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For Max Caulfield's journal from the original game, see Max's Journal.
For Chloe Price's journal from the prequel game, see Chloe's Journal.

Sean's journal as shown in the inventory.

Sean's Sketchbook records Sean Diaz's experiences throughout the events of Life is Strange 2. Sean draws sketches and makes comments based on recent events and his surroundings, some of which change depending on choices. At certain points in the game, Sean can optionally sit and draw sketches of his surroundings, which he adds to his sketchbook upon completion. Sean's sketchbook is primarily filled with sketches instead of text, as opposed to the journal/letters in Life is Strange and Before the Storm.

The illustrations and scribbled text in Sean's journal are drawn by artist Alyzian.[1]


Entry #1

Hi Son,

I hope you'll work wonders with this new sketchbook.
I'm sure you will. That is, if you're not too lazy to get to it.
I remember your very first drawing was of me.
NOW can you BEAT my skillful portrait of you?

OK, RIGHT... I'll leave the art to you and go back to my engines.
16 for 2016!


Sean's Sketchbook 1.jpg

Entry #2

SEPT-5TH 2016

Labor FUCKING day!!!

Chef Diaz breaks out final grill of the summer

Baseball is for losers HI DAD I CAN SEE YOU

This one was a real PAIN in the ass today.

Sean's Sketchbook 2.jpg

Entry #3

coyote & iguana of approval



Sean's Sketchbook 3.jpg

Entry #4

SEPT 7TH 2016

Back to Hell High

Slow Susan late af

Thank G*d for Lyla and her silly jokes


Sean's Sketchbook 4.jpg

Entry #5

SEPT 17TH 2016

Buy new wheels

Sean's Sketchbook 5.jpg

Entry #6

SEPT 25th 2016

Sunday Game-y Sunday

Sean's Sketchbook 6.jpg

Entry #7

Twisted Sun Productions presents

& Ghoul Days

Oct. 1st
8.00 @ The Late Bar
203 1st & Pike St
Seattle, WA


Sean's Sketchbook 7.jpg

Entry #8

That guy was such a dog lol amirite??

- Sharon that's fucking racist.

555-139-3789 JENN

Lyla's best face

Sean's Sketchbook 8.jpg

Entry #9

OCT 20th 2016

American Horror Debate 2016
So glad I was BAKED!


Sean's Sketchbook 9.jpg

Entry #10

OCT 25th 2016

L: WTFs wrong w Mrs. W today? She sooo hostile
S: Dunno. Maybe new husbabe left her
L: wouldn't b the first time
S: U ok? U look tired
L: Had insomnia again
S: Shit. What does ur therapist say?
L: Nothing. He writes sleeping pill prescriptions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
L: Thanks Dr. Obvious
S: He's a crook
L: Ya I know I gotta find a new one
L: Lemme check ur sketchbook!
L: OMG you sketched Jenn? U STALKER
L: How come I never get my portrait done?! =(
S: Check this out

Thaaaaaat'll beeeeeee 200$

Sean's Sketchbook 10.jpg

Entry #11

OCT 28th 2016


Sean's Sketchbook 11.jpg

Episode One - "Roads"

Entry #12

(Optional drawing #1: Sean's Room.) Sean's Sketchbook 12.jpg

Entry #13


Can't figure out wth happened. All blurry—
Brett and I got into a fight and then the cop came out of NOWHERE and then dad was here and he tried to ta


Sean's Sketchbook 13.jpg

Entry #14

OCT 29th 2016

Only $[determinant amount of money: $0.30/$10.30/$20.30/$30.30/$40.30] left

- food
- clothes
- hideout

-> WHERE???

Need to keep on drawing so I don't go crazy—

Sean's Sketchbook 14.jpg

Entry #15

(Optional drawing #2: Mount Rainier National Park.) Sean's Sketchbook 15.jpg

Entry #16

OCT 30th 2016


Daniel was OK
Daniel cool for now.

Daniel got sick
So stupid... Daniel got sick.

Daniel had nightmares
Poor Daniel is freaking out

+ He has no clue about dad
Gotta keep it that way.

Skipped stones
Sean's Sketchbook 16.jpg

Sketch 16b.png

Entry #17

Miss you Dad Sean's Sketchbook 17.jpg

Entry #18

OCT 31st 2016

Fucking road
Go back???


Sean's Sketchbook 18.jpg

Entry #19

OCT 31st 2016

Hellow real world.

Sean bought items
Almost broke but needed those supplies.

Sean stole
Tried my best to save some $ ...Not too proud but had no choice.

Sean stole and Daniel begged

Tried my best to save some $ ...Not too proud but had no choice.

Are we THIEVES now? And BEGGARS??

Now to check out how lost we are.

WEIRDO but cool—

Doris got along with Sean
She was kinda OK... almost nice.

Doris was suspicious of Sean
Nosy bitch.

Put that Fire the fuck out

Sean's Sketchbook 19.jpg

Entry #20


Crazy racist played sheriff and trapped me in this shithole!!!

Daniel saved my ass.
Kid is brave af.

WTF happened after???


Bumped into weirdo while running away.
He saved us. He's awesome

Sean's Sketchbook 20.jpg

Entry #21

Feeling safe for 1st time since Seattle... Thanks to BRODY.

Also: we picked an odd Mushroom on our way out. Probably a bad idea but...
Whatever makes Daniel smile again.

I still have to tell him...
At least now I know where we're off to.


Sacrificed Chloe

Sacrificed Arcadia Bay

Sean's Sketchbook 21.jpg

Arcadia Bay
Sean's Sketchbook 26 (Alt AB Destroyed).jpg

Entry #22

(Optional drawing #3: Three Seals Motel.) Sean's Sketchbook 22.jpg

Entry #23

Brody got us a room. He is a BOSS

He even left us some cash... Sure hope we meet again one day...

Chilling a bit. Been ages
<3 <3 REAL BEDS <3 <3
Almost too comfy to be true.

Sean called Lyla

"I miss you so much... Maybe you could come back..."

Had to call Lyla one last time... I missed her laughing. Hope she won't get in trouble

Sean didn't call Lyla


Didn't call Lyla, too dangerous... Might get her in trouble.

Now phone went out for a midnight swim.
Safer that way.
Off the radar—

Called Lyla
Sean's Sketchbook 24.jpg

Didn't call
Sean's Sketchbook 23b.png

Entry #24


Whats happening to Daniel...
What is he?
When did that start???

Same thing in Seattle?!


What will I do???

Sean's Sketchbook 23.jpg

Entry #25

NOV 1ST 2016

On the road again...
Gotta find ourselves a hideout.

Then... Puerto Lobos.

Sean's Sketchbook 25.jpg

Episode Two - "Rules"

Entry #26

NOV 1st 2016

Need $$$ and supplies before we head to Puerto Lobos.
Will hide somewhere till we find out WTF is up with Daniel.

NO fucking idea how we'll handle this.

Try to sleep now. Warm here.

VERYBUS - Taking you where you want to be.

We're getting off next station,
wherever it is.

25 nov 1.png

Entry #27

NOV 2nd 2016

Charity thrift store in some town SW of Albany (?).
Found layers for Daniel and me.

Harry was cool.

Slept in someone's backyard shed.
1/5. Would not recommend.

"It itches"

The sock walk!

Stole from Hank
Sketch 26 nov 2.png

Sketch 27a.png

Entry #28

NOV 3rd 2016

Sleeping in a shelter.

Fake names. They didn't seem to give a fuck.
No one seems to give a fuck here.
They even let Mushroom in.


Sketch 27 nov 3.png

Entry #29

NOV 4th 2016

Leaving town.

Crackhead at the shelter almost snatched our stuff last night.
Daniel freaked out and lights flickered...
CAN'T risk another "incident"...

Heading out for the forest again.
TOO dangerous to have him around people for now.

I'm so tired.

NOV 4th 2016

Hitchhiked along Hwy 20.

Geologist on the way to Mt Jefferson picked us up. Not big on talking.

Told her we were on a survivalist trip...
Most accurate lie I've ever told.

Sketch 28 nov 4.png

Entry #30

NOV 7th 2016

We found a house. A REAL fucking house
Looks like an abandoned cabin.
No one has been here for YEARS.
Was just here waiting for us.
Hansel & Gretel style.


Sketch 29 nov 7.png

Entry #31

NOV 8th 2016

Settled in.
Had to leave Daniel to look for food.
He hates me. I hate myself for leaving him alone.
Hope I don't get lost...

~ 1 mile away
Previous town
Right, 1h+
Ø = traps

Sketch 30 nov 8.png

Entry #32

NOV 8th 2016

Nearest town is 15 miles away across the forest. No way I can commute there everyday.

Sean stole in "Roads"

Managed to steal canned food from a couple stores.
Found the rest in garbage.

Getting good at this... But not proud.

Sean didn't steal in "Roads"

Went dumpster diving near a supermarket. JACKPOT.

Crazy how much good stuff they throw away...

Twigs, loose

Minute noodles x6
Tomato soup x4
Crackers x3
Ravioli x5
Applesauce x3
Bananas x3
Potatoes x4

Think we can last +/- 2 weeks on these.
Will need to stock up again after.

Sketch 31 nov 8.png

Didn't steal
Sketch 32b.png

Entry #33

NOV 9th 2016

Found my way back!
Daniel OK.
But he broke some stuff around the house trying to use his power...
Will try to help him control it.
Practice starts tomorrow.

Sketch 32 nov 9.png

Entry #34



NOV 15th 2016

Sketch 33 nov 15.png

Entry #34a (ripped out)

(Found in Daniel's Lair.)
Sketch 34a daniel.png

Entry #35

NOV 16th 2016


No Crew without a Captain, and no Captain without a Ship

Ship = 6
Captain = 5
Crew = 4

When the Ship, the Captain and the Crew are complete,
only then,
you can use the last dice to score some Loot.

Player with the highest Loot over 20 wins the game.


DAN & SHROOM adventures

Sketch 34 nov 16.png

Entry #36

NOV 17th 2016

He did it!

Sean / Daniel
Lost again -_-

Sketch 35 nov 17.png

Entry #37

NOV 23rd 2016

Back to town today. Walked slower with the snow...

Scavenged in trash. Found tons of good stuff.
How can people waste SO MUCH food???

Trashpanda persona—

NOV 24th 2016

Sketch 36 nov 23.png

Entry #38

NOV 25th 2016

Daniel sick???
Tired and coughing.

Will go easy on the outside training until he feels better.

NOV 26th 2016

Might need to go back in town soon for some medicine...

BC = 30 mile walk in the snow... ???

Sketch 37 nov 25.png

Entry #39

NOV 28th 2016

Sean has been a good role model

Sean / Daniel
Ok ok u were lucky. This time...

Pouty boy

Bad role model

Sean / Daniel
Well u tried Sean! I'm just better! =D

How can this kid win EVERY time at DICE GAME? -_-


Good model
Sketch 38 nov 28.png

Bad model
Sketch 39b.png

Entry #40

DEC 1st 2016

HUGE progress today:
stopped a snowball in motion!
+ heavy rock.

Daniel getting worse.
No fever yet but no food left.
Leaving tomorrow for Beaver Creek...

Threw properly
Sketch 39 dec 1.png

Hit Daniel
Sketch 40b.png

Entry #41

(Optional drawing #4: Outside of the abandoned house.)
Sketch 41 outside.png

Entry #42

DEC 2 2016


Scared off cougar
Sorry Pup...

Daniel killed cougar

Daniel went nuts. Scary.
Need to teach him control.


Sketch 42 dec 2 killed.png

Entry #43

DEC 3 2016


Had to carry Daniel for over 2 miles.
No one stopping to help us.
What's wrong with these guys???

Sketch 41 dec 3.png

Entry #44

DEC 5 2016

Dan getting better.
He's eating like a horse. Guess that's good.

Been hanging out with C&S a lot.
Pretty awkward after all these years.

They're walking on eggshells not to talk about Seattle... or Karen.
There's a huge elephant following us everywhere.


Sketch 42 dec 5.png

Entry #45

DEC 6 2016

Claire Reynolds

Stephen Reynolds

Sketch 43 dec 6.png

Entry #46

DEC 7th 2016

- "Discretion" = don't leave the house
- "Disconnection" = no phone/no internet
- Homework for Daniel lmao. Good luck with that Claire.

Bored af.
Grateful for being here, but NEEEEED TO GET OUT.
Gotta think of what's next.

"ain't no chill for the wicked"

Sketch 44 dec 7.png

Entry #47

DEC 9th 2016 Sketch 45 dec 9.png

Entry #48

(Optional drawing #5: The Reynolds' living room.)

Claire & Daniel
Sktech 46 room full.png

Daniel only
Sketch 46 sketch room.png

Entry #49

DEC 10th 2016



(What was that kid running away from?
And did his father see something?)

Sketch 47 dec 10.png

Entry #50

(Optional drawing #6: Christmas Market.)

Chris will ask you to add something funny, so you can decide to add either a UFO or zombies to your drawing.

Sketch 48 sketch market.png

Sketch 50 market zombies.png

Entry #51

DEC 11th 2016

Daniel really fucked up this time.

Told Daniel to stop lying
He has to set things straight with that kid.

Told Daniel to keep the secret
He gotta learn to keep his mouth shut.

The Silver Runner
THE SPIRIT SQUAD ft. The Silver Runner

El Diazblo Loco
THE SPIRIT SQUAD ft. El Diazblo Loco

Professor Diaz
THE SPIRIT SQUAD ft. Professor Diaz

Sean didn't give a name

Sketch 51 sr straight.png

Sketch 49 dec 11.png

Sketch 51d.png

Sketch 51c.png

Entry #52

DEC 11th 2016

Not really in the mood for Xmas, but
I'll play along for Daniel. He really misses
having fun like any normal kid.

"Hello Xmas"

Sketch 50 dec 11.png

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

Entry #53

DEC 11th 2016

My brain hurts.
Daniel is pissed we had to leave.
I don't like it either. We're back on our own again.

Told the truth

If we stayed, no way the cops would just let Claire and Stephen take care of us.
They would handcuff our ass into a police car. But what if they would believe us???

So over this SHIT.

Chris was saved

Disobeyed Sean

Now he's mad that he lied to Chris about having powers.
Kid never listens to me.

Could have been worse.

Obeyed Sean

He thinks it's my fault about Chris. I just tried to protect him
Glad he moves fast. But more police

So over this SHIT.

Sorry we lied buddy...

Weehoo away

Chris was hit

Disobeyed Sean
He thinks it's his fault about Chris. Why did he lie to him about having powers? and to me??

Obeyed Sean
Now he blames me for Chris. What else could I do? Only tried to watch out for my brother

PLEASE let Chris be okay. Maybe it's time to start praying—


Told the truth
Sketch 53.png

Sketch 53b.png

Sketch 53 alt a.png.png

Entry #54

Daniel used his power to help Stephen
"I wish you could stay here with us..."

Lifted together
"I wish we could have helped you"

I know.
I hope you get well soon old man...
So we're hopping on a freight train headed South.
But we're closer to Puerto Lobos.
Daniel is cold and hungry like me. So glad he LOVES the train.
If we weren't fugitives this would be a fun adventure.
So it goes...

Sketch 54.png

Entry #55

DEC 12th 2016

The snow is gone.
Which means it's go time for us.

Welcome to California

California, here we come.

Sketch 55.png

Entry #56

DEC 12th 2016

Homeless again.
Not fair to Daniel.
Hate this.

Sketch 56.png

Entry #57

lil wolf. Sketch 57.png

Entry #58

DEC 17th 2016

We finally hit Northern California.
Jumped off the train and walked forever. But we found a little town.

Sean previously stole
Yes, we had to steal food. Sorry.

Didn't steal
We had to dumpster dive for food.

What now?

Looked for any work. Met a weird guy who said we can get work on a local farm even if we don't have any ID.

I know why. But no choice.

At least we found a shelter.

Didn't steal
The comeback!!

Sketch 58a.png

Didn't steal
Sketch 58.png

Entry #59

People on the farm are cool, they don't ask questions.

Grunt work won't get us to Puerto Lobos tho.
Daniel likes the place.
Good thing I can go work on my own. Weird being without him 24/7.

Make your choice
4 : I miss dad's bbq ribs.

Yard work - $30

Clean Porta-Potty - $25 (never again)

Move furniture - $20 (beer!)

Hold Deli Sign - $10 (FUCK THIS)


Sketch 59.png

Entry #60

Crazy how many missing person posters there are everywhere.

WTF is wrong with this region??


Name: A...
Age: 45
Hair: Bl...
Eyes: B...
Height: ...



Sketch 60.png

Entry #61

Burgers for Xmas Eve.

First xmas without Dad.

Eats like a lil piggy
Burger Sauce
Sesame Seeds
Meat juice Stains
Xmas Treat !

Daniel's masterpiece
wat have I become.

Sketch 61.png

Entry #62

Stacking up, one $ at a time.

Putting up fences, nailing shit.
Not bad, just BORING.

Happy New Year 2017
Everyone's out partying. Not us.

Sketch 62.png

Entry #63

Need to practice more.

I miss paint.
It was really cool.

Citrus vampire
only eats the color orange

Sketch 63.png

Entry #64

Bored AF. Doodle time

"Monsters got soft nerds too"

Sketch 64.png

Entry #65

Got kicked off the ranch and the MOTHERFUCKER only paid me half!!!! WTF??

He told me to call the police or get lost.
We're so gone —

Sketch 65.png

Entry #66

Daniel wanted to see the ocean so we hitchhiked to Arcata.

We got this now. Easy ride.
Glad we could do this for free. And the water always makes me feel better. Daniel had fun.

Hippie ground zero.
Lots of weed and dancing.

YAY science!

Sketch 66.png

Entry #67

Would vampires suck bloodshot eyes as mini cocktail sausages???

JAN 22nd 2016 2017

We bumped into these hipster punks from the Xmas market!
They actually work on a weed farm.
Off the books.
Well paid.
They invited us.


Sketch 67.png

Entry #68


She's so cool and different. From planet zerofucksgiven.
Sings like a pro. Jokes funny as hell.

Daniel's not sure about her. Everybody loves him though.
Except Merrill and Big Joe.

"Life ain't all smirks and giggles"

My arms hurt from work but getting strong. Need more sleep.

I think she likes me?

Shit that looks lethal.

Sketch 68.png

Entry #69

Finn, the green philosopher

Leader of the group?
Knows everything about weed.
He's also the sweetest guy I've ever met. Taught me everything about trimming and shit.
Can't figure him out but he's smart. Only Hannah can drag his ass.

Knife master.

Like hanging around with him though.
Amazing sunset. We watched it in silence and smoked a joint.

Sketch 69.png

Entry #70

It's fun to draw Hannah and Penny.

They look like anti fashion icons from Santa Fe and Detroit.

I think Hannah hates my guts? She's older and thinks I'm a fake.

Penny has a theory for EVERYTHING.
Paranoid much?
But he makes me laugh. We had to clean the greenhouse today. Fun.

Feels good to make money everyday and save up.

Sketch 70.png

Entry #71

Met the new workers from Europe. Anders and Ingred. Or Ingrid?

Cute couple. Makes me want to travel overseas. Someday...

Had a long talk with Jacob. He's like a little kid.
He's lived in some religious commune from Haven Point, Nevada.
Looks fine here. Free?

Sketch 71.png

Entry #72


The owner

The goon.

Sketch 72.png

Entry #73

Episode 3 (original)

23rd Feb 2017.
Had a few beers. Daniel's asleep.
Same night every night.
He wants to train more, but we don't have

time + we gotta hide. It's not easy.

Episode 4 (Jacob's addition)

23rd Feb 2017.
Had a few beers. Daniel's asleep.
Same night every night.
He wants to train more, but we don't have
time + we gotta hide. It's not easy.

I borrowed a blanket and
a few other things from your
tent. Will give them back to you
when you come looking for your
Superwolf comic... it's waiting for you.


Episode 3
Sketch 73.png

Episode 4
Sketch 73 Revised.png

Entry #74

(Optional drawing #7: Camp.) Sketch 74 E3D1.png

Entry #75

23rd Feb 2017

Agents 420, gimme Hawt Dawgs!

Cassidy the Wild VS Hannah the Wise

Sketch 75.png

Entry #76

(Optional drawing #8: Cassidy or Finn.)

Sketch 76 E3D2a.png

Sketch 76 E3D2b.png

Entry #77


≃2 storey house shit

Akiraniel is freaking me out.

Sketch 77.png

Entry #78

(Optional drawing #9: Campfire.)

If Sean is intoxicated (by drinking or smoking), his drawing will be affected.

Sketch 78 E3D3.png

Sketch 78 E3D3 V2.png

Entry #79

Depression night; everyone shared their worst memory, everyone felt like shit.

What a wonderful world.

Stayed and got a haircut

Got a new haircut tonight!
Feel like a different person... but I like it.

Is there anything Finn CAN'T do?

Went to bed

Went to bed early again with Daniel.

Kinda wish I could have stayed like everyone else though. Meh.

Sketch 79a.png

Went to bed
Sketch 79.png

Entry #80

24th Feb 2017.

I'm a swearwolf

Daniel messed up again.
Gotta fix this shit.
So fucking tired of running away.

Sketch 80.png

Episode Four - "Faith"

Entry #81

Date: MAR 26th 2017

Was in a coma for weeks!!!
Blind and fucked.
+ in police custody. Going to jail soon.
Hospitals freak me out.
Hate this.
Where's Daniel?
I'm scared.

Sketch 81.png

Entry #82

MAR 30th 2017

Tried to draw to kill time - this room is like a cage.
No depth perception. No art. No shit.
Focusing = Immediate migraine.
Going crazy in here.
Woke up crying.

Sketch 82.png

Entry #83

APR 3rd 2017

Special Secret Agent Flores.
She's trying to bond with me.
Trap me or trust me?
Cops still can't find Daniel after the explosion.
So he's out there. Alone?

Sketch 83.png

Entry #84

APR 11th 2017

Happy Birthday Daniel.
Wherever you are, enano.

Sketch 84.png

Entry #85

APR 15th 2017

Claire and Stephen sent me a nice letter.
So lonely I read it twice.
Weird how I miss them now.
So cool to hear from Captain Spirit too. Glad he's doing fine.
My Joey sketch doesn't look bad.
So glad he's around.

Sketch 85.png

Entry #86

[note 1]
APR 20th 2017

Kissed Finn

Finn by our camp fire.
California dreaming.
We could have traveled the world.

Miss you asshole.

Kissed Cassidy

Wish I could hear Cass play again.
All those songs are gone.

But not our time together.

Kissed Finn
Sketch 86a.png

Kissed Cassidy
Sketch 86b.png

Entry #87

APR 25th 2017

Finn died

GREED kills.

For what?

Finn lived

I fucked Daniel up.

I let Finn become his brother.

Sketch 87b.png

Entry #88

May 9th 2017

Flores tried to frame me... again.
Can't blame her for trying.

Sketch 88.png

Entry #89

(Optional Drawing #10: Sacred Hope Hospital.)


Prison bars

Entry #90

Snuck out window

Snuck out of the hospital through the window... wasn't easy with only 1 eye. Didn't realize how fucking high up I was! Maybe it helped...



Knocked out

Had to knock Joey out so I could escape. He was my only ally. I'll never forgive myself. But now I know I can stab a friend in the back to save my own ass...



Had to knock Joey out so I could sneak out of the hospital. He's a true ally. I can never thank him enough for agreeing to help me escape...

Only hope he won't be in any trouble because of me.

Knocked out guard

Had to knock the guard officer out so I could escape.
Hated when he called me a "cop killer"... but I had to do it to save my ass... FUCK.

Keep going, Sean... Like they don't have enough against you already.

Spoke to Finn

Bumped into Finn on my way down the scaffolding.
It messed me up.

Brought back too many memories...

Didn't speak to Finn
I'm so not fit for the trip. Headaches are killing me. Have no cash, no nothing. Chased by so many ghosts.

BUT gotta focus on what's most important:

Snuck out/Finn
Sketch 90a.png

Joey/no Finn

Knocked out
Sketch 90b.png

Sketch 90c.png

Sketch 90h.png

Entry #91

So so hard to drive...

Fucking miracle I haven't been in a wreck yet.
Gonna pull over soon so I can rest.
Driving in the dark with one eye is the absolute worst.
Would feel a lot safer walking on the edge of the cliff on a moonless night.

Sketch 91.png

Entry #92

Got beaten up

Racist dickheads beat the shit out of me because I wouldn't let them humiliate me.

My whole body hurts. Stomach, lungs... but I don't care.

Didn't get beaten up

Let racist dickheads humiliate me so they wouldn't beat the shit out of me.

Hurts but I don't care.

My only priority is Daniel.
No more gas, gotta walk...

Sketch 92a.png

Entry #93

(Optional Drawing #11: Nevada Desert.)

Oasis variant

Hell variant

Entry #94

May 11th 2017

Went with Anton

Got picked up by a trucker not far away from Haven Point.
I was nervous, but the guy was really sweet.

Accepted the sandwich

Even hooked me up with a sandwich.

Really needed that boost.

Declined the sandwich

Faith in humanity = Somehow restored

Needed that to keep going

Didn't go with Anton

Walking the remaining miles to Haven Point... through the desert.
No food, no more water... my eye and skin burn like hell.
Might actually die here, 10 miles away from finding Daniel.

Gotta hold on for him.

Went with Anton

Accepted snack
Sketch 93a.png

Sketch 93b.png

Sketch 93c.png

Entry #95

Okay. Daniel has been brainwashed by a cult.

He wants to stay with them and I fucked up with this Reverend. I just fell right into her trap.
I'm so stupid.
Also...... Karen.
WTF is she doing here?
How did she find us?
Don't want nothing from her.

Sketch 94.png

Entry #96

(Optional Drawing #12: Sand Snake Motel.) E4D3.png

Entry #97

Karen wants to talk.

Cut conversation short

I don't.
Talking won't change what she did to us.

Who does she think she is?!


I'm not sure I do.
What's the point?

Who likes onions anyway

Heard her out

It's hard but I'm trying to hear her out.

Not sure I'll ever understand what she's been through or what she's after...but I can try.

Cut short
Sketch 95a.png

Sketch 95b.png

Sketch 95c.png

Episode Five - "Wolves"

Entry #98

We got Daniel...finally.

The freak guru can go to HELL now.
Feels so good to be with my bro again.
Leaving Haven Point... Karen is taking us to her place.
We need to breathe. Sleep. Heal.
Sarah Lee
this needs to go u.u

S2 Sketch 098.png

Entry #99

Date: May 15 2017

Karen lives in a derest commune.
No shit.
"Unincorporated community" she said.
It's called AWAY.
Only 30 people live here on/off.
This place is so weird but the desert is mind blowing.
The perfect hideaway.

S2 Sketch 099.png

Entry #100

Date: May 29th 2017

Daniel's still feeling so confused.
Guilt-tripping a LOT.
He can't figure out what happened.
The brainwashing. The lies. Lisbeth's grasp over his trauma.
Doing my best to help him recover.
Sure hope they fine now...
Karen is a big help too... She's good with words.
That letter from Jacob and Sarah made him happy.
Daniel needs more friends.
So do I.
- Seeean, we posing!
- <3

S2 Sketch 100.png

Entry #101

Date: June 3rd 2017

Total trip to live with Karen.
She wants to move on. That's easy for her to say. I'm trying.
Daniel is getting better. I can see he loves having Mommy back.

S2 Sketch 101.png

Entry #102

Date: June 8th 2017

Daniel's power is no secret here.
No one gives a shit.
They just go along with it...and don't see it as something they can use to their own advantage.
"Who's gonna tell? We're already the batshit crazy Sand People." - David

S2 Sketch 102.png

Entry #103

Date: June 10th 2017

So, this place AWAY is what you make it.
Joan haunts it with cool-ass sculptures made from scavenged scraps.
She's a cool and sunny woman. Karen's closest thing to a best friend, it seems.
Cool as heck ornamental tattoos
take my time today...

S2 Sketch 103.png

Entry #104

Date: June 15th 2017

Arthur and Stanley live in one of the only proper houses in town. They built it together 10 years ago, from ruins of their past lives.
These two can't stop teasing each other, but they're so inspiring...
Old couple, Young love <3

S2 Sketch 104.png

Entry #105

Date: June 17th 2017

Got a letter from Cass today. Feels good.
Would love to hang with her again.

S2 Sketch 105.png

Entry #106

This place makes me want to draw.

Could stare at these canyons forever.

S2 Sketch 106.png

Entry #107

Date: June 30th 2017

Daniel needs to vent out.
He's been having nightmares about Haven Point & Lisbeth for weeks.
Still feels guilty about my eye.
Need to find ways to help him process this

S2 Sketch 107.png

Entry #108

Date: July 1st 2017

Karen told us about a cool camping spot.
Reached the top after a long hike across the canyon.
Track sessions feel like forever ago... Need to work on my cardio.
Probably the best view ever.
Gonna stargaze all night thanks to Arthur's telescope.
Daniel seems happy.

S2 Sketch 108.png

Entry #109

(Optional drawing)

Entry #110

(Optional drawing)

Entry #111

Date: July 2nd 2017

When did he find the time to do all this?!
Sunlight of future nightmares :)

S2 Sketch 110.png

Entry #112

Date: July 2nd 2017

Be art, do crimes.
Cool to hang out with Joan for a bit.
Crimes? Crimes
Go full DeRP

S2 Sketch 111.png

Entry #113

Date: July 2nd 2017

Our last night Away.

S2 Sketch 113.png

Entry #114

Date: July 3rd 2017

Quick pause to drink and think.
We can almost see the border wall from here.
Next stop = Mexico.

S2 Sketch 114.png

Determinant Drawings

Episode 1

  • In Entry #14, the amount of money Sean writes down depends on how much he received from Esteban and whether he stole or put money back into the kitchen jar.
  • In Entry #16, the text and drawing will vary depending on Daniel's mood and whether he was taught to skip stones.
  • In Entry #19, the text will vary depending on how Sean got supplies (paying > stealing > begging). Additionally, what Sean writes alongside his drawing of Doris Stamper depends on whether or not he provided a decent excuse for being at the gas station.
  • In Entry #21, either a drawing of a tombstone or the text "Night Bay" next to a lighthouse will appear depending on Arcadia Bay's fate, which was either chosen by the player or randomized at the start of the game.
  • In Entry #22, Sean's drawing concerning Lyla Park will change depending on whether he decided to call her.

Episode 2

  • In Entry #27, the Raccoon jumper is drawn if Sean stole from Hank in Episode 1. Otherwise, he will draw the clothes he found for Daniel at the thrift store.
  • In Entry #32, the text will vary depending on Sean's inclination to steal.
  • In Entry #39, the text and drawing concerning Daniel will change depending on Sean's behavior towards others in Episode 1.
  • In Entry #42, the text will vary on whether Daniel used his powers to recover Mushroom.
  • In Entry #48, the drawing will feature the characters in the room at the time Sean sketches.
  • In Entry #50, Chris will ask Sean to add something to his sketch.
  • In Entry #51, the text reflects the major choice on how Daniel should handle Chris, and a mini-sketch of Sean's superhero persona.

Episode 3

  • In Entry #53, Sean's drawing of and text about Chris will change depending on whether Daniel was told to tell the truth, whether he did so, and whether he saved Chris from the car if he didn't.
  • In Entry #54, Sean's quote above his grandparents will change depending on whether Daniel used his powers to help Stephen.
  • In Entry #58, Sean's drawing and text will change depending on whether he is inclined towards stealing.
  • In Entry #76, Sean can choose to draw either Cassidy or Finn.
  • In Entry #78, Sean's drawing will be affected if he is too intoxicated (indicated by blurry vision).
  • In Entry #79, Sean's drawing and text will change depending on whether he chose to go with Daniel or stay at the campfire.

Episode 4

  • In Entry #86, Sean will write about whomever he kissed in Episode 3 (Finn, Cassidy, both, or neither).
  • In Entry #87, the text will vary depending on whether Finn was killed in the final confrontation with Merrill.
  • In Entry #89, Sean can choose to add a staircase or prison bars to his drawing.
  • In Entry #90, the text and drawing will change depending on how Sean escapes from the hospital and whether he speaks to Finn.
  • In Entry #92, the text will change depending on the result of Sean's confrontation with Chad.
  • In Entry #93, Sean can choose to add an oasis or hellhounds to his drawing.
  • In Entry #94, the text and drawing will vary depending on whether Sean walks to Haven Point or gets into Anton's truck and accepts or declines the sandwich.
  • In Entry #96, the text and drawing reflect Sean's choice to hear Karen out, cut the conversation short, or be hard on her.

Episode 5



Sean keeps a list of bookmarked pages that can be accessed from the left-hand sliding menu. This list consists of pages that depict or concern key characters he has met along his journey, as well as his optional drawings.




  • At the time of the game's release, the bookmark menu was toggleable and hidden by default. With the release of the second episode, the bookmark menu is now always present on the side of the screen and cannot be toggled off.



  1. It is possible to receive both entries in one playthrough. It is also possible for the entry to be omitted if Sean chose not to pursue anyone romantically in Episode 3.