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Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz play a dice game called Ship, Captain, and Crew in the second episode of Life is Strange 2. The game takes place on the evening whilst inside the abandoned house, and the rules for the game are written in Sean's sketchbook under a date of November 16th, 2016.

The rules for Ship, Captain, Crew.


No Crew without a Captain, and no Captain without a ship.

Ship = 6
Captain = 5
Crew = 4

When the Ship, the Captain and the Crew are complete, only then, you can use the last dice to score some Loot.

Player with the highest Loot over 20 wins the game.


Explanation of Rules

  • Each player has three rolls per turn, with six dice
  • The player must roll a 6 (the ship), a 5 (the captain) and a 4 (the crew) to place on the board
  • The player cannot complete the set out of order
    • i.e. If the player rolls 135124 without a 6 on the board, all dice must be re-rolled
    • But they can complete multiple parts in one roll (e.g. 135126 gains a 6 + 5)
  • If the player fails to roll 6 + 5 + 4 during their turn, they score no points
  • Once the player has completed the set, the player can:
    • Place remaining dice on the board for points (loot)
    • Or re-roll for a different number, if they have any remaining rolls
      • The player can choose to both place some dice on the board and re-roll
  • When a player reaches over twenty points, it is the final round
    • The winner is the player with the highest score after that round


  • The game Sean and Daniel play is a variation of an existing game that has been played for some time in bars, veterans' clubs, and military bars. It is usually played with 5 dice, not 6, as we see in Episode 2.
  • Dontnod Entertainment's level designer Simon Svoboda designed this mini game.