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"It'll be fine, Daniel. There's nothing we can't do... as long as we're together." — Sean to Daniel in "Roads"

Sean Eduardo Diaz (born August 15, 2000) is the main protagonist of Life is Strange 2 and a minor character in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

After a tragic incident results in the deaths of his father, Esteban Diaz, and the police officer who took his life, Sean is forced to run away from his home in Seattle with his brother, Daniel Diaz. In fear of the police, he intends to reach their father's hometown of Puerto Lobos, Mexico, all while attempting to conceal the emergence of Daniel's mysterious supernatural power.

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Sean is described as "creative, sensitive, and protective" in official marketing material.[1]

Sean's creative side is shown by making drawings in a sketchbook his father had purchased, who seems to have encouraged Sean to draw.

His protective side is shown when Daniel is getting harassed by their neighbor, Brett Foster, for spilling zombie blood on his shirt. Sean can defend his little brother and attacks their neighbor for cruelly insulting them. After he runs away from home with Daniel, he becomes more protective of him on their journey to Puerto Lobos.


During "Roads", Sean has short, cropped dark brown hair and wears a maroon beanie with a yellow logo on its rim (while walking home from school). He wears a grayish-blue zipper pocket hoodie with a "WOLF SQUAD" logo over a white T-shirt, coupling this with grey khakis and a reddish-brown belt with its strap hanging out from underneath his hoodie. On his feet, he wears gray running shoes with blue laces and green markings.

By "Episode 2: Rules", and during The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Sean's hair has noticeably grown - his formerly short bangs now reaching his mid-forehead. While in the Willamette National Forest, he wears a brown fleece-lined, borg collared corduroy jacket over his hoodie. During his stay at his grandparents' house, he wears a light orange quarter-zip pullover on top of his hoodie. His khakis have begun to develop holes at the mid-thighs and kneecaps, and he now wears sturdy brown hiking boots. After spending some time at his grandparents' house, there is a blue patch sewed onto his pants.

LiS2E3 Wastelands - Sean's Pajama T-Shirt

Sean's recursive t-shirt graphic in Episode 3.

During the opening flashback in "Wastelands", Sean wears a grey t-shirt with a logo reading "NYC-UK" alongside orange boxers and white socks. In the present day, Sean's hair has grown further, his bangs now almost touching his eyebrows; optionally, Sean can have his hair cut by Finn, resulting in a mohawk. He still wears his "WOLF SQUAD" hoodie, which shows several signs of wear; multiple holes have developed in the fabric, the logo has several cracks, and the collar has been ripped and stitched back together. A patch depicting what appears to be the Sigil of Baphomet is sewn onto his right shoulder. His grey khakis now have more patches, including one that reads "SPACE FUCKUPS" on his back pocket and another depicting a skull embedded with knives. While in his tent, Sean wears a grey graphic t-shirt, green boxers depicting tadpoles and a frog alongside the word "HI!", and dirty white socks. He also wears a multicolored bracelet on his right wrist. Optionally, Sean can get a tattoo of a wolf or three marijuana plants done on his right arm by Cassidy.

During "Faith", Sean's hair has been shaved to a buzzcut, as well as having a bandage over his damaged eye that left him half-blind. During his time in Sacred Hope Hospital, Sean wears green hospital garbs and white socks. When he escapes the hospital, Sean wears his recovered clothes. While walking to Havens' Point, Sean has his hoodie in his backpack to show his grey graphic t-shirt, as well as being partly sunburnt. After being picked up by Karen and having a shower, Sean wears his khakis with a clean white t-shirt and red boxers with blue whales on them. While infiltrating the church, Sean puts his hoodie back on, as well as wearing a black eyepatch provided by his mother.

During "Wolves", Sean's hair has grown back to a stage that is slightly shorter than in the episode "Rules", but still longer than in the episode "Roads". He briefly does not wear his signature hoodie in favor of a dark grey and brownish baseball T-shirt and sports a grey bandana with light brown detailing hanging loosely around his neck to mid-torso area, but still retains his patched up grey khakis and hiking boots. He has also started to grow a bit of facial hair.

Upon release from his fifteen year sentence in prison, Sean wears a white long-sleeve shirt, grey cargo pants and sneakers with a full grown beard and his head shaved again. His hairline is noticeably starting to recede. Later, while revisiting Mount Rainier National Park, he wears a black coat, jeans, hiking boots and his old hiking backpack with a white prosthetic eye and hair grown back to a similar length before his arrest.

Parting Ways
Sean is seen in a photo he sent to Daniel wearing a white t-shirt with some facial hair and a black prosthetic eye. Alternatively, if he is with Finn or Cassidy depending on his past choices, he wears a black t-shirt with a red wolf designed on it.

Blood Brothers
Sean wears a black stained and torn t-shirt with a stylised wolf's head designed on it, gold necklace, beige cargo pants, a belt depicting the words "SOWHATNOW★" repeated, and sneakers. He also has grown three bangs of his hair past his forehead and some facial hair with a black prosthetic eye and tattoos of a realistic heart with three cockroaches cowling on it on his left arm and a snake's tail on his right bicep.

Sean has the option of decorating his backpack with souvenirs he finds along his journey. Throughout most of "Roads", Sean wears a grey school bag which is adorned with patches displaying a mosquito, the word "NSFW" appearing as if on fire, and a smiling doodle. At the beach, Brody Holloway gives Sean a faded green-and-red hiking backpack which features an "ULTRA-D" logo, the phrase "All who wander are not lost", and several hobo signs are written in black marker.[note 1]


Throughout the game, Sean's hair grows in length, and it can also be optionally cut by Finn in Episode 3 (styled with a mohawk). In Episode 4, Sean's hair has been shaved off for his stay in hospital. In Episode 5, his hair grows back after it was shaved in Episode 4.


Sean Diaz was born on August 15, 2000 to Esteban Diaz and Karen Reynolds. Prior to his parents' separation, Sean used to visit his maternal grandparents, Claire and Stephen Reynolds, at their home in Beaver Creek, where he once broke a vase when he was roughly six years old[2]. In 2006, Sean and his parents moved to a new home at 1452 Lewis Avenue, Seattle.[3] Sometime between 2006 and 2007, Sean's parents had a second child, whom they decided to name Daniel. Around a year later, Karen decided to cut ties with her husband and family after deciding she didn't want and wasn't meant to settle down and be a mother, leaving Esteban to raise their sons alone.

As a family, Sean, Daniel, and their father used to go on outdoor expeditions including hiking trips, skiing at Mt. Baker, and kayaking at Wenatchee River. When they were younger, Sean and Daniel used to have a babysitter named Andrew, whom they mutually disliked. At some point when he was 13, Sean once broke his leg.

Sean is childhood friends with Ellery Winchell, whom he used to play with robot toys together as kids. While attending Peacock High School, Sean joined the track team with Ellery. The two share a mutual love for reading; over the summer of 2016, Ellery recommended Sean a novel entitled Chronicles of the Basilisk - Vol V: Siege Upon Moorkorn by Ariana Simard, which Sean eventually got around to reading and enjoyed.

During the same summer, Sean found a job at a local Z-Mart Superstore as a sales assistant; in his initial application, he mentioned that he had experience working customer service at Esteban's garage since he was 13. He took classes with his best friend, Lyla Park, whom he regularly joked, skated, and attended parties with, one of which resulted in his first hangover. He and Lyla also participated in gaming sessions with mutual friends Adam Barnes and Eric. Near the start of his junior year, Sean developed a crush on one of his classmates, Jenn Murphy, whom he began texting semi-regularly after Lyla introduced the two.

Captain Spirit[]

Sean and Daniel are seen briefly in the ending of the game, standing on the other side of the fence. The brothers wave hello to Chris Eriksen after he gets up from the ground.

Episode One - "Roads"[]

Sean is first seen coming out of a school bus while simultaneously writing SMS messages on his phone. Moments later, he is interrupted by his best friend, Lyla Park, asking if he heard back from Jenn Murphy yet. Lyla then takes Sean's phone and reads his last message to Jenn aloud, after which she tries to play matchmaker by sending Jenn a text on Sean's behalf. The two start walking down the street and chat about the upcoming party, which Sean is somewhat reluctant to attend. He then gets a message from his father asking whether he will be home after school and expresses irritation at being treated like a kid. Sean is very happy to learn that Jenn is looking forward to seeing him and Lyla at the party and asks Lyla about what he should wear. They pass Sean's neighbor, Brett, and Lyla exchanges insults with him. After Lyla calls Brett an "asshole," Sean remarks that his neighbor is "always true to himself." They enter Sean's yard, and he tells Lyla to be careful after she takes out a pack of cigarettes, since his father busted him in the past. Lyla offers a cigarette to Sean, which he can accept or refuse.

Take one
Sean remarks that it's okay to smoke on a Friday and takes a few puffs, then blames Lyla for making him smoke. They agree to make sure Sean doesn't smoke any weed tonight.

Sean says that track stars aren't supposed to smoke and that he'll get another chance at the party. Lyla says she will remember this.

Lyla then proceeds to write a "party list" on Sean's left hand. Shortly after she is done, a plane flies above them, and Lyla ponders what will happen to them after graduation. She asks Sean whether they will stay best friends. Sean can reply that they will be friends no matter what and that distance can't tear them apart, or he can joke that being friends is not possible due to him being a Mexican. Either way, Lyla says that it's getting late and hugs Sean before leaving to get ready for the party. They arrange to talk on Skype once Sean is packed.

Sean enters the house and wants to start packing for the party but is interrupted by Esteban and Daniel needing a "judge." Daniel starts asking Sean questions about Lyla, but the older brother quickly brushes him off. Then a "court session" commences where Sean can give the last Chock-O-Crisp to Daniel or Esteban (or take it for himself). If Sean gives the Chock-O-Crisp to his father, Esteban will give the bar to Daniel instead. After they both go on their way, Sean is free to walk around the house and get the necessary items. After grabbing a drink and a snack upstairs, he goes to the garage to ask his dad for money. Esteban asks Sean to give him a 16mm wrench and compliments his son if he's quick enough. They have a short conversation before Sean brings up the money topic. Esteban asks him to say if he will spend the money on alcohol and weed. If he confesses, Esteban will appreciate it and gives Sean $40; otherwise, Sean will get $20. As Sean is about to go upstairs again, Esteban offers him a hug, which he can accept or decline.

Next, Sean enters his room and calls Lyla on Skype. They talk about the upcoming party and how Sean is going to behave with Jenn. Suddenly, Daniel runs into the room and shows Sean the fake blood he made using corn syrup and coloring. Daniel and Lyla wave hello to each other before Sean drags him out of the room, much to Lyla's disappointment. Sean can apologize or say that Daniel isn't always cute. A few seconds later, Lyla tells Sean that Jenn just posted a picture of herself on her wall. If Sean decides to check it, he will be surprised; he can optionally comment on it with "<3" or "LOL."

They continue talking for a while until Sean notices something outside and runs into the yard to see Brett arguing with Daniel over getting fake blood on his shirt. Sean can confront Brett or question Daniel; regardless of the choice, Brett throws enough insults at Sean to make him lose his temper and hit Brett in the face. A fight breaks out, during which Brett falls on his back, and Sean and Daniel rush to check his condition. At this moment, a police officer arrives and tells the brothers to lie on the ground, pointing a gun at them. Esteban runs out and tries to deescalate the situation, but the officer accidentally pulls the trigger, killing Esteban. Daniel cries out and Sean goes unconscious for a while; after regaining consciousness, he looks around the street to find it filled in debris and his father and the police officer having been killed. He picks Daniel up, grabs his backpack and runs away from the approaching sound of police sirens.

Two days later, the brothers are still traveling, with Daniel unaware of Esteban's death. After reaching Mount Rainer National Park, Sean and Daniel explore the park and have the option of eating berries and playing hide and seek. After climbing over a log and down a high ledge, they reach a river where they set up camp. Later at night, Daniel has a bad dream, leading Sean to comfort him before going back to sleep. The next day, they reach Bear Station where Sean can buy or steal items, play a claw game, beg a family for food, and take leftovers from a trash can once the family has left. They also meet Brody Holloway. While sitting outside to eat, they are confronted by the store's owner, Hank Stamper, who captures Sean as Daniel flees. Sean finds himself tied to a pipe in Hank's office, with Hank, aware of the incident from Seattle, intending to turn him over to the police. If Sean angers Hank, he will kick Sean in the face. Daniel helps Sean escape but finds the store wrecked after retrieving his things and following Daniel out of the office. Sean has the option to attack Hank and steal a tent. They escape the station with Brody's help. While talking to Brody, Sean learns that Daniel stole the puppy from the store and has named it Mushroom. While stopping at Otter Point, which is close to Arcadia Bay, Brody reveals that he knows of the Seattle incident but has no intention of turning him and Daniel in before heading to the Three Seals Motel.

While at the hotel, Sean plays fetch with Daniel and Mushroom as Brody rents a room for them and gives them some money to help them. He also tells Sean to get rid of his cell phone to reduce his chances of getting caught. As they head to their room, they can optionally hear a couple having sex in another room. Sean can tell this to Daniel or keep quiet. While watching Hot Dawg Man in their room, Sean has the option of starting a bath for Daniel before heading out to the balcony where he can choose to call Lyla. If he does, he will have a tearful conversation with her before throwing the phone into the ocean. Sean can then tell the truth to Daniel about Esteban's death or get a soda before doing so. Either way, Daniel will get angry and lose control of his powers, forcing Sean to calm him down before he destroys the motel, with Sean either agreeing to never lie to Daniel again or refusing.

The following day, Sean and Daniel are seen onboard a bus. Sean tells a story that reflects their situation before he and Daniel fall asleep as the bus travels onwards.

Episode Two - "Rules"[]

The following winter, Sean has been testing and helping Daniel control his telekinetic abilities. Despite making progress with Daniel and managing to survive the past few weeks in an abandoned house in the woods, Sean comes to realize that Daniel is very ill and needs help. Deciding to make their way to their estranged maternal grandparent's home, Sean and Daniel prepare for the journey. The morning they decide to leave, however, Mushroom is killed by a wildcat.

Kill the cougar
Sean doesn't intervene and Daniel kills the wildcat with his powers. Sean, while understanding, is surprised by this and Daniel is scared by his own power. The brothers manage to recover Mushroom's corpse and are able to give Mushroom a proper burial.

Don’t kill the cougar
Though upset, Sean prevents Daniel from killing the wildcat with his powers. The wildcat escapes with Mushroom's corpse, and the brothers are unable to give Mushroom a proper burial.

Once they arrive at their grandparent's home, Daniel is given medicine to help with his illness and the brothers are temporarily taken in. As Christmas approaches, Daniel recuperates and the brothers learn more about their absentee mother's family. While staying with their grandparents, Claire asks that they don't go into their mother's old bedroom or mention her at all. Their grandparents also ask that the brothers keep a low profile and don't venture out further than the backyard.

After Claire informs Sean that there are some toys in the back shed, Sean goes to ask his grandfather Stephen for the key. Stephen asks to speak privately with him and admits to Sean that he has noticed an invisible force surrounding Daniel.

Tell the truth
Sean admits that Daniel has powers. Stephen tries to cope with this confirmation and find a way to help Daniel. Sean, worried they'd be separated, is hesitant to contact a doctor or anyone else about Daniel's gift. Stephen will agree that Sean being there for Daniel is what is most important. He also asks that Sean not mention anything about this to the religious Claire.

Hide the truth
Sean denies noticing anything unusual about Daniel and Stephen will more or less drop it. He does, however, ask that Sean not mention anything about this to the religious Claire.

Afterwards, Stephen will give Sean the shed key. Sean and Daniel go outside but are unable to unlock the shed, as the lock is frozen. Meanwhile, Daniel sees neighbor Chris Eriksen climbing up his treehouse in tears. One of the boards leading up to the treehouse breaks and Daniel uses his powers to save Chris from getting hurt; however, Chris, astounded, is under the impression that he saved himself with his own superpower. Chris then introduces himself to the brothers. Daniel and Chris hit it off immediately, but their interaction is cut short after Chris' father takes him back inside.

The next day, Sean finds out that Daniel has gone to Chris' house and goes to find him. He also learns that Claire and Stephen had left for church and won't be back until later. Sean has the option to use Stephen's laptop or use the phone to call Lyla. If he called her in Episode 1, he will learn that she is on medication due to having to lie to the police after being interrogated for hours. If Sean didn't call her, then her mother will pick up the phone instead. Sean can then lie to her or tell her who he is, which will lead her to threaten to call the police. Once at Chris' house, he finds Daniel and Chris playing with Chris' toys and Daniel's powers. Sean can tell the truth to Chris or just keep quiet. The brothers then head to a Christmas Market with Chris and Charles to buy a Christmas tree. While there, they meet Cassidy and Finn and even have the option to prank Nick due to him being very antagonistic towards the hippies. Sean then either buys a gift or steals one from a donation box before heading home. The two then decide to break into Karen's room, either by finding the key in the bathroom or by using Daniel's powers to break the lock, in hopes of finding out their mother's whereabouts. Claire and Stephen catch them, leading to an argument between them until Stephen gets his legs caught under a fallen shelf. They go to help him, either with Daniel's powers or by lifting together. Following this, a cop shows up, having located the brothers here due to someone seeing them at the market, Sean using Stephen's laptop, or using the phone to call Lyla. Claire and Stephen help the brothers escape, either with Chris helping them as well or getting hurt. After escaping, Sean exchanges gifts with Daniel and if he isn't too upset, he will give Sean a drawing. The two then board a train and leave Beaver Creek.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"[]

The episode opens with a flashback to three months before Esteban's death, where Sean relaxes in his room while listening to "On Melancholy Hill" by Gorillaz through his earbuds. Daniel sneaks into his room and steals a watch, but is caught in the act by Sean and runs away. After finding him in Esteban's room and reprimanding him, Daniel falls back into a bookshelf, breaking Esteban's "Garage of the Year" trophy. Esteban comes out of the garage and scolds the pair for causing trouble. He sends them both to their room, where he talks to Sean about Daniel. Before leaving for work once more, he tells Sean to apologize to Daniel, stating that they will go to the movies that night if they behaved. Sean makes up with Daniel, letting him keep his watch. A happy Daniel states that he will keep the watch forever.

Between the events of Episode 2 and this episode, it is revealed in Sean's journal that on December 17th, 2016, both he and Daniel jumped off the boxcar train in Northern California where they walked seemingly forever until they reached a small town before resorting to looking in a dumpster for food. Here, they met a "weird guy" who said they could get work on a local farm, even if they didn't have any ID. Sean knew why but felt they had no choice but to take the offer, also feeling glad of the shelter. The people on the farm were good as they didn't ask questions. Daniel liked the place, and Sean was also able to work on his own without being around Daniel 24/7. An illustration suggests Sean feels like just another brick in the wall. Other tasks he performed for pay were putting up fences and "nailing shit," which he describes as "not bad, just boring."

New Year 2017 comes around, and everybody else is partying, but not Sean and Daniel. An illustration suggests they spent the New Year watching the celebrations on TV next to an older, scruffier male on the farm - perhaps the owner. Shortly after this, they got kicked off the farm and were only paid half of what they worked for. The man they were working for told them to call the police or get lost, so they left the area.

Two months after escaping Beaver Creek and three months after running from Seattle, Sean and Daniel met up with Cassidy and Finn and made friends with their own, including Hannah, Penny, Jacob, Ingrid, and Anders, while working for Merrill at his cannabis farm.

Sean wakes up from his tent and discovers that Daniel is gone. He exits and sees a topless Hannah going to the showers. After making coffee, he then has a conversation with everyone nearby and even has the option to make more coffee. Sean finds Daniel target practicing with Finn, who then invites Sean to try. If Sean succeeds in hitting the center, Daniel will make him miss his second shot. After Finn leaves, Sean speaks with Daniel, leading to an argument that causes Daniel to throw Sean backwards. He and the others then board Big Joe's truck to the farm. While there, he sees Big Joe bothering Cassidy due to her being sleepy and has the option to defend her. After Merrill gives everyone assignment, Sean learns from him that he has a daughter that he never got to see and warns him that he'll be sorry if he and Daniel ever cause any trouble. While trimming weeds, Sean chats with Daniel, Ingrid, Cassidy, and Hannah. After their shift ends, they are returned to camp where Finn shares his backstory to Sean. Sean then has the option of talking to some of the drifters and helping Daniel wash dishes before moving some water tanks. Oce that's done, he takes Daniel to the lake to train him. Aware that the others might see them, he asks Daniel to move a log, who then nearly drops it on Sean as a prank. After training him, they get into another argument, leading Daniel to lift a stump out of the river before Sean convinces him to stop. They then return to camp. Later that night, Sean speaks with everyone around the campfire, who all share their backstories. Sean can also smoke, which will make the screen blurry. Afterwards, he can either go to sleep or get a haircut. If he chooses to go to sleep, he will have another conversation with Daniel before going to sleep. If he chooses to get a haircut, he will receive a mohawk-like hairstyle before going to sleep.

The following morning, Sean accidentally sleeps in, resulting in him nearly being late for Big Joe to leave him behind, but makes it just in time. After working for the day, Merrill brings him, Cassidy, Finn, and Jacob into his office to give them feedback on their bud-trimming efficiency. As he is about to give them their pay, Big Joe bursts in with Daniel, who has been caught sneaking into the back room. Merrill decides not to pay his workers and fires Sean and Daniel. When Big Joe is about to beat up Daniel, he uses his telekinetic powers to hit him on the head with an ashtray. Big Joe punches either Finn or Sean depending on whether Sean takes the blame to hide Daniel's power or not.

Later that night, Daniel demonstrates his powers to Cassidy, Finn, and Jacob in the woods alongside Sean. Finn suggests using Daniel's power to break into Merrill's safe and take his money, but is stopped by Cassidy, who doesn't like the idea of involving a kid in his plan. Afterwards, Cassidy, Finn and the other drifters throw a farewell party for the brothers, Ingrid, and Anders.

During the party, Sean either talks to or is called over by Finn, who sits on the bench near the lake sign. Finn attempts to convince Sean to go along with the heist on Merrill's house, and Sean can choose to join or go against it.


After rejecting the plan, Sean is able to say his goodbyes to the rest of the drifters. He eventually meets up with Cassidy and can take up her offer of a tattoo to remember her by. After that, Sean heads down to the lake with Cassidy and can choose to join her in skinny-dipping. If he does, Sean attempts to go in just his underwear before Cassidy tells him to take it all off, to which he complies.

As they swim, Cassidy complains about Finn's idea for the heist, then brings up his liking towards Sean. If Sean has a low relationship with Cassidy, Sean can either tell her that he and Finn are just friends or admit that he likes him, which she plays off. If Sean has a high relationship with Cassidy, he has the option of admitting his feelings and sharing a kiss with her.

Once back at the party, if Cassidy has kissed Sean, she invites him into her tent. If he accepts and enters, they proceed to have sex; afterwards, Sean apologizes for not being good enough, to which Cassidy assures him that he'll have time to practice. After they exit (or if Sean didn't kiss Cassidy or refused her offer), Hannah walks up to them and tells them she hasn't been able to find Finn, prompting the two to go after him to stop his plan. They head over to the parking lot and steal one of the trucks to get to Merrill's house.

Once at the pot farm, Sean and Cassidy find Finn and Daniel about to break into Merrill's living room. Sean and Cassidy angrily admonish Finn for taking Daniel to do something so dangerous. Finn tries to convince Sean one last time to join him for the heist. If Sean accepts, Cassidy becomes angry at both of them and leaves the house. Sean, Finn and Daniel then break into the living room. If Sean refuses, Daniel will express his frustration at Sean for spending too much time with Cassidy, and can potentially hurt her with his power. He then will angrily use his power to break the lock of the door leading to the living room. Finn and Daniel then go inside and Sean and Cassidy go behind them to stop them. The group gets caught by Merrill, who is carrying a shotgun and threatens them holding them with a gunpoint. If Sean didn't sabotage the cars at the parking lot, Big Joe arrives at the scene and brings Cassidy with him if she left earlier. Merril tells the group to get on their knees. Finn refuses and tries to talk his way out of it, which angers Merrill and prompts him to hit him in the gut with the back of his shotgun or to Big Joe to shoot him in the leg if he's present at the scene. Merrill then tells them that even if they are young and can learn from mistakes, they need a lesson, and approaches a badly hurt Finn. A distraught Daniel looks at Sean expectantly for approval to use his power to defend Finn.

Use Daniel's power
Sean tells Daniel to use his power and Daniel does so, quickly throwing Merrill's shotgun out of his hands. Merrill reacts by pulling off a back up gun, but Sean takes advantage of the brief moment of confusion and tackles him to the ground. Merrill head butts Sean and manages to get Sean off of him. Merrill then reaches for his gun and shoots, hitting Daniel on his right shoulder.

Do nothing

Sean tells Daniel to not move and Finn will try to convince Merrill that he will make up for his mistake. Depending on the brothers' relationship, Daniel can either obey or ignore Sean's order.

Daniel obeys
If Daniel obeys, he will remain still as Sean requested, then Merrill proceeds to shoot Finn dead, much to Daniel's shock. Sean tries to comfort him, but Daniel pushes Sean against the wall and blames him for what happened.

Daniel doesn't obey
If Daniel disobeys Sean's order, then he will use his power to throw Merrill's shotgun out of his hands. Merrill reacts by pulling off a back up gun, but Sean takes advantage of the brief moment of confusion and tackles him to the ground. Merrill head butts Sean and manages to get Sean off of him. Merrill then reaches for his gun and shoots, hitting Daniel on his right shoulder.


After accepting the plan, Finn expresses his happiness and asks Sean if he'd be willing to stay with the group after they're done. If Finn and Sean have a high relationship, he goes on to admit to Sean that he feels a strong connection with him. If Sean says he feels the same way, they share a kiss. After promising to get him once ready, Sean thinks to himself that he was glad he kissed Finn and "kind of [wants] to do it again".

Afterwards, Sean is able to say his goodbyes to the rest of the drifters. He eventually meets up with Cassidy and can take up her offer of a tattoo to remember her by. Sean can then speak to Daniel to begin the heist or head down to the lake with Cassidy and choose to join her in skinny-dipping. If he does go skinny-dipping, Sean attempts to go in just his underwear before Cassidy tells him to take it all off, to which he complies. As they swim, Cassidy asks Sean what he thinks about Finn's plan, to which he can either lie or tell her the truth, the latter of which causes her to become angry and leave.

If he lies, Cassidy then brings up Finn's liking towards Sean. If Sean has a low relationship with Cassidy, Sean can either tell him they're just friends, admit that they kissed (if they did), to which Cassidy enthusiastically supports him, or admit that he likes her, which she plays off. If Sean has a high relationship with Cassidy, he has the option of admitting his feelings towards her and sharing a kiss in the lake.

Once back at the party, Finn appears and asks Sean about their plan, causing Cassidy to become angry at both of them and leave. The two along with Daniel then head down to the parking lot and steal a car to get to Merrill's house. Once they arrive, they search for a way to break in, and eventually, they make it. Depending on whether they got spotted by the security cameras or not, or if they were sneaky enough, they potentially accomplish to open Merrill's safe, and Sean has the option to take the gun inside it. Regardless of the outcome, the group gets caught by Merrill, who is carrying a shotgun and threatens them holding them with a gunpoint. If Sean didn't sabotage the cars at the parking lot, Big Joe will arrive at the scene. Merril tells the group to get on their knees.


Sean obeys the order and tells Daniel to do the same, but Finn refuses and tries to talk his way out of it, which angers Merrill and prompts him to hit him in the gut with the back of his shotgun or to Big Joe to shoot him in the leg if he's present at the scene. Merrill then tells them that even if they are young and can learn from mistakes, they need a lesson, and approaches a badly hurt Finn. A distraught Daniel looks at Sean expectantly for approval to use his power to defend Finn.

Use Daniel's power
Sean tells Daniel to use his power and Daniel does so, quickly throwing Merrill's shotgun out of his hands. Merrill reacts by pulling off a back up gun, but Sean takes advantage of the brief moment of confusion and tackles him to the ground. Merrill headbutts Sean and manages to get Sean off of him. Merrill then reaches for his gun and shoots, hitting Daniel on his right shoulder.

Do nothing

Sean tells Daniel to not move and Finn will try to convince Merrill that he will make up for his mistake. Depending on the brother's relationship, Daniel can either obey or ignore Sean's order.

Daniel obeys
If Daniel obeys, he will remain still as Sean requested, then Merrill proceeds to shoot Finn dead, much to Daniel's shock. Sean tries to comfort him, but Daniel pushes Sean against the wall and blames him for what happened.

Daniel doesn't obey
If Daniel disobeys Sean's order, then he will use his power to throw Merrill's shotgun out of his hands. Merrill reacts by pulling off a back up gun, but Sean takes advantage of the brief moment of confusion and tackles him to the ground. Merrill head butts Sean and manages to get Sean off of him. Merrill then reaches for his gun and shoots, hitting Daniel on his right shoulder.

Use gun
Sean shoots Merrill with the gun he took from his safe. Merrill falls to the floor and shoots his shotgun in retaliation, shooting Finn dead, much to Daniel's shock. Sean tries to comfort him, but Daniel pushes Sean against the wall.

Sean Discuss

Sean will tell Merrill to calm down and will try to convince him that they can still talk it out. Merrill hits Sean on the face with the back of his shotgun and insists again for them to get on their knees. Finn refuses and tries to talk his way out of it, which angers Merrill and prompts him to hit him in the gut with the back of his shotgun. He then tells them that even if they are young and can learn from mistakes, they need a lesson, and approaches a badly hurt Finn. A distraught Daniel looks at Sean expectantly for approval to use his power to defend Finn.

Use Daniel's power
Sean tells Daniel to use his power and Daniel does so, quickly throwing Merrill's shotgun out of his hands. Merrill reacts by pulling off a back up gun, but Sean takes advantage of the brief moment of confusion and tackles him to the ground. Merrill head butts Sean and manages to get Sean off of him. Merrill then reaches for his gun and shoots, hitting Daniel on his right shoulder.

Do nothing

Sean tells Daniel to not move and Finn will try to convince Merrill that he will make up for his mistake. Depending on the brothers' relationship, Daniel can either obey or ignore Sean's order.

Daniel obeys
If Daniel obeys, he will remain still as Sean requested, then Merrill proceeds to shoot Finn dead, much to Daniel's shock. Sean tries to comfort him, but Daniel pushes Sean against the wall and blames him for what happened.

Daniel doesn't obey
If Daniel disobeys Sean's order, then he will use his power to throw Merrill's shotgun out of his hands. Merrill reacts by pulling off a back up gun, but Sean takes advantage of the brief moment of confusion and tackles him to the ground. Merrill head butts Sean and manages to get Sean off of him. Merrill then reaches for his gun and shoots, hitting Daniel on his right shoulder.

Use gun
Sean shoots Merrill with the gun he took from his safe. Merrill falls to the floor and fires his shotgun in retaliation, shooting Finn dead, much to Daniel's shock. Sean tries to comfort him, but Daniel pushes Sean against the wall.

Use gun
Sean shoots Merrill with the gun he took from his safe. Merrill falls to the floor and fires his shotgun in retaliation, shooting Finn dead, much to Daniel's shock. Sean tries to comfort him, but Daniel pushes Sean against the wall.

Daniel then lashes out, losing control of his powers. He destroys the room, knocking out everyone present at the scene. The next morning, Sean is still unconscious; shattered glass is all over him, one shard penetrating his left eye. Daniel is gone and a trail of money is visible.

Episode Four - "Faith"[]

Sean was found by police and was admitted into Sacred Hope Hospital, where he was in a coma and was left permanently half-blind as a result of the glass shard hitting his eye before regaining consciousness a few weeks later. During his time in the hospital while held under police surveillance, Sean received letters from Claire and Stephen, Chris, and Cassidy, befriended a nurse named Joey Peterson, struggles to draw with only one eye, and was frequently visited by FBI Agent Maria Elena Flores, who plans to take Sean to Jolena Shore the next day. In his notebook, Sean finds out that Daniel is in Haven Point and plans to escape.

He escapes his room by either convincing Joey to help, knock out Joey if he failed to convince him, knock out the guard, or escape through the window. After reclaiming his things and stealing some medical supplies, he climbs down some scaffolds where he sees Finn (with the option of saying goodbye) or Merrill in one of the rooms. While searching the parking lot, he finds a car that's not locked and uses it to travel to Haven Point. After driving for miles, he stops in the desert to rest. He then has a dream where he finds himself driving down the road with Esteban, who calls Lyla with Daniel also being on the phone with her. He is then woken up by Chad Michaels and Mike Wilson, who are unhappy with him for trespassing on their lands. After being forced out by Chad, who threatens to call the police. Chad raids his things and finds Daniel's toy, who will break it if Sean tries to retrieve it. If Chad asks Sean to sing a song in Spanish, he can do so or refuse. If he does, he will be allowed to leave without a fight. If he refuses, Chad will beat him up until Mike stops him and help Sean escape due to a storm in the distance. Sean then expresses frustration while fleeing.

The next morning, Sean abandons the stolen car after it runs out of gas and has to walk to Haven Point. If he wanders too far from the road, he will come across a rattlesnake. After stopping to rest under a billboard, a truck comes by and stops a few meters ahead. If Sean opens the door, the trucker, Anton Oates, offers a lift. Sean can accept or refuse. If he refuses, he continues to walk to Haven Point. If he accepts, he will befriend Anton, who will share a snack as he takes Sean to Haven Point.

Arriving at Haven Point, Sean goes to the Universal Uprising Church where he meets Sarah Lee Hackerman and her father, Robert Hackerman. While in the church, he has the option of donating money for the church and freshening up in the bathroom. He tries to enter the main room through the double doors but instead decides to try the balcony so to not draw too much attention. After listening to Lisbeth Fischer's speech and watching Daniel show off his powers in front of the audience. Sarah Lee comes across Sean and, after realizing who he is, reveals that she is friends with Daniel. Sean reunites with Daniel, but their reunion is cut short when Daniel reveals that he decides to stay and help Lisbeth, who has sinister plans for him. After trying to forcefully leave with Daniel, he is thrown out by Nicholas, Lisbeth's altar boy, who threatens to harm him should he try to meddle with Lisbeth's business. When Sean protests, Karen shows up and stops him, as protesting won't help rescue Daniel. She then takes Sean to the Sand Snake Motel. After showering, he calls Jacob, who arranges a meeting tomorrow. Karen returns and the two start a conversation, leading Sean, who is very upset and still reluctant to trust and forgive Karen after abandoning him and his family, to step outside. Karen follows and resumes their conversation.

The next day, Sean and Karen head to the place where Jacob told them to meet him. They then get into a rough conversation that leads Sean to scold Jacob for what had happened to Daniel. The two then sneak into Lisbeth's house (with the option of talking to the people along the way), where they find out about Lisbeth's scheme and backstory. Karen alerts Sean that Nicholas is coming, either suspicious (if Sean spoke to or alerted the people near the church or didn't take precaution to hide their tracks) or unaware of them. Sean can also accept Karen's plan to distract him. If Sean doesn't hide in time, Nicholas will catch him and Jacob. If he does, Nicholas will be unaware of him unless he is suspicious, which will lead him to find Sean unless he accepted Karen's plan, which will lure him away.

Sean storms the church, either with Karen or being dragged inside by Nicholas if he caught Sean. He and Karen try to reason with Daniel while Nicholas tries to shut Sean up by ruthlessly beating him up. When Nicholas attempts to shoot Sean on Lisbeth's orders, Daniel finally comes to his senses and saves Sean. Due to a fire that they caused during the showdown, they try to escape but are stopped by Lisbeth, who wants to ensure that they die for ruining her business. Depending on Sean and Daniel's behavior, Sean may shoot Lisbeth with Nicholas's gun, convince Daniel to spare her when he attempts to strangle her, let Daniel snap her neck, or ask Daniel to forcefully move her. They escape the church and watch as it burns down, with Nicholas and Lisbeth (if she's still alive) following them. After saying goodbye to Jacob and Sarah Lee, Sean, Daniel, and Karen continue their journey.

Episode Five - "Wolves"[]

Sometime prior to the episode, Karen had taken Sean and Daniel to Away, a hermit town located in the red desert in Arizona. After staying there for seven weeks, Sean and Daniel have a camp out in a canyon near Away. After waking up and howling at the sun, the two talk about the incidents that they caused in the past, including the showdown against Lisbeth. Sean then proceeds to tell Daniel a story that reflects their journey only for Daniel to interrupt in the middle. Sean can let Daniel tell the story or tell it himself. Once they finish, Sean packs up the things they brought with them and has Daniel move the faraway objects closer. Once he is done packing, he sees Daniel playing with a scorpion and can either tell him to stop or convince him that it is wrong. The two then hike back to Away. After Sean climbs down a high ledge, he can help Daniel, who will climb down on his own if his morality is low. Finding some rocks blocking the way, Sean has Daniel move them.

Returning to Away, Daniel goes to see Joan while Sean drops off his backpack at Karen's trailer and learns that Karen left to buy supplies and tells this to Daniel. He also has the option of exploring the town and discussing things with Daniel through his radio. He must visit Arthur and Stanley Petersen, where he returns them the telescope he borrowed from them as they begin a conversation regarding their past. He must also visit Joan Marcus and Daniel, where he can choose to help them build a large sculpture using Daniel's powers and can either follow the design of a small model or let Daniel build it his way. Once Sean finishes doing both tasks, Daniel asks Sean to play a treasure hunt game, in which he can either accept or decline. If he accepts, Daniel will give Sean hints via radio on the whereabouts of the clues he hid and the treasure's location. Sean can also choose to give up should he choose to. If Sean finds the treasure before Karen returns, he and Daniel will perform a victory dance. Once Karen returns with David Madsen, Sean starts a conversation with him before helping Karen load her supplies into her trailer. Later that night, Sean, Daniel, and Karen return to the canyon, where they make sky lanterns and watch Daniel move them around. Karen reveals that the police are closing in on Away due to the incident in Haven Point. Sean decides to leave the next day.

The next morning, after speaking to Karen during breakfast, Sean is sent to find David as Karen goes to tune up her car. Sean has the option of leaving a note for Karen and saying goodbye to Arthur, Stanley, and Joan, who will give Sean a wolf ornament. After finding David, he asks Sean to get the police scanner inside his trailer. Sean also has the option of exploring the trailer. Once the device is tuned to the right channel, David shows Sean the safest route that leads to the Mexican Border. He and Sean have another conversation regarding David's past life in Arcadia Bay (which varies depending on whether Chloe or Arcadia Bay was sacrificed in the last series). Once Sean is ready to leave, he can choose to hug Karen before doing so. As the brothers are driving to the Mexican border in Karen's truck, Sean talks about what he will do once they reach Puerto Lobos.

Upon reaching the wall, Sean has Daniel pry open a hole, which tires him out. As they head back to the truck, they are attacked by Madison and her father Luke Wright, who hunt down illegal immigrants. Daniel is shot while Sean is pinned to the ground by Madison. As the Border Police arrives, the brothers and vigilantes are all arrested. Sean wakes up in a cell in the El Rey Police Department. In his cell are Diego Morales and his pregnant wife, Carla Morales, while the vigilantes are in the cell next to theirs. As he speaks with the couple in Spanish, Diego soon gets into an argument with Madison, which Sean can choose to stop or not intervene. Officer Patrick Campbell arrives and, after telling Sean that Daniel is alright, takes him to an interrogation room. After Campbell temporally leaves, Sean can optionally try to free himself, with no success. Campbell returns and while he is interrogating Sean, the lights begin flickering and despite Sean's warnings, knowing that this is Daniel's doing, Campbell goes to see what's going on and is knocked out when Daniel forces the door open. After Sean is freed, he stops to check Campbell, with Daniel reacting with or with no care depending on his morality. Sean also has the option of asking Daniel to free the Morales and vigilantes or get revenge on the vigilantes for what they did to Daniel. If Daniel's morality is high, he will free the vigilantes or will not hurt them. If his morality is low, he will not free them or will attack them. Entering an office, Sean is confronted by two police officers and can ask Daniel to distract them with a mug and chair, break a fire extinguisher, knock them out with a locker, trap them in a closet, or attack them directly. If they get too close, Daniel will be forced to intervene. Reaching the exit, Daniel breaks it down and they escape in Karen's truck.

Reaching the gate leading to Mexico, they find themselves facing a police blockade in front and behind them, with Flores trying to convince the brothers to surrender. Sean is left with a decision whether to give up and face the police for a crime he did not commit, or get Daniel to use his power and finally escape the long journey.


Sean chooses to turn himself, having raised Daniel with high morals, they both agree that the journey should end; Sean tearfully says goodbye to Daniel before they exit Karen's car and are arrested by the police.

After being driven away by separate police cars, Sean is incarcerated and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Daniel is invited into the Reynold's household and lives his life carefree alongside Chris and even continues to use his power to help others. Daniel is shown visiting Sean at least on his birthday in 2018, and Sean draws a comic based on Daniel having rescued a bus that nearly crashed in a lake.

After Sean's sentence passes, Sean is released visibly depressed as Karen, Daniel, and (depending on his past choices) Lyla embrace him. An unknown amount of time later, Sean and Daniel revisit Mount Rainier National Park, where Daniel tells him a story before comforting Sean as he breaks down. Afterwards, Sean and Daniel hug before parting ways in separate cars. Both of which are shown to be visibly upset.

Lone Wolf

Sean chooses to turn himself in, however, due to his immoral influence on Daniel, Daniel refuses to let Sean surrender, having made it so far. He locks Sean's door and uses his powers to throw aside everything in their way while the police open fire on them. Once they reach the other side of the border, Daniel realises that Sean was shot in the neck and killed.

Daniel resides a life of crime in Puerto Lobos, taking advantage of his power to steal money. All the while, he continues to mourn Sean, thanking him for getting him where he is. Six years later, Daniel visits Sean's memorial on the beach of Puerto Lobos, using his sketchbook and wearing his band.

Parting Ways

Sean refuses to give up after all the lengths he went to reach his destination, however, due to his moral influence on his younger brother, Daniel simply refuses to use his power to harm the police. After driving forward, Daniel is forced to use his abilities to toss the police aside as they open fire on the vehicle. Before destroying the gate for Sean to escape, Daniel tells Sean to leave without him and jumps out of the car despite his protests.

Sean reaches Puerto Lobos and Daniel is taken in by the Reynolds, living under almost the same circumstances as the Redemption ending, except he's tracked by authorities, because his powers were exposed and he can't see Sean at all.

Six years later, an older Daniel living with his grandparents and wearing what appears to be an ankle monitor receives a letter from Sean, containing a photo of the beach, a selfie which may contain Cassidy or Finn alongside him depending on his past choices, and a handful of sand.

Blood Brothers

Sean refuses to give up after all the lengths he went to reach his destination. Daniel agrees and walks out of the vehicle to properly get rid of the opposing police force and destroy the border gate, all while Sean watches the whole scene.

After reaching Puerto Lobos, Sean and Daniel start a new life together and restore an abandoned building to become a repair shop, which it is implied that they funded by the looting of a local gang den.

Six years later, Sean is threatened by Tyler and his friends before Daniel quickly blasts Tyler's friends away and tortures Tyler himself for a moment before releasing him, successfully scaring the group off. After placing Tyler's gun in a money-filled safe, Sean and Daniel sit outside on the porch, drink beer and look over the beach together.


  • Sketchbook: As a practicing artist, Sean owns a sketchbook that was given to him by Esteban prior to his death. Sean uses the sketchbook to record his experiences prior to and during the events of Life is Strange 2 in the form of sketches, notes, and diary entries, some of which change depending on his choices
  • Backpack: Prior to the events of the game, Sean owned a school bag which he used to store his items. During Episode 1, the backpack was used in combination with his pockets to make up his inventory, which contains various objects and supplies he can gather along his journey. At the beach by Three Seals Motel, Sean obtains a large hiking backpack from Brody as a goodbye gift. Sean decides to use this backpack from then on and passes on his old schoolbag to Daniel.
  • Phone: Prior to and during Episode 1, Sean has a cellphone which he uses to send text messages to his friends and acquaintances. The phone's battery eventually dies following his escape from Seattle, and Sean later recharges it using an outlet at Three Seals Motel. After going out onto the balcony and having an optional conversation with Lyla, and watching an old home video, Sean hurls the phone into the ocean to avoid being tracked.
  • Computer: Within his room, Sean has a laptop which he uses in Episode 1 to access social media pages, a piracy website, and a ViewTube video. Following his escape from Seattle with Daniel, the current state and location of the laptop are unknown.
  • Traveling Map: After fleeing his home with Daniel, Sean obtains a partial map of the United States which he uses to track his and Daniel's progress towards Puerto Lobos.
  • Souvenirs: Throughout his journey, Sean can come across many small objects that he can collect and keep in his backpack. Discovering a collectible earns the player an achievement.


  • Car Hotwiring: Sean is shown to be capable of hotwiring vehicles, having learned this from his father. He first used this ability to steal Big Joe's pickup truck with Daniel and Finn or with Cassidy while heading to Merrill's farm. He later does this again to steal a car belonging to one of the employees of the Scared Hope Hospital to travel to Haven Point.


Animal Symbolism[]

Sean Consequences Flipbook - Frame01

Sean is heavily associated with the wolf, which is depicted on his favorite, most-worn hoodie. Though none physically appear, wolves are referenced several times throughout the first three episodes of Life is Strange 2. Following the making of any decision with consequences, an animation depicting a large and a small wolf running together is played in the bottom right corner, the opacity of either wolf changing depending on whether the said decision will impact Sean, Daniel, or both. In addition, the brothers refer to themselves as wolves and enjoy howling together like the animal.

As a spirit animal, the wolf symbolizes raw emotion, a deep connection with one's instincts, and an appetite for freedom, as well as feelings of vulnerability and danger. [4]

Associated Deaths[]

  • Lisbeth Fischer (Direct, Determinant) - Sean can shoot Lisbeth for manipulating Daniel and hurting them both or to force her to get out of the way of the church’s doors. If Daniel is intent on killing her and doesn't trust Sean, Sean may kill her himself to prevent Daniel from becoming a murderer.



  • Esteban Diaz (father, deceased) - Sean loves his father and has a high respect for him. Before his father was killed Sean had moments where he would be considered childish. Example would be, in the flashback in the start of Episode 3: Wastelands, Sean was upset at Daniel and Sean feels Daniel always has their way. So, Sean kicked a book when he went into his room when him and his dad were about to have a talk. Understandable that Sean would be frustrated. Regardless, Esteban does understand where Sean is coming from but, also knows Sean needs to be a brother to Daniel sometimes even though he is a teenager. Sean does understand where his dad is coming from and can be frustrated. Usually after he has a talk with his dad he will cool down afterwards. Sean and Esteban share a close and respected relationship. They love each other no doubt. Another part is Sean's regrets. In Episode 4: Faith, Sean has a dream about his father on a road trip. It was a normal father and son bond dream. However, Sean will eventually confess how he wishes he told his father how much he loved him. In the dream, Esteban says he knows, you showed me in your own way. Esteban has always been proud of Sean and has told Sean this in the flashback of Episode 3: Wastelands.
  • Daniel Diaz (brother) - Even though their relationship varies depending on player choices, Sean is very protective over his younger brother. Before the Seattle incident they are shown to have a typical brother relationship; Daniel looks up to his older brother, and even if Sean cares about his sibling, he seemed to be easily annoyed by his antics and is shown to ignore him sometimes in favor of his friends, which prompts in Daniel feelings of being displaced. As the age difference is big, they seemed to spend less time together compared to when they were younger. After the death of their father, Sean takes his brother on the run from the police for fear of being separated, and is forced into being his primary caregiver and mentor, as he's the only person Daniel has left. While on the run, Sean takes the role of a father figure to his brother and is Daniel's main source of education, either teaching him by his actions to try following the rules of society even in a situation like theirs, or to do whatever it takes to survive as his and his brother's well being comes first, depending on player's choices. Daniel's values and willingness to trust Sean varies greatly depending on player choice. Sean also tries to teach Daniel rules for the use of his power, but this proves difficult as Daniel gains more control over his powers and becomes more independent. (See here for more information on their relationship.)
  • Karen Reynolds (mother) - When Sean was approximately eight years old, Karen cut off contact with her family and left them behind, leaving him to develop bitterness and anger towards her for leaving Esteban to raise them on his own. This resentment towards her is evident by various comments Sean makes about her during the game and how he doesn't even considers reaching out to her from the beginning, favoring trying to cross the border to Mexico rather than attempt to seek her out for help. Even after seeing her letter at the Reynolds' house where she expresses concern over them, Sean distrusts Karen and will always refuse Daniel's proposals to contact her. He can cite her as "one of the reasons [they're] out [there]" in Episode 3. Sean meets Karen for the first time in years in Episode 4, where she came to Haven Point from Arizona to try to get Daniel out of the cult after Jacob warned her that her son could be in danger. Depending on player choice, Sean can listen to her reasons for leaving and try to reconcile with her, at least temporarily to get Daniel out of the church. In Episode 5, they seem to be in good terms again and Sean shows gratitude towards Karen for letting them stay with her, but whether or not Sean tries to mend the relationship definitely or if he keeps his distance depends on player choice. Karen expresses regret for the pain she caused her family when she left, and tries to make amends giving herself up to the police for the events at Heaven Point in order to give the brothers and advantage when they depart to the border. In the Redemption ending, she's one of the people waiting for Sean when he gets out of jail.
  • Claire Reynolds (maternal grandmother) - Sean and his grandmother hadn't seen each other since Karen left eight years ago. Even though he shows reluctance to reach his grandparents for help during the first episode, he decides he has no other choice after Daniel falls sick and they're in the need to seek shelter. Sean seems to remember Claire as an strict woman who doesn't like people breaking the order of her house. Once the brothers reach their grandparents house, despite her initial reluctance, she and her husband decide to take the brothers in, in condition that they follow a strict set of rules. Despite developing a good relationship with Claire during the episode, Sean felt trapped and downtrodden by her rules, as he expresses when he lashes out at her when she catches him in Karen's room. Despite this, they quickly make amends when the police show up at the door. Claire shows her willingness to protect the brothers distracting the police, and expresses regret for the brothers not being able to stay.
  • Stephen Reynolds (maternal grandfather) - Sean seemed to have a better relationship with Stephen than with Claire before they stopped seeing each other after Karen left. Sean tells Daniel that "[Stephen] is super cool". When the brothers reach the Reynolds' house seeking refuge, Stephen seems more willing to take them in than Claire, and is the one who takes the initiative to let them stay. He seems to be more lenient with the rules of the house than his wife. At some point during the brothers' stay, he seems to notice Daniel's power and asks Sean about it, to which Sean can tell him the truth. At the end of the episode, he and his wife shows their willingness to protect the brothers distracting the police, and expresses regret for the brothers not being able to stay.


  • Lyla Park (best friend) - Lyla is Sean's best friend of several years, with whom he shares a very close relationship. They enjoy spending time together and hang out regularly. Certain details and dialogues during the game suggest that it's her the one that prompts Sean to go out and have fun, in contrast with his passive and demure personality. During Episode 1, Lyla expresses her worries about their graduation and the possibility of them eventually driving apart and their friendship ending, and she will be happy if Sean tells her that they will stay best friends forever. If Sean jokes about their friendship being a no-go due to ethnic differences, Lyla says she loves him anyway. She later helps him get ready for the party by writing up a list of items and reassuring him that everything will go well. After Sean and Daniel are forced to go on the run, Lyla is shown to be very concerned, sending various text messages to Sean begging him to contact her. Sean has the possibility to call Lyla twice during the game. In the first call, Lyla asks Sean to come back to Seattle, expressing her support for him and showing no doubt of her friend's innocence. In the second call, Lyla reveals that the police has interrogated her about the previous call, and that she lied to them in order to protect Sean. They express their mutual love and how they miss each other. If Sean didn't call Lyla in the first episode, then during the second call he'll talk with her mom instead, who tells him Lyla has been admitted to an hospital due to an anxiety crisis because of her concern for Sean's situation. In Episode 2, it can be seen that Lyla has been defending Sean from death threats and aggressive comments left on his social media profile. Sean expresses how much he misses his friend multiple times during the game, and can also tell Cassidy that his friendship with Lyla is one of the things he misses the most about his old life. If Sean kept contact with her during the game, Lyla can be seen in the Redemption ending waiting for Sean's release from jail fifteen years later. She expresses shock when she sees him getting out, and greets him with an affectionate hug, possibly being the first time they see each other in years.
  • Mushroom (pet, deceased) - Sean wasn't initially keen on keeping Mushroom when Daniel kept her since she was a stray dog. But he eventually caved in when he was reassured that they rescued her.
  • Ellery Winchell - Ellery is one of Sean's oldest friends, having used to play with robot toys together when they were kids. They share mutual interests in reading and track running. After Sean runs away from Seattle, Ellery texts Sean asking him to "let [him] know if [he's] around" and pleading him to come back.
  • Adam Barnes - Adam is a mutual friend of Sean, Lyla, and Ellery, and used to hold regular gaming sessions with them. After Sean runs away from Seattle, Adam is the only one of Sean's regular contacts to not attempt to contact him via text.
  • Eric - Eric is a mutual friend of Sean and Lyla, who hosted a Halloween party that took place on October 28, 2016. Once Sean runs away from Seattle, Eric contacts him, telling him that people have been saying "crazy shit" that he refuses to believe. He asks for Sean to reply back with what's happening, then tells him to take care.
  • Brody Holloway - Brody is a traveling journalist Sean meets during Episode 1. At first Sean is wary of him, expressing how Brody "seems like a weirdo". Nevertheless he quickly warms up to him when Brody helps him and Daniel escape from Hank Stamper after his capture at the gas station. During a brief stop at Oregon's coast, Brody reveals to Sean that he knows about the incident in Seattle. Brody is the first person to whom Sean opens up about his father's death and his insecurities about being able to take care of Daniel. Brody tries to comfort him and tells him that what happened in Seattle wasn't his fault and that what he needs to take care of Daniel, as what "[he] and [his] brother have is the most important thing". He advises Sean to tell Daniel what happened in Seattle, as he will eventually will find out anyway and it would be best if he hears it from his own brother, and reassures him on his goal to reach Mexico. He drives the brothers to a motel and pays them a room. He expresses his wish to stay with them despite having his own issues to deal with in Utah. Before parting ways, he advises Sean to throw away his cellphone, as it can be tracked, and tells the brothers to keep contact with him via his blog. He gifts Sean a new backpack, which he wears for the rest of the game, and a bandana to Daniel. Sean can check Brody's blog during Episode 2 an Episode 5. During the course of the game, both Sean and Daniel express their wish for Brody to be with them and how much they miss him.
  • Chris Eriksen - Sean was chosen by Chris as an Honorary member of the Spirit Squad, and can be called Silver Runner, El Diaz Loco, or Professor D depending on his choice. Sean also has the option to have an open conversation with Chris about his relationship with his father if he gets all the Captain Spirit heroes and villains correct.
  • Charles Eriksen - Sean and Charles have a conversation in the latter's truck upon returning from the Christmas Market. Depending on previous choices, Sean can talk to Charles about his drinking problems and tell him to seek help or to get himself together. Charles then thanks Sean for being honest with him. If Sean doesn't speak to Charles about his drinking problems, the conversation ends in relatively neutral terms.
  • Cassidy - Cassidy is a drifter and street musician that Sean meets at the Christmas market in Episode 2. They quickly become acquainted and she tells him about her job at a marijuana farm in California with a group of friends, and how they travel hopping on trains. Sean takes inspiration from her and adopts the same method of travel at the end of the episode. At some point between the second and third episodes, Sean and Daniel encounter her again along with her friends, and they invite the brothers to work at the farm. They start living with the group at a camp close to the farm. During his time there, Sean and Cassidy become closer and spend time together, which makes Daniel jealous. At some point, Sean starts teaching Spanish to Cassidy. According to his diary, Sean admires her carefree attitude and musical talent. By Episode 3, Cassidy is one of the people from her group closest to Sean along with Finn. If Sean has a good relationship with Cassidy during the episode, she can potentially tell him about her past. She witnesses Daniel's power during an incident at Merrill's house and promises to keep it a secret at Sean's request. At the late-night party at the campgrounds, she offers Sean to make him a tattoo and can tell him the history behind hers'. She then invites him for a midnight swim at the lake. If Sean tells her that he kissed Finn she enthusiastically supports him. If Sean rejected joining Finn's heist, Cassidy offers her help to follow Finn and Daniel to Merrill's house in order to stop them. In Episode 4, if Sean rejected Finn's plan, Cassidy sends him a friendly letter, wishing him to get better and telling him she would like to see him again someday.
  • Finn McNamara - Finn is a drifter Sean encounters for the first time at the Christmas market in Episode 2. They meet again at some point during the second and third episodes, and he offers Sean to work at the pot farm he works on along with a group of friends, for which Sean is greatly grateful. Sean and his brother start living in a camp close to the farm along with the rest of the group. During his time there, Sean and Finn become close. According to Sean's diary, they hang out often, and Sean calls him "the sweetest guy [he's] ever met.". By Episode 3, Finn is one of the people from his group closest to Sean along with Cassidy. He tries to teach Sean to throw knives, and can potentially tell him about his past. Finn witnesses Daniel's power during an incident at Merrill's house, and promises to keep it a secret at Sean's request, but proposes a plan to steal from Merrill's safe with the help of Daniel's abilities. If Sean accepts, then the three of them will carry out the plan, but eventually, they get caught. If Finn survived the events of Episode 3, Sean will encounter him again in the next episode during his escape from the hospital. Finn apologizes to Sean for what happened at Merrill's house and admits that his plan was a mistake. Sean has the option to forgive him, and they part on good terms.
  • Penny - Sean first joins Penny when the latter is talking with Ingrid about the danger of the marijuana farm as it is close to being shut down due to it being illegal. If Sean finds one of Penny's posters in his tent, he has the option to talk with him about Jinx. Penny then reveals that he carries it around while looking for his friend.
  • Hannah Reyome - Hannah was initially wary of Sean as a newcomer to the group, assuming him to be the type of person who dislikes work and longs for the luxuries of their old life. She can tell Sean that she's "met way too many (...) selfish prick(s)", indicating that her dislike of Sean is rooted in past experience. If Sean proves his group work ethic by aiding Hannah in peeling potatoes, she opens up to him about her life more during their optional conversation; if he didn't, she opts to give him shorter, clipped answers instead. During their going-away party, Hannah can tell him that he fit in good and she "almost [liked him]".
  • Jacob Hackerman - Sean and Jacob are good friends. While working together on the pot farm with the community drifters, they appear to get along well with each other and have conversations together. Jacob helps Sean on his mission to rescue Daniel from the cult in his hometown at Haven Point, Nevada. Jacob also confides in Sean about his sexuality, and how he struggled to accept himself for a few years as did his family and community, whilst Sean expresses his sympathy and listens to his friend about what he had gone through. During their mission, they are also shown to work well together as a team.
  • Ingrid - Ingrid is a fellow worker on Merrill's farm. The two discuss their future plans with Penny near the beginning of Episode 3. Although they don't spend much time together, they do work together while trimming weed buds. Sean can also briefly speak with Ingrid at his farewell party, where she tells him that he is free to take any of the items next to her tent.
  • Anders - Anders is another worker on Merrill's farm. Sean has very few interactions with him throughout Episode 3. The two can talk alongside Penny during Sean and Daniel's farewell party. When Sean says he doesn't want to get drunk, Anders will say he will party twice as hard for him, showing a small level of respect between the two.
  • Joey Peterson - Joey is a nurse who takes care of Sean during his time at Sacred Hope Hospital. The two become friends and Sean mentions Joey is the only one he feels he can trust. During Sean's final day in the hospital, Joey remarks that he thinks Sean is a good guy. Later, Sean has the option to call upon Joey to help him escape. Depending on Sean's choices, he can either persuade Joey to distract the guard or, if Joey is not persuaded, Sean can knock him out.
  • Joan Marcus - Joan is one of the residents of Away whom Sean and Daniel met when their mom brought them there. She can ask Sean for help when building a sculpture via Daniel's powers.
  • David Madsen - During the brothers’ stay in Arizona, David and Sean befriend each other. He gives advice on whether Sean should surrender to the police or cross the border going to Mexico. They then have warm talks about their past and how things have been going for them from this point.
  • Arthur Petersen - Arthur is a resident of Away who has been living with Stanley ever since. They allowed him to borrow their telescope when stargazing in the canyon and can even talk about how Becky is the real astronomer of their family.
  • Stanley Petersen - Stanley is a resident of Away who has been living with Arthur ever since. They allowed him to borrow their telescope when stargazing in the canyon and can even talk about how Becky is the real astronomer of their family.
  • Diego Morales - He first meets Diego and his wife when they were imprisoned in the El Rey Police Station. He can intervene to stop Diego and Madison from arguing.
  • Carla Morales - He first meets Carla and her husband when they were imprisoned in the El Rey Police Station.


  • Jenn Murphy (love interest, formerly) - Jenn attended the same school as Sean in Seattle and the two began talking through their mutual friend Lyla Park. Jenn once helped Sean with his math homework and the two clearly displayed an interest in one another, especially on Sean's end. The two planned to meet up at Eric's party and Sean was hoping to ask her out. In the days following Esteban's death, Jenn messaged Sean to tell him she was not allowed to talk to him anymore due to him being a prime suspect in a homicide investigation. She told Sean that she was extremely sorry about his father and wished him well.
  • Finn McNamara (Determinant) - Finn appears to take a romantic interest in Sean, which he expresses and will act on depending on Sean's choices in Episode 3. Throughout the episode, Sean can show an interest in Finn on several occasions: Sean has the option of asking Finn about his background and family history, choosing to draw a sketch of Finn instead of Cassidy, agreeing to get a haircut from Finn and stating that Sean is interested in boys, and siding with Finn on his end-of-episode plan, the most important choice being supporting Finn in his heist. If Sean agrees to help Finn and talks to him at the late-night party at the campgrounds, Finn will tell him that he's glad they met and that he thinks they share a strong connection. Sean has the option of reciprocating Finn’s feelings and the two of them can share a kiss. In his journal, Sean mentions that Finn is "the sweetest guy [he's] ever met." If Finn survived the events of Episode 3, Sean will encounter him again in the next episode during his escape from the hospital. Finn apologizes to Sean for what happened at Merrill's house and admits that his plan was a mistake. Sean has the option to forgive him. If he does, Finn tells him that he loves him, and they say their final goodbyes.
  • Cassidy (Determinant) - Cassidy is a potential romantic interest for Sean in Episode 3. Sean seems to be interested in her since their first meeting at the Christmas market in Episode 2, as he admits to Charles during their talk in his car. Sean has the option to flirt with and show further interest in her during the course of the next episode: standing up for her after Big Joe hits her in the back of her head, agreeing with her about the dullness of the job at the farm, drawing her instead of Finn at the camp and telling her she's a good model to draw, complimenting her voice, and saying he's only interested in girls if he agrees to get a haircut. At the late-night party at the campgrounds, Cassidy expresses to Sean that she's bummed out that he and Daniel have to leave, and tells him about her desire to leave her work at the farm and go somewhere else, but that the rest of the group want to stay a while longer. Sean can potentially invite her to join him and his brother on their journey but she rejects the offer telling him that she's not made for that life. She then offers Sean to draw him a tattoo and invites him for a midnight swim at the lake. If he joins her, showed interest in her during the episode and rejected Finn's plan, or if he accepted it but lies to her about it, then Cassidy confesses her feelings for Sean, telling him that she likes him. If he reciprocates her feeling, then they both can share a kiss. If they kissed, and Sean rejected Finn's plan, then Cassidy will invite Sean to her tent to have sex. Once in the tent. Sean admits to her that he's a virgin, but she tells him that it doesn't matter. They then have a moment of intimacy. Once it's done, Sean is embarrassed for his poor performance and apologizes to her, but she reassures him and tells that it's normal for his first time and that he'll learn with experience. Once outside the tent, Sean learns that Finn took Daniel behind his back to carry out his plan. Cassidy offers him her help and they both head to Merrill's house in order to stop them. On their way there, Sean tells Cassidy he would like for their relationship to continue in the future. If Sean rejected Finn's plan in Episode 3, then Cassidy sends him a letter, wishing him to get better and hoping they'll meet again one day.


  • Brett Foster - After being taunted by Brett, Sean agrees with Lyla calling him an "asshole", saying that he is always true to himself. After Brett insults Daniel and Sean, the latter gets into a fight with him, ultimately resulting in Brett being knocked unconscious and Sean running away with Daniel.
  • Kindred Matthews - As his father’s killer, Sean hates Matthews and shows no sympathy for him while looking at a newspaper article about his death.
  • Hank Stamper - Sean first sees Hank in a picture at the gas station. Later, outside, Sean goes through a map of Washington with Daniel when Hank stops by. Sean tells Hank they are just camping and when Hank accuses them of shoplifting, Sean denies this and refuses to go inside the store with Hank. Regardless of what Sean does by talking or fighting, he will get socked in the stomach by Hank. Sean accuses Hank of kidnapping and tells him to let him go. Hank threatens to call ICE on Sean and says that the wall must be built to keep people like Sean out. After Sean escapes with the help of Daniel, Sean will either run away or beat up Hank for hurting him.
  • Nick (Determinant) Depending on Sean's choices, Nick can detest Sean in a variety of ways. If Sean chooses to let Daniel prank him, he will storm off in anger as the brothers laugh at him coated in snow. If Sean resists pranking Nick, he can go up and talk to him. Nick will immediately start to pitch his political views. If Sean doesn't agree with him, Nick will say there is no hope of getting through to him and refuses to talk to him.
  • Jonathan Merrill - His former boss when he worked in Humboldt County. He fired both Sean and Daniel when they caught the latter sneaking up in their office.
  • Big Joe - The henchman of Merrill who attempted to beat up his brother when they got fired. Can take part of in the final confrontation if Sean and Cassidy make too much noise and don't puncture the tires in one of his cars.
  • Finn McNamara (Determinant) - Even though they have a good relationship for most of Episode 3, Sean can show a certain degree of jealousy towards Finn for his relationship with Daniel. If Sean rejects Finn's plan to steal from Merrill's safe with the help of Daniel's power, then he will take Daniel behind Sean's back to carry out the plan regardless, which frustrates Sean greatly. He goes to Merrill's house along with Cassidy in order to stop him. Once they catch them, Sean angrily admonishes Finn for taking Daniel to do something so dangerous. Finn tries to convince Sean one last time to join him on the heist. If he refuses, he tries to take Daniel with him and tells Finn that "[they] are done". In Episode 4, when Sean is being interrogated by Agent Flores about what happened at Merrill's house, he has the option to blame Finn for the events. If Finn survived Episode 3, Sean encounters him again during his escape from the hospital. Finn apologizes to Sean for what happened at Merrill's house and admits that his plan was a mistake. Sean has the option to blame him for what happened and call him out for his selfishness, ending their friendship for good.
  • Chad Michaels - Sean meets Chad in the Nevada desert when he stops on his property to take a break from driving. Chad orders Sean to get out of the car and then begins to question him about his eye medicine, toys in his backpack and the hotwired car. Chad then emotionally abuses Sean by making racist accusations and forcing him to say things or even sing in Spanish. If Sean stands up to Chad and refuses to sing, Chad will physically assault Sean with multiple punches and kicks, although Mike intervenes and helps Sean escape.
  • Nicholas Durand - Sean is dragged out of the church by Nicholas after attempting to get Daniel to come with him. After getting Sean off the property, Nicholas pulls out a handgun and threatens to shoot Sean if he ever comes back. If Nicholas finds Sean in Lisbeth’s house, he beats him up and drags Sean to the church; otherwise, he enters the church a few moments later. Nicholas demands that Sean leaves and begins to physically abuse him with his fists and his pistol. Lisbeth orders Nicholas to shoot and kill Sean but Nicholas hesitates, allowing Daniel to use his power to push Nicholas away.
  • Lisbeth Fischer - Although Lisbeth appears somewhat welcoming to Sean when they first meet, she quickly tells Sean that she cannot allow a sinner like him into the community. The following day, Lisbeth insults Sean and orders Nicholas to shoot and kill him, showing her cruelty and murderous nature. After Nicholas is knocked unconscious and Daniel returns to Sean, Lisbeth blocks the only exit to the church while it continues to burn down. Depending on Sean's choices, Sean can murder Lisbeth with Nicholas' gun to get her away from the doors.
  • Madison - Sean questions who Madison and her father are when Daniel got shot by them at the border wall. They would continue arguing with one another when she insulted Diego and Carla in the El Rey Police Station. He has the option to either free the vigilantes, or take revenge, with the effect depending on Daniels morality.
  • Tyler (Determinant) - In the Blood Brothers ending, Tyler aims a gun at Sean for an unknown reason (likely due to their criminal lifestyles), and Daniel helps scare Tyler off.


  • Maria Elena Flores - Maria is the FBI Agent assigned to Sean’s case. She visited him on multiple occasions and promised to tell Sean about the leads they had on Daniel's whereabouts if he cooperated, only to reveal that the FBI made almost no progress. Additionally, it is hinted by Finn that Flores and the rest of the FBI were trying to get him to blame Sean for the heist so they could have a more convincing case against Sean for killing Kindred Matthews. Though initially hard on Sean, she shows concern over the brother's case and hopes they can resolve it.
  • Mike Wilson - Unlike his partner Chad Michaels, Mike was somewhat sympathetic towards Sean. Although he still showed some aggression when questioning why he was on their property, Mike will show disgust and intolerance upon seeing his partner forcing Sean to sing. If Sean refuses to sing, Mike will ultimately intervene and stop Chad, helping Sean escape. He will also tell Sean to "Forget this ever happened."
  • Patrick Campbell - Patrick shows sympathy towards Sean upon reading his file on what he experienced. Sean can either be dismissive or engaging during his interrogation. Patrick will act disapproving if Sean is dismissive during his interrogation. When Daniel busts through the door using his power, Sean will show concern over Patrick being knocked out.

Memorable Quotes[]

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"I'm no good at this! How about: "Yo Jenn, see you at the party, let me know if I should... bring... handcuffs"?"
— Sean to Lyla while walking home together in "Roads"
""Hey Jenn... Do you wanna... hang out sometime?" Not bad... Remember... don't be too thirsty..."
— Sean practicing in the mirror for the party in "Roads"
"Dude... We are the wolves."
— Sean to Daniel at Mount Rainier National Park in “Roads” (determinant)
"Wish I could go back to my town... Even if it was boring like that one... At least I'd have friends... family... a home... I used to bitch about it so much... Now I've got... nothing."
— Sean to Brody at Otter Point in "Roads" (determinant)
"My life feels like... Like that town down there... Wiped out. Destroyed. Empty. Like I have nothing..."
— Sean to Brody at Otter Point in "Roads" (determinant)
"Once upon a time... In a wild... wild world... there were two wolf brothers... living in their home lair with their papa wolf. They all lived happily together... but... but one day, hunters took their Dad away. Forever... So now the brothers were alone... and they had to find a new home... They started a journey through the great, big forest..."
— The beginning of Sean's story to Daniel during their bus ride in "Roads"
"Hey, man... You've been doing so great with your... well... you know. I was wondering... How do you do it?"
— Sean asking Daniel how the power works, during their first night at the Reynolds in "Episode 2: Rules"
"Hi everybody, we're taking a year off to run away from cops. Daniel has got telekinesis now. Hope you're doing well."
— Sean to himself sarcastically while examining the postcard display at the Christmas market in "Episode 2: Rules"
"You didn't know Dad! He raised us all on his own! Because of your daughter!"
— Sean to Claire in Karen's room in "Episode 2: Rules" (determinant)
"Man! I think I see why Mom left now... She couldn't put up with your stupid rules anymore!"
— Sean arguing with Claire in Karen's room in "Episode 2: Rules"
"We stick to the plan: we go to Puerto Lobos. That's where we belong. No one will tell us what to do. We can be whoever we want!"
— Sean to Daniel in "Episode 2: Rules"
"¿Estas ensayando para La Voz?"
— Sean choosing to talk to Cassidy in "Wastelands" (determinant)
Translation: Are you rehearsing for The Voice?
"I just keep trying to get better... I would draw no matter what. That's what keeps me going."
— Sean to Cassidy, discussing his drawing and saying his secret is practice in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"I just get inspired by the things I see and do... And... being around people like you helps."
— Sean to Cassidy, discussing his drawing and saying his secret is people in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"I'm sorry you have to go through all this crap. It's not fair. I want to make it up to you, make sure you're safe forever."
— Sean to Daniel while talking things out in “Wastelands” (determinant)
"Whoah, that was... wild! Never thought I could actually do it. So glad I did. I... kinda wanna do it again? Okay, shut up."
— Sean to himself after kissing Finn in “Wastelands” (determinant)
"If something happens... run away. (...) I mean it. Don't even think. Run."
— Sean to Daniel before the heist in "Wastelands" (determinant)
"This day feels like... every other day. Just like prison..."
— Sean to himself in his hospital room in "Faith"
"I gotta get to him. Gotta find a way to escape. Tonight."
— Sean to himself upon discovering where Daniel was taken in "Faith"
"I... actually kissed a boy. It wasn't planned or anything, just... yeah, this happened."
— Sean coming out to Esteban during his dream in "Faith" (determinant)
— Sean after a bad encounter with a racist in "Faith"
"So the... the wolf brothers were split apart... The oldest wolf was badly hurt... But nothing could stop the wolf from following his brother's tracks..."
— Sean to himself while hiking through the Nevadan desert in "Faith"
"Daniel better be okay... feels like I haven't seen him in years... Of course, I miss everything about him... even his whining. Yeah, you couldn't wait to get out on your own... now you are. And it sucks..."
— Sean to himself in "Faith" (determinant)
"Come on, Karen. Don't act all hurt. It's too late. Where were you when I broke my leg when I was 13? Not with me... When Daniel got a bad flu a couple years ago, you didn't sleep next to him every night... Where were you?! Where were you?"
— Sean speaking to his mother in “Faith
"If I could go back in time, I would... We'd be in our living room in Seattle... Dad would get us pizza and snacks... then pick the movie because we would always fight about it... and he always picked your movie... But I can't do that. All I can do now is fight for you."
— Sean trying to convince Daniel to leave the church in "Faith"
"If you wanna kill me, then do it! I'm not afraid! Go ahead. Shoot me in the face... and live with it."
— Sean facing Lisbeth and Nicholas in "Faith"
"Don't do it. Don't."
"But... look what she did!"
"That's on her. Not you.
— Sean asking Daniel to spare Lisbeth's life in “Faith” (determinant)
"I love you, no matter what happens, you hear me?"
— Sean to Daniel in “Wolves
"Oh, really? Was it weird that I kissed Finn at the farm?"
— Sean revealing to Daniel that he kissed Finn in “Wolves” (determinant)
"I don't know... Dad didn't raise us this way... He was a rebel but he wasn't a criminal... he didn't teach us to say "fuck it"."
— Sean disagreeing with Karen's advice in “Wolves” (determinant)
"Fuck the rules. We'll do whatever we can to survive... that's fair."
— Sean agreeing with Karen's advice in “Wolves” (determinant)
"We've come too far now. We just want a new life... that's it."
— Sean to David Madsen in “Wolves” (determinant)
"Thanks, Mom. For being there."
— Sean to Karen before hugging her goodbye in “Wolves” (determinant)
"Don't drag her into this, okay? She's a good person."
— Sean about Karen during his interrogation in “Wolves” (determinant)
"Why...? What did you do that for?!"
"Because we're not assholes.
— Sean answering Madison after the brothers agree to open her and Luke's cell in "Wolves" (determinant)
"You know, that day... in Seattle... The day Dad was shot. I think about it every day... and I would give anything to change what happened... but I can't. I'm sorry for my mistakes... I tried my best, I swear..."
— Sean to Daniel at the border in "Wolves"
"Whatever happens... always remember that you're Daniel Diaz..."
— Sean to Daniel at the border in “Wolves
"I... I think their story ends right here..."
— Sean's response to Daniel's question about the ending of the Wolf Brothers' story in “Wolves” (determinant)
"We're not criminals. We're just kids, and we still have time to choose what life we want to live."
— Surrendering Sean to Daniel at the border in “Wolves” (determinant)
"Daniel, you're not a little wolf anymore... Never forget who you are! Never..."
— Sean's last words to Daniel at the border before being taken away by the police in “Wolves” (determinant)
"They make it to the other side. Be careful."
— Sean's response to Daniel's question about the ending of the Wolf Brothers' story in “Wolves” (determinant)
"Let's go home."
— Sean about Puerto Lobos after Daniel clears the road for them in “Wolves” (determinant)


  • Sean's zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Sean is described as a typical teenager by Scriptwriter Jean-Luc Cano.[5]
  • The Diaz brothers are confirmed to be half-Mexican with Mexican descent on their father's side.[6]
    • As of "Rules", they are implied to be at least partially Irish on their mother's side.[7]
  • In the reveal trailer, the newspaper snippet seen stated Sean's age as 17.[8]
  • Sean's middle name, "Eduardo", may be a reference to Lead Artist Edouard Caplain.
  • Sean's voice actor, Gonzalo Martin, improvised Sean calling Daniel "enano", which was inspired by how Gonzalo called his own younger foster brothers.[9]
  • Sean uses the Spanish term "tipo" when referring to a guy. The term "guey" exists in Mexican Spanish.[10]
  • Sean learned how to use a washing machine when he was "about eight", which is approximately the age he would have been when Karen left the family.
  • The option for Sean to call himself El Diazblo Loco (meaning "The crazy devil" with a pun on his last name, Diaz) is a reference to a text message Esteban sent him on October 11, 2016, where he says they could make a great team, "Los Diazblos Locos!"
  • Sean can tell Brody that he's only ever lived in one place, however, when examining his house keys at the beginning of the game, Sean will say he's lived there for only ten years. He could either be lying to Brody or instead mean he's always lived in Seattle.
  • Depending on the player choice, the only crime Sean is wanted for is the murder of Kindred Matthews; however, if Sean steals the camping gear from Bear Station, Claire will inform him upon their meeting that he is wanted for the assault of Hank Stamper and robbery. (Including the camping gear and raccoon hoodie, Sean can steal up to $150.37 worth of goods.[11])
Sean Max T-Shirt Logo Comparison
  • During Episode 3's opening flashback, Sean wears a t-shirt which bears the same brand logo as a shirt worn by Max Caulfield during Episode 2 of Life is Strange. Another resemblance between the two's clothing is that they both wear a piece of clothing with a picture of their respective spirit animal on it in earlier episodes, those being Max's doe shirt and Sean's wolf hoodie.
  • Sean's sexuality is addressed in Episode 3, where he is able to enter romantic relationships with both Cassidy and Finn. He is given the option between saying some boys are cute and liking girls more during the episode's campfire sequence. Although Sean seems heterosexual at first (with his mentioned crush Jenn Murphy in Episode 1), his sexual identity has not been directly identified in the game (as in real life, there are bisexuals who can lean more towards one sex while still being attracted to another).
  • Sean is a fairly good student, as shown by his 3.5 GPA.
  • Sean likes burgers with double cheese and dislikes onion.
  • Sean Gosling T-shirt
    In Episode 3 and 4, Sean is seen wearing a top that may be referencing the famous Photoshopped continuation of the Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin T-shirt saga of 2014.[12] This continuation effect is known as the Droste Effect or Mise en abyme, where a picture appears within itself where a smaller picture would be expected. This can create the appearance of an infinite loop that goes beyond the visual bounds.
  • In the Redemption ending, the intent is to portray that Sean continues to live life on the road as a free man - similar to Brody.[13]
  • Sean is the first and so far, the only protagonist (if not counting Chloe Price) who can possibly die depending on the player’s choices.
  • Sean’s design in Episode 2 has some notable differences to his design in Captain Spirit. In Episode 2, his hair is longer and slightly lighter, his chin is smaller, and his hoodie is brighter.
  • In episode 5: wolves you can see a reference to the video game "night in the woods" in Sean's notebook where the two brothers are seen saying "Crimes? Crimes." between it just like the characters Mae and Gregg from NITW did.
  • Sean has suffered from four acts of racism, the first at the Diaz Household by Brett, the second one at the Bear Station by Hank, the third one on Faith by Chad, and the last one on Wolves by Madison and Luke. We don´t know if Kindred was also a racist.
  • Sean is the one of the playable protagonists who doesn't have any powers. The other being Chris Erikson.
    • Although Chloe also doesn't have powers, she does have a special skill: backtalking.


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