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Limited Edition CD

The Soundtrack is a compilation of licensed tracks for Life is Strange which appear in addition to the original score by Jonathan Morali. There are official lists available on Spotify, YouTube and other streaming services, provided by Square Enix.

On January 19th, 2016, for North America and January 22nd for Europe, the Official Soundtrack was released as a part of the Limited Edition, featuring 14 licensed songs and 8 score tracks by Jonathan Morali. The cover art is a reference to the pirate CD Max Caulfield made for Chloe Price when she was 12.

Licensed Tracks

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

Episode Two - "Out of Time"

Episode Three - "Chaos Theory"

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

Episode Five - "Polarized"

Original Score

The original score was composed by Jonathan Morali.

  • Golden Hour (Menu Theme)
  • The Storm
  • Blackwell Academy
  • Kate
  • Timeless
  • Timelines
  • Night Walk
  • Max and Chloe (Credits)


Official Soundtrack

List of all Songs featured in the Soundtrack for the Limited Edition:

01. Syd Matters - To All of You
02. José González - Crosses
03. Angus & Julia Stone - Santa Monica Dream
04. Sparklehorse - Piano Fire
05. alt-J - Something Good
06. Local Natives - Mt. Washington
07. Bright Eyes - Lua
08. Mogwai - Kids Will Be Skeletons
09. Amanda Palmer - In My Mind (feat. Brian Viglione)
10. Message To Bears - Mountains
11. Breton - Got Well Soon

12. Mudflow - The Sense of Me
13. Foals - Spanish Sahara
14. Syd Matters - Obstacles
15. Golden Hour
16. The Storm
17. Blackwell Academy
18. Kate
19. Timeless
20. Timelines
21. Night Walk
22. Max & Chloe


Many songs of the soundtrack are relatable to the game's characters, relationships and events.

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Here are some OST-playlists created by users and the official Life is Strange team with all 14 official songs.




Pirate Disk.png

  • The cover art for the Soundtrack CD is based on the cover of a mix tape Max made for Chloe when she was 12. You can find it in a drawer in Alternative Chloe's room in "Dark Room".
  • There is an extremely rare Vinyl version.[1] Only a few these vinyls were created as promotional materials for Life is Strange, though (like the licensed soundtrack) they aren't sold commercially. Originally it was part of an official give away, later you could win it during Square Enix livestreams and it was available as a prize during some fan contest like the Life is Strange Fans community's contests[2] and other giveaways[3]. You can only get it as a Reward on the official Square Enix shop by using EPts you receive for buying Square Enix products.

    Life is Strange soundtrack Vinyl version