"So, I guess Seattle sucked hard?"
"No, it felt like a real city for artists. Big and bright. Great for taking pictures."

— Chloe and Max in "Chrysalis" (determinant)

Seattle is a seaport city located in Washington. It is a story-relevant location in Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2.

Five years prior to the events of Life is Strange, in 2008, protagonist Max Caulfield left her home town Arcadia Bay to move to Seattle with her family, leaving her best friend, Chloe Price, behind. In Seattle, Max went to a new school and befriended two locals, Kristen and Fernando.

In Life is Strange 2, it is home to Sean, Daniel, and Esteban Diaz.

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  • A photo at the wall in Max's room shows Max with her friends Kristen and Fernando at the Fremont Troll, a public sculpture in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle.
  • While in Seattle, Max and her father used to attend matches of the local ice hockey team, the Seattle Thunderbirds.
  • On a photograph with her father, Max is seen wearing a "Seattle" sweatshirt.
  • Victoria Chase was born and raised in Seattle. Her family owns a famous gallery called the "Chase Space" there.
  • Max's journal contains a flyer (in two pieces) for a "Bodies and Splatters" photography exhibition at the Dusk & Dawn Gallery in Seattle.[1]

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  1. There is missing textual information from this flyer that makes it difficult for the gallery and exhibition name to be established. Journal artist Alyzian confirmed the missing information.