Snowmancer is a snowman built by Chris Eriksen in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Life is Strange 2. It is an ally of Mantroid, the arch-enemy of Chris' alter ego Captain Spirit.

Captain Spirit

While in his house's backyard, Chris can find Snowmancer and choose to rebuild it by reattaching his left eye, left arm, and nose. After doing so, he can choose to attempt to "blow up" Snowmancer; if Chris hasn't found the fireworks before doing so, this only results in Snowmancer's left eye falling back off.

After finding the fireworks in the Eriksens' garage, Chris can attach them to Snowmancer's head and light them up, resulting in the side of its head exploding. Destroying Snowmancer counts towards completing Chris’ My Awesome Things to Do list.

Episode Two - "Rules"

If Chris blew up the snowman in Captain Spirit. Sean Diaz can overhear Claire Reynolds complaining about Charles letting Chris play with firecrackers again after their conversation at the dinner table.

While heading over to the Eriksens' house to find his brother, Daniel Diaz, Sean can find Snowmancer in the backyard, who is either intact or destroyed depending on Chris' actions in Captain Spirit. Sean has the option of taking one of the snowman's beer cap eyes as a souvenir.

After Daniel goes to the bathroom, Chris sets up the members of Team Spirit and Team Mantroid (minus Snowmancer) in front of Sean. If Chris blew up the snowman in Captain Spirit, he mentions that Captain Spirit took care of him and that he "might need surgery now".


  • Snowmancer's left arm appears to consist of one of the missing windshield wipers from Charles' pickup truck.


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Captain Spirit

Life is Strange 2

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