a poster for one of Sean's favorite films, The Grub. Next to the bulletin board is a large poster depicting a yellow road streaking across a blue landscape with the words "the end of an era". Above Sean's bed is a poster for a band called "The Failure", as well as a motivational running poster.

Episode One - "Roads"

While preparing for the upcoming party, Sean can take a couple of condoms from his nightstand and a weed pipe from his desk cabinet. He can also choose to play "On The Flip Of A Coin" by The Streets on his music player and sketch out his room from his beanbag chair.

After retrieving all the items on his list, Sean initiates a Skype call on his laptop with Lyla Park, during which Daniel bursts into the room and is subsequently kicked out. While talking about Jenn Murphy's latest Facebook post with Lyla, Sean notices Brett Foster bullying Daniel from his bedroom window and rushes out of the room to intervene.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

As Sean listens to "On Melancholy Hill" by the Gorillaz, Daniel sneaks into the room and pilfers through his desk for a watch. After Sean catches him in the act, Daniel scampers away to another room. Sean goes after Daniel and finds him in Esteban's room.

After a brief fight, the brothers accidentally break Esteban's trophy. Esteban demands an explanation and sends the boys to their rooms. Sean angrily kicks a book out of his way and gets on his bed. Esteban sits down at the end of the bed and tells Sean that he can't raise Daniel by himself. He asks Sean to help him look after Daniel and will either praise Sean's maturity or concede that he's not ready to grow up yet. He asks Sean to reconcile with Daniel and leaves for work.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Episode One - "Roads"

  • He can look at a photo of himself with friends. (Comment: "This was such a cool day… Can't wait to go back out there with the crew.")
  • He can look at a photo of his friends. (Comment: "We almost got caught by a crazy old dude. But it was such a blast.")
  • He can look at his work uniform. (Comment: "Man… I so don't wanna work this weekend…")
  • He can look at his name tag. (Comment: "Very funny, Lyla. Good thing my boss has a sense of humor… kind of…")
  • He can open a cabinet in his desk.
    • He can look at and take the weed pipe from the cabinet. (Comment: Look: "Eric got us some Purple last month. It was fucking insane."
      Take: "Lyla provides the weed tonight. I better be ready!")
    • He can look at a party flyer. (Comment: "My first hangover… Dad laughed at me so hard when I came back home.")
  • He can use his computer to view webpages and call Lyla (required). (Comment: Sean's page: "Sorry, Lyla… I’m just not a "selfies" kind of guy…"
    Jenn's page: "Okay… Don't be a stalker, Sean."
    Warez site: "Man, this is taking forever… Do they want me to pay for it?"
    ViewTube: "Oh my God… The internet was a mistake.")
  • He can look at a Chronicles of the Basilisk book. (Comment: "Damn… I still have like ten books left in the series… I won't finish until I'm 20…")
  • He can open a nightstand.
    • He can look at a toy in the nightstand. (Comment: "Oh… Hi, Gunther! Sorry… You stay hidden here.")
    • He can move a book to reveal some items underneath.
    • He can look at an old phone. (Comment: "Dad wants me to keep this junk as backup… Right.")
    • He can look at and take some condoms. (Comment: Look: "We… Got these for free during sex ed last year…"
      Take: "Heh… Not sure Daniel is ready to be an uncle yet…")
  • He can look at a music poster. (Comment: "Lyla was belting out so hard during that show… She lost her voice for a week!")
  • He can look at a gaming magazine. (Comment: "I think I know what to ask for Christmas.")
  • He can look at a skateboard. (Comment: "I should practice instead of putting it up here… But it looks pretty rad…")
  • He can look at a picture of himself with Daniel and Esteban. (Comment: "Told them not to take a picture of me after the race… I look like a sweaty pig…")
  • He can look at some trophies. (Comment: "I'll never make varsity at this rate…")
  • He can sit and draw on the bean bag chair. (Comment: "Lyla will survive if I take five to practice my drawing.")
  • He can look at a miniature space rocket. (Comment: "Thanks, Daniel… I'll uh… treasure this gift always.")
  • He can look at one of his drawings. (Comment: "I really like that one… I don't totally suck…")
  • He can look at an artbook. (Comment: "That would be sick to just go… tag the world…")
  • He can look at a tattoo magazine. (Comment: "Dad would cut my arm off if I got a tat like that… But when I turn 18…")
  • He can look at and toggle a music player. (Comment: "Couldn't live without this shit.")
  • He can look at a movie poster for The Grub. (Comment: "How many times have I watched it? Not enough…")

While talking with Lyla,

  • He can open a drawer to his right.
  • He can play with a red ball from inside the drawer.
  • He can toggle a lava lamp.
  • He can sketch Lyla on a post-it sticker.
  • He can mess with the lightbox to his left.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

  • Sean can open his nightstand.
    • He can look at a weed bag. (Comment: "Man, Dad would fucking kill me if he found this... So he better not find it.")
  • He can examine a concert ticket for The Failure. (Comment: "Shit, I can't wait for this show with the whole crew!")
  • He can look at his statistics school book. (Comment: "I hope they don't expect me to remember all this when school starts...")
  • He can use his laptop. (Comment: Group chat: "How did I let Lyla talk me into this shit?"
    Social media: Looking... kind of lame. Swipe left.)
  • He can look at a gift coupon. (Comment: "Lyla keeps hooking me up with birthday gifts. She's more excited than I am...")
  • He can look at his cover letter. (Comment: "So much bullshit. But I got phone and party bills now.")
  • He can look at his bag. (Comment: "Need to put on the patch I bought last week.")
  • He can look at his skateboard. (Comment: "Dad thinks I'll stop skating if he gets me a car when I turn 16. Wrong.")
  • He can look at a patch. (Comment: "Scored it at the skate park last week! Now I need to sew it on...")
  • He can look at his drawings. (Comment: "Man, I suck at perspective. I should take a class.")


GozuMezu Poster Sean's Room.png
  • A poster depicting two figures wearing horse and bull masks below the words "gozu mezu" can be found on the walls of Sean's room. This is a reference to Ox-Head and Horse-Face (also known as Gozu and Mezu in Japan), the two mythological guardians of the Chinese underworld.
  • An active download for a 1973 film called Goodlands can be found on Sean's computer, referencing the real-life 1973 film Badlands.
  • Sean keeps a customized cinema light box in his room displaying the message "SO IT GOES", which is a famous quote from the 1969 anti-war novel Slaughterhouse Five. The phrase is meant to convey the lack of meaning in death during war and how it can come to anyone at any time, which may act as foreshadowing for Esteban's death in the following scene. If Sean takes some time to retrieve the right tool for Esteban in the Diaz Garage, it's also mentioned that Sean wrote an essay on the book for school.


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