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"No way distance can tear us apart. We're freakin' fighters!"
"Yeah, you're right... Best freakin' fighters forever."
Sean and Lyla's response in "Roads" (determinant)

This article is meant to give a deeper and more detailed look at the relationship between Sean Diaz and Lyla Park and its development throughout Life is Strange 2.


Lyla is into skateboarding just like her best friend Sean. When he asks her via text message if she's "ready to grind," she replies that she's got her new wheels and will see him at the park. She seems to enjoy skateboarding as she tells Sean she will be there an hour before his proposed meeting time. Her interest in skateboarding is also supported by page 5 in Sean's journal where he has sketched her hanging out with two guys, one of which holds a skateboard.

She is a fan of a punk-rock band called "Misty Mice". When Sean tells her he is working on a school night (Monday) just so he can buy a Misty Mice ticket for her birthday, she reacts with complete excitement. The gig takes place on her birthday (October 1st) at The Late Bar which is situated at 203 1st & Pike Street, Seattle. (Wiki editor note: Will check with asset artist if "Ghoul Days" on the ticket asset is a support band or an extension of the band's name.)

Like Sean, Lyla also has a job. She seems to work in a coffee shop or other drink-serving outlet as she complains to Sean in a text conversation that a customer wants another mocha.

In a text message, Lyla mentions to Sean that someone named Anna wanted to go with them to an upcoming football game. It is unknown how they know Anna or how close they are to her.

Lyla may be somewhat of a bad influence on Sean as he blames her for being late to school. Like Sean, she appears to enjoy recreational drug use, but she may partake in this more than Sean as he calls her a "stoner" in a text. Lyla is the one who takes charge of sorting the supply of weed for Eric's cabin party. Sean also comments that she eats too much, which could be linked to "the munchies" - a common side effect of smoking pot.

Lyla suffers from insomnia and receives sleeping pills from her therapist, as discovered by reading her conversation with Sean on page 10 of his journal.

Daniel Diaz seems to have a crush on Lyla, and Lyla playfully calls Daniel her boyfriend and her favorite Diaz. She scolds Sean when he's being mean to Daniel.

Episode One - "Roads"

On the start of the episode, Lyla and Sean are talking about their upcoming party with Jenn, with Lyla third-wheeling Sean to help him "getting a score" to Jenn. They also smokes together, if Sean accepted Lyla's offer, and share their moments together as they seat on Diaz's front porch. Before saying their goodbyes after the smoke break, Lyla said "I love you" to Sean and tell him to take care and she'll waits for her at the party.

At Diaz's household, after gathering all of the stuffs for their party, Sean skyped Lyla to ask about the preparation for the upcoming event at Jenn's house and the two discussed more about Jenn and their relationship before Daniel spills blood to their own neighbor, which caused them to move away from the town. During the time they moving on, Lyla keeps on texting her as she's very concerned about her bestfriend and his brother's condition and telling him to wait for their respond.

Until at the Motel, if Sean decides to finally call Lyla, Lyla will tell Sean how much she misses them both and asked them if they ever come back, Sean told her that he'll might never get back but told her that she misses her too. After a few short words, Sean throws the phone as Sean went back to the room to dance with Daniel.

Episode Two - "Rules"

We do not see Lyla in Episode Two but depending on Sean's choices in Episode 1 regarding whether to call Lyla, he has the option of calling her. If he chose not to call her however, her mother will answer and say she has been instated into a clinic because of not knowing what happened with Sean and Daniel showing how close they are.

Sean can also use Stephen's computer in Episode Two and log into Facebook where he can see Lyla defending him in the comments, as well as past conversations about their life.

Episode Five - "Wolves"

Lyla can appear in the Redemption Ending if Sean at least called her in Episode 1.


Memorable Quotes

"No way distance can tear us apart. We're freakin' fighters!"
"Yeah, you're right... Best freakin' fighters forever...
— Sean and Lyla's response on the Diaz's front deck in "Roads" (determinant).
"These fucking planes, man... I wanna hate them, but... I'll miss them so much if I move somewhere else. Shit changes so fast... I get so emo sometimes, wondering what'll happen to us once we graduate. Will you still be my BFF? Will shit ever get better than 1452, Lame Avenue?"
— Lyla to Sean outside of his house in "Roads".
"Don't jinx me..."
"Jinx? I'm your lucky charm, bitch.
— Sean and Lyla during their Skype call in "Roads".
"You know it's not that easy! There's nothing we can do!
Stop acting like I'm never gonna see you again... That's bullshit...
— Sean and Lyla during their phone call at the Three Seals Motel in "Roads" (determinant).
"Oh man... I miss you guys so much... You better take care of yourself... and my baby boy. Give him a big hug for me..."
"I will. You take care too, okay? Seriously... Love you, Lyla.
— Sean and Lyla at the end of their phone call in "Rules" (determinant).