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"I love you, no matter what happens, you hear me?"
"Yeah... I love you too."
Sean and Daniel in "Wolves"

This article is meant to give a deeper and more detailed look at the relationship between Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz and its development throughout Life is Strange 2. Sean and Daniel are the central duo in Life is Strange 2. The two brothers are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident in Seattle.


With a 7-year gap between them, Sean (16) is the big brother who has to look after Daniel (9). Sean seems to try to be the good role model and laments that Daniel gets to enjoy life being a youngster. Esteban (their father) relies on Sean to help out more than usual as their mother is "out of the picture" and while generally okay with this, Sean does get annoyed on the impact this has on his social life. Daniel does have his own friends, but he also gets along with Lyla (they talked about going to the movies together) and Sean worries the same might happen with Jenn, going as far as to say Daniel is "cockblocking [him] over the whole time".

Episode One - "Roads"

Sean arrives home, to find Esteban asking him to be the judge, deciding who should get the last chocolate bar and Sean can decide to "side" with Daniel, Esteban or eat the bar himself. If he chooses Daniel he will declare himself the winner, thanking Sean later. Not choosing Daniel will lead him to resent Sean . Regardless of the eventual outcome, he will remember your choice two days later, if you give him the chance to play the judge (and he will get "revenge" by eating a different bar himself).

Sean gets ready for the party and Daniel will be preparing his costume. Sean can knock on Daniel's door and talk, but if Sean did not give Daniel the Chock-O-Crisp he will be more aggressive about his secret.

In the forest Sean is presented with several opportunities to decide what kind of big brother he wants to be:

  • stealing from a car / pay box
  • teaching Daniel about the outdoors and wildlife
  • playing along with Daniel's games
  • scaring and teasing Daniel

These can result in a Moment of Calm and a bad dream, or no moment and Daniel crying or sick in the middle of the night. Daniel will bring up how it went the next day as they walk to along the highway, going so far as to call Sean a moron if it did not go well. He also reminisces on one time Harry threatened him, comparing it to the encounter with Brett.

Episode Two - "Rules"

Sean has started to train Daniel in using his powers, and it is during one of these training sessions that the episode begins. After some basic rock lifting, Sean is throwing snowballs for Daniel to catch midair; he can either be kind (throwing the ball to one side) or evil (throwing at Daniel or Mushroom). That evening they have their last meal, play a dice game (betting a drawing space on their rucksacks) then head out the next morning.

Mushroom is attacked and killed by a cougar, forcing Sean to decide if Daniel should be left to punish it with his powers or hold Daniel back and scare the cat away himself. Afterwards they hold a funeral for Mushroom, and Daniel asks about Heaven.

Sean's lessons potentially culminate in whether Daniel has to use his power to save Chris from an oncoming police car, and depending on what he was taught may blame either Sean or himself.

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

It begins with a flashback to summer, when the boys have been left alone. Daniel steals Sean's watch then hides in Esteban's bedroom. Sean bullies Daniel and their fighting causes Esteban's award to fall and break. They are sent to their rooms and Esteban explains that he needs Sean to be more responsible for Daniel. Sean makes a genuine effort to apologise to Daniel and learns that he misses the time they spend together - because Sean is always busy hanging out with friends. Daniel returns the watch, explaining that he stole it because Sean was meant to buy him one last week but forgot, so Sean offers the watch as an apology. "Thanks, Sean, this is sooo cool! I'll keep it forever and ever!" says Daniel, as the flashback ends. Sean wakes up in a tent, Daniel already having left to train with Finn and has left the watch behind.

The brother's relationship has become strained as Daniel is not happy working on the pot farm and living in a community of hippy teens. Daniel bonds with Finn, who he sees as a cooler older brother role model - one that pays attention to him and isn't so tough about the rules (e.g. playing with knives).

Episode Four - "Faith"

Daniel is now under the care of Lisbeth Fischer while Sean has to travel across California into the harsh Nevada desert. When they finally reunite, Daniel does not want to leave the relative comfort of the church and Sean is thrown out of the building. It is only on Sean's second attempt with help from Karen that his determination gets through to Daniel, revealing Lisbeth's own selfish motivations for looking after him. Sean and Daniel's relationship may be tested further as Daniel will attempt to kill Lisbeth if he has low morality, and will only sometimes listen to Sean to spare her.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

7 weeks have passed since the incident in Haven Point, Sean and Daniel stayed in a place called "Away". Where they stay in Karen´s caravan until they left to continue their trip. Their brotherly bond has become much closer than ever. They decide to have a sleepover in the canyon prior to the start of Episode 5, and Daniel is concerned about Sean's eye, to which he responds "it's just itchy". Then they start doing their signature howl.

Once they arrive in Away, Sean calls Daniel and tells him that Karen left pancakes for them. Daniel tells Sean that Joan has waffles, the exact dialogue depending on his relationship with Sean prior to this. They then have a treasure hunt in which Sean can find a souvenir.

They then went with Karen in the Canyon, when they are celebrating the Fourth of July early. Karen then revealed to them that the events of Haven point started to catch up to them and that Sean and Daniel had to leave yet again after finding a place to stay. Once they left, the brothers talked about how they will live in Mexico, with Daniel saying he doesn't know anyone and cannot speak Spanish. Sean can say that he can teach him, or everyone likes him. On the way, Sean allows Daniel to use his powers to control the steering wheel until they got to the border.

Upon arrival, they heard that the police have raided Away and that Karen took the blame for the church fire. When they went to the wall, Daniel managed to open a big space in order for them to pass by. Up until that point, two vigilantes arrive and shoot Daniel in the shoulder, causing Sean to question who they are and leading everyone to be arrested and eventually brought to the El Rey Police Department.

When Sean was being interrogated by Patrick Campbell about the incidents surrounding the brothers, Daniel was being treated for his injuries on the area he got shot. He then freed Sean from the interrogation room, with his concern for Campbell depending on his morality. They can either take revenge or free the two vigilantes, which also depends on Daniels morality.

After escaping the police department, Sean and Daniel are met with a roadblock by the gate going to Mexico. This makes Sean reflect on the day Esteban got shot, as he thinks about it every single day. He apologized for his mistakes in their journey as he tried his best. He then tells Daniel to remember that he is Daniel Diaz. This makes Daniel wonder how the wolf brothers story will end.

If Sean chooses to turn himself in and Daniel's morality is high, Sean tearfully says goodbye to Daniel before they exit Karen's car and are arrested by the police. After being driven away by separate police cars, Sean is incarcerated and sentenced to 15 years in prison, during which Daniel is shown visiting at least on his birthday in 2018. After his sentence has passed, Sean is released as an adult as Karen, Daniel, and (depending on his past choices) Lyla embrace him. An unknown amount of time later, Sean and Daniel revisit Mount Rainier National Park, where Daniel tells him a story before comforting Sean as he breaks down. Afterwards, Sean and Daniel hug before parting ways in separate cars.

Lone Wolf
If Sean chooses to turn himself in and Daniel's morality is low, Daniel will refuse to let Sean surrender. He locks Sean's door and uses his powers to throw aside everything in their way while the police open fire on them. Once they reach the other side of the border, Daniel realizes that Sean was shot in the neck and killed. Six years later, Daniel visits Sean's memorial on the beach of Puerto Lobos.

Parting Ways
If Sean chooses to cross the border and Daniel's morality is high, Daniel is forced to destroy the police's cars and he reluctantly does so, before deciding to jump out after breaking the gate, to Sean's shock. Six years later, an older Daniel living with his grandparents and wearing an ankle monitor receives a letter from Sean, containing a photo of the beach, a selfie which may contain Cassidy or Finn alongside him depending on his past choices, and a handful of sand.

Blood Brothers
If Sean chooses to cross the border and Daniel's morality is low, Sean watches as Daniel gets rid of the opposing police force and destroys the border gate, and they drive across the border. Brothers stay together and make it to Puerto Lobos where they restore an abandoned building to become a repair shop, implied to have been funded by the looting of a local gang den. Six years later, Sean is threatened by gang members before Daniel quickly blasts two of them away and tortures the leader for a moment before releasing him, successfully scaring the group off. After placing the third member's gun in a money-filled safe, Sean and Daniel sit outside on the porch, drink beer and look over the beach together.


In an interview, Creative Director Michel Koch explains: "Over the course of the game, most of your actions, the things you do and the things you say will have consequences for Daniel. He'll be around you, he'll listen to you, and he'll look at what you're doing. Education is a core theme and the basis of the choices and consequences in Life is Strange 2, where you'll have to decide what kind of brother you'll be, and what kind of actions you'll make to take care of Daniel."[1]

In a later blog post[2] the mechanics are explained in more detail, that Daniel has a "brotherhood" and "morality" value. Each decision can independently impact these values, adding up to result in one of several consequences. Both large and small choices can affect the value (major choices typically having a larger impact), and several small choices can overrule a large choice. The values can enter negative numbers, but the exact scale is unknown. As of episode 4, there have been over 50 choices affecting Daniel's morality and trust in Sean.

A few examples are given in their video explanation[3], some of which have been referenced below:

Episode 1: At the gas station Brotherhood Morality
Use Daniel as a decoy to shoplift
Steal without involving Daniel
Sean begs for food himself
Episode 2: Snowball Training Brotherhood Morality
Throw properly
Throw at Daniel
Throw at Mushroom
Throw at Mushroom & Daniel ▼▼
Episode 3: Daniel's chores Brotherhood Morality
Don't help Daniel
Offer to help (Daniel rejects*)
Offer to help (Daniel accepts*) ▲▲

*Daniel accepts or rejects the offer based on his brotherhood value at that point - so previous decisions can impact the change in value in the present.

The finale of episode 4 offers an insight into how Daniel was raised as he acts based on his morality (attacking Lisbeth if low), and Daniel will only change his mind if their brotherhood is high enough.

Memorable Quotes

"Dude, a bigfoot doesn't need good shoes."
"I'd rather be a wolf! Owwoooo! We could be wolves."
"Yeah... Yeah... that... that works... Just... Work on that howl! Hey, you know what? Let's see if you can walk the whole way... without complaining once, huh?"
"Uh... Like you don't whine too?
— Sean and Daniel in "Roads"
"Sean... Am I... a monster?"
"Nothing is wrong with you. You're... Different.
— Sean and Daniel during their bus ride in "Roads"
"Sean... I'm tired of running away... I don't want to be a superhero anymore..."
"You don't have to use your power, if you don't want to."
"I know but... Sometimes I can help and -- How do I know when to use it?"
"You don't. You can only trust your guts. And... Listen to your brother.
— Sean and Daniel if the latter feels discouraged from using his power in "Rules"
"I'm sorry you have to go through all this crap. It's not fair. I want to make it up to you, make sure you're safe forever."
"Sean, it's not your fault. You're taking care of me...
— Sean and Daniel talking in their tent (with close relationship) if the latter shared a bad memory in "Wastelands"
"Don't do it. Don't."
"But... look what she did!"
"That's on her. Not you."
"Okay... I trust you.
— Sean asking Daniel to spare Lisbeth's life and Daniel accepting in "Faith"
"Sean... are we criminals now?"
"[...] If the cops catch us, we'll be judged for what we did, that's for sure."
"I won't let them get us.
— Sean and Daniel if the latter feels determined to protect them both in "Wolves"
"I try to be a good influence... Not always easy, but he listens to me. I don't know if I did right... Guess you never really know."
— Sean wondering how he might have influenced Daniel in "Wolves" (one of the variants)
"It's gonna be all right now. We've done the hardest part!"
"Thanks for taking me down here, Sean."
"Nah, we did it together, man.
— Sean and Daniel after the latter succeeds in breaking the border wall in "Wolves"
"We're not criminals. We're just kids, and we still have time to choose what life we want to live. You're my brother and I love you."
"I... I love you too, Sean..."
"It's gonna be all right. Promise."
"You promise? For real this time?"
"I do. We're doing the right thing. Just... Try and remember what I taught you... I mean, only the good shit."
"I will! I swear!
— Sean and Daniel if they both agree on surrendering (with close relationship) in "Wolves"
"We can go now."
"Yeah. Let's go home.
— Daniel and Sean after their face-off if they both agree on forcing the roadblock in "Wolves"