This article is meant to give a deeper and more detailed look at the relationship between Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz and its development throughout Life is Strange 2. Sean and Daniel are the central duo in Life is Strange 2. The two brothers are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident in Seattle.

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With a 7-year gap between them, Sean (16) is the big brother who has to look after Daniel (9). Sean seems to try to be the good role model and laments that Daniel gets to enjoy life being a youngster. Esteban (their father) relies on Sean to help out more than usual as their mother is "out of the picture" and while generally okay with this, Sean does get annoyed on the impact this has on his social life. Daniel does have his own friends, but he also gets along with Lyla (they talked about going to the movies together) and Sean worries the same might happen with Jenn, going as far as to say Daniel is "cockblocking [him] over the whole time".

Episode One - "Roads" Edit

Sean arrives home, to find Esteban asking him to be the judge, deciding who should get the last chocolate bar and Sean can decide to "side" with Daniel, Esteban or eat the bar himself. If he choses Daniel he will declare himself the winner, thanking Sean later. Not choosing Daniel will lead him to resent Sean . Regardless of the eventual outcome, he will remember your choice two days later, if you give him the chance to play the judge (and he will get "revenge" by eating a different bar himself).


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In an interview, Creative Director Michel Koch explains: "Over the course of the game, most of your actions, the things you do and the things you say will have consequences for Daniel. He'll be around you, he'll listen to you, and he'll look at what you're doing. Education is a core theme and the basis of the choices and consequences in Life is Strange 2, where you'll have to decide what kind of brother you'll be, and what kind of actions you'll make to take care of Daniel."[1]

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