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Sonny Anderson and Angela Anderson are residents of the town of Haven Springs in Life is Strange: True Colors. They are primarily scenery characters in the story; Alex Chen can read their emotions, but can't interact with them in any other way. They are each mentioned by first name in Chapter 2: Lanterns. Their full names can be found through their activity on MyBlock. They can be easily identified on MyBlock as they both have the Avalanche Ice Cream shop's logo as their profile picture.




Life is Strange: True Colors

Chapter 2: Lanterns

While walking through town, Alex can encounter Sonny and Angela in front of their ice cream shop. She can both overhear them arguing and read their emotions, indicating that they are starting to lose business.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

During the LARP event, Sonny and Angela can be encountered in the back alley near the park, where they can be overheard discussing how to attract more customers to their shop. If they notice Ethan Lambert, Sonny will remark on his and Alex's costumes and they become inspired to create a dragon-themed ice cream cake.

Chapter 4: Flicker

Sonny and Angela can be found in the park during the Spring Festival. If they noticed Ethan during the LARP, the two discuss a complete rebranding of their ice cream shop to introduce more of a fantasy theme. Otherwise, they'll be drinking to delay their worries about the shop's fate.

Chapter 5: Side B

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