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"We're called PissHead? I—It's not a big deal or anything. I mean, I'm trying to get our demo out there, but it's hard." — Skip to Chloe in "Awake"

Skip Matthews is a security officer at Blackwell Academy during the events of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


Skip has short brown hair, a beard, and green eyes. He wears a Blackwell Academy security uniform complete with an official hat of the school.


Skip is a laid back guy but has insecurities about being a "cop" of the high school Blackwell. He expresses that he's angry and tired of being bossed around by the principal and some of the high school students.

Episode One - "Awake"

He appears to have a positive relationship with the Blackwell Academy student body. Depending on how a conversation with Chloe Price goes, he may reveal how she and Justin Williams are labeled as "high risk", and Chloe can use this against Raymond Wells if she chooses to backtalk him. He also asks Chloe to listen to the demo of his band, PissHead.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

At the beginning of the episode, Skip accompanies Chloe to her locker while she empties it after being suspended/expelled. Depending on whether Chloe praised, criticized or did not listen to his demo in the previous episode, Skip can be friendly and supportive or neutral about her situation.

Later, when Chloe returns to Blackwell to collect the debt of her drug dealer, Frank Bowers, she confronts Skip when she tries to enter the dorms after stealing Samuel Taylor's key. Skip will be surprised to see Chloe inside the school, and will quickly say that she will have to leave if she does not want to have problems, forcing Chloe to backtalk him. If Chloe wins, they talk until Skip will get a call from Wells, alerting him about an unidentified vehicle in the parking lot, and he will go away, letting Chloe enter the school. If Chloe loses, Skip will be angry with her, saying that she manipulated him earlier to enter the ladies' room and spit it out, and he had trouble because of it. Skip will also complain that several students disrespect him and do not take his position seriously in Blackwell and blow up with Wells after receiving the call about the vehicle, resigning from his post at Blackwell.

Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty"

Skip is briefly mentioned in this episode on one of the websites available on Chloe's computer when she arrives in her room in the morning. Skip will be mentioned in an interview with his band PissHead, being referred to as the "frontman".

Skip quit his job


An interview with Skip Matthews, PissHead frontman.

ARCADIA BAY ONLINE NEWS: So a charmingly homemade music video for your song "Nothing Wrong“ hit the internet last night. In the last twelve hours it has accumulated over 200,000 hits.
SKIP MATTHEWS: Yeah, we were as surprised as everyone else!
AB ONLINE: How can you explain the sudden appearance of your first music video?
SM: I just really needed a change. I was working full time at a job I hated, and I finally worked up the nerve to quit, And it was so freeing, I just felt the need to channel that feeling into something new.

Skip didn't quit his job


An interview with Skip Matthews, PissHead frontman.

ARCADIA BAY ONLINE NEWS: Following the sudden popularity of your song "Nothing Wrong," what‘s next for PissHead?
SKIP MATTHEWS: Well, for the moment, we're still taking things slowly.
AB ONLINE: So we shouldn't hold our breath for a full PissHead album on the horizon?
SM: One day! But for now, I'm still working my day job. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to keep the dream alive, even if it seems like it‘s holding you back.



  • Chloe Price - They are friendly with each other and share a passion for rock music. Skip is friendly and supportive with Chloe when she is suspended/expelled. However, their friendship may reach an end, if Chloe fails the backtalk challenge, causing irritation to the point of Skip giving up his job in Episode 2.


  • On a letter to Mikey/Drew North, Wells mentions a search for new security staff, possibly leading to Skip being replaced.
  • It is speculated that him getting fired throughout the events of Before the Storm, might make David Madsen take his position as a security guard at Blackwell Academy.  Actually, he resigns, if Chloe fails her backtalk challenge.

Memorable Quotes

"Hey, uh. Just wanted to say... it sucks what is happening to you." - "Thanks, Skip." - "You're gonna be missed."
— Conversation between Skip and Chloe in "Brave New World"
"Chloe! Enough. This is my job! Just go. You have never respected me! You and all your smug, little classmates. I am so tired of being shit on by highschoolers. You know what? I'm done! I'm done with this stupid rent-a-cop job. Just...just do whatever the fuck you want, Chloe."
— Should Chloe fail the backtalk challenge in "Brave New World"


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