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The soundtrack for Life is Strange 2 is comprised of licensed tracks and an original soundtrack by returning composer Jonathan Morali.[1] The original score is available on vinyls as part of the game's Collector's Edition.

Licensed Tracks

Episode One - "Roads"

Episode Two - "Rules"

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

Episode Four - "Faith"

Episode Five - "Wolves"

There are no licensed tracks in Episode 5.

Original Score

Official track names became available with the release of the game's Collectors Edition, until then players gave their own names to the tracks from the game files which are also listed below. The official tracks also combine several scenes of music (for example 'Lisbeth' has both the music from Miracles & Dust to Dust) whereas unofficial versions may separate them or be a variation of another track.

Episode One - "Roads"

  • Into The Woods[2]
  • Seattle
  • Seattle Incident (unofficially: We Have To Go)
  • Night Bus (unofficially: A Long Road Ahead)
  • Max & Chloe (from Life Is Strange)
  • Escaping Theme (there's no official name for the track) (unofficially: Escape from Gas Station)

Episode Two - "Rules"

  • Winter Woods (unofficially: To Our Grandparents, Abandoned House, Daniel's Sorrow)
  • Home (unofficially: Reynolds Household, Free Spirits)

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

  • Drifters (unofficially: Adrift)
  • Into the Woods
  • Escaping Theme
  • Chaos (unofficially: Breaking and Entering, Bad Harvest, The Safe)

Episode Four - "Faith"

  • Lisbeth (unofficially: The Angel Daniel, Dust to Dust)
  • Karen (unofficially: New Perspectives, Motel)
  • Escaping Theme
  • Drifters
  • Night Bus

Episode Five - "Wolves"

  • Karen the Three of Us (unofficially: Away, Fireflies Lanterns)
  • Max & Chloe
  • Escaping Theme (unofficially: Jail)
  • Chaos (unofficially: Cornered at the Border)
  • Winter Woods/Into The Woods (combined together) (Redemption ending)
  • Home (Parting Ways Ending)
  • Puerto Lobos (Blood Brothers/Lone Wolf endings)


Official Score

List of songs featured in the official vinyl score for the Collectors Edition:[3]


Side A:

  • Seattle incident
  • Nightbus

Side B:

  • Seattle
  • Drifters


Side C:

  • Into the woods

Side D:

  • Home


Side E:

  • Winter woods

Side F:

  • Lisbeth


Side G:

  • Chaos

Side H:

  • Karen


Official Playlists

Unofficial Playlist