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This is a compilation of the various comments made by Max Caulfield, the protagonist of Life is Strange, in response to her environment and situations. The sub-sections chosen for this article are based on naming categories in the game file.



  • "You gotta be kidding me!" Headphones.png
  • "No way!" Headphones.png
  • "Are you serious?" Headphones.png


  • "This blows." Headphones.png
  • "Duh" Headphones.png
  • "Just great." Headphones.png
  • "Well…" Headphones.png

Negative Surprise

  • "Damn!" Headphones.png
  • "Rats!" Headphones.png
  • "Shit!" Headphones.png
  • "Damn it!" Headphones.png
  • "NO!!!" Headphones.png

Positive Surprise

  • "Wowser!" Headphones.png
  • "Awesome." Headphones.png
  • "Oh, yes." Headphones.png
  • "Yes!" Headphones.png
  • "Hella yes!" Headphones.png

Idle Comments

When Max stands idle for too long, she may make one of the following comments:

  • "Yep, I'm bored now" Headphones.png
  • "Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…" Headphones.png
  • "That’s all she wrote, folks." Headphones.png
  • "It’s great to watch the world pass you by..." Headphones.png
  • "I’d love to stand in this spot forever" Headphones.png
  • "And then inertia set in" Headphones.png
  • "If I took a selfie now, it would be a still life." Headphones.png
  • "Boring" Headphones.png
  • "La dee da, la dee da" Headphones.png
  • "I’m just chilling like a villain" Headphones.png
  • "So I guess I’ll just chillax for awhile" Headphones.png
  • "How long can I stand standing here ?" Headphones.png
  • "If time is like a river, I’m stuck here" Headphones.png
  • "What to do, what to do…" Headphones.png
  • "Max, you need to stop talking to yourself. Agreed?... yes." Headphones.png

Suggested Rewind

When Max sees the potential to rewind, she may make one of the following comments:

  • "Damn, I better rewind." Headphones.png
  • "I better rewind." Headphones.png
  • "I should rewind." Headphones.png

Paused Rewind

If Max pauses when rewinding, she may make one of the following comments:

  • "No way I can stop here." Headphones.png
  • "Should I rewind or stop?" Headphones.png
  • "I can't be in two places at once." Headphones.png
  • "Either I rewind or I cancel." Headphones.png
  • "I definitely can't stop here." Headphones.png
  • "I need to rewind or stop." Headphones.png
  • "No can do, Max." Headphones.png
  • "I need to hit this rewind or cancel." Headphones.png

Rewind to the End

When Max reaches the limitation of her rewind ability, she may make one of the following comments:

  • "I can't go back further, I need to let go!" Headphones.png
  • "Urgh, that's as far as I can go back." Headphones.png
  • "I can't take it! I have to stop!" Headphones.png
  • "Ungh... ngh... Enough, Max! You can't go back any further!" Headphones.png
  • "That's all you can do, stop before you hurt yourself." Headphones.png
  • "I'm getting dizzy... I can't rewind any more…" Headphones.png
  • "I can only go so far back in time." Headphones.png
  • "Whoa, I'm getting sick. I can't rewind any further." Headphones.png
  • "Shit, this is as far back as I can rewind." Headphones.png
  • "I can't continue, it hurts too much!" Headphones.png
  • "I can't rewind anymore." Headphones.png
  • "I have to stop before I pass out." Headphones.png
  • "Urgh… I can't stretch time any more." Headphones.png

Forced Rewind

When Max finds herself or a friend nearby in a life-threatening situation, she may make one of the following comments:

  • "I need to figure this out." Headphones.png
  • "I wonder how I'll get around this?" Headphones.png
  • "There's only one way around this." Headphones.png
  • "Damn, I missed something, I better rewind!" Headphones.png
  • "I must have missed something, I should rewind..." Headphones.png
  • "I better rewind right now!" Headphones.png
  • "Max, don't fuck around! Rewind!" Headphones.png
  • "Think Max, rewind and find something." Headphones.png
  • "Shit! I need to rewind and do something fast!" Headphones.png
  • "I have to rewind now!" Headphones.png
  • "Max, rewind... Now!" Headphones.png
  • "No way, Jefferson!" (helping David fight Jefferson in Episode 5)

Photo Rewind

(To Be Confirmed if these comments are made when Max rewinds after taking a photo that is not related to the Optional Photos. These are possibly unused content.)

  • "Aw shit, my photo vanished!"
  • "Man, there goes another Pulitzer!"
  • "Damn, I wanted to keep that picture!"
  • "Are you kidding me? I wanted that shot!"
  • "I totally lost that picture forever."

No Exit

When Max tries to explore an area and is unable to, she may make one of the following comments:

  • "No need to go there now." Headphones.png
  • "Nope I don't want to go there..." Headphones.png
  • "No reason to go now." Headphones.png
  • "I don't want to go that way." Headphones.png
  • "Can't go that way." Headphones.png
  • "Obviously can't go there." Headphones.png

Not Working

When Max is unsuccessful at performing an action, she may make one of the following comments:

  • "It won't work." Headphones.png
  • "This does not work." Headphones.png
  • "No can do." Headphones.png
  • "Not gonna happen." Headphones.png
  • "Well, this isn’t working." Headphones.png
  • "I best try something else." Headphones.png


Depending on how long Max stays idle in a specific area, it will randomly trigger several inner thoughts from Max, unheard otherwise.

Episode One - "Chrysalis"

Art Class

In the art class before saving Chloe:

  • "Another daily fail in front of the world." Headphones.png
  • "It's so... awesome to look like an idiot in my favorite teacher's class." Headphones.png

In the art class after the first accidental rewind:

  • "Why is this happening? And to me?" Headphones.png
  • "This is so fucking bizarro." Headphones.png
  • "I can't tell anybody; they'll think I'm nuts." Headphones.png
  • "Could I save the girl in the bathroom?" Headphones.png
  • "I need to hurry to the bathroom to save that girl." Headphones.png
  • "That girl is going to die again, unless I get to the bathroom." Headphones.png

Blackwell Academy Hallway

In the corridor before entering in the bathroom for the first time:

  • "It's just one stupid picture, not your soul." Headphones.png
  • "Okay, chill, splash some water on your face." Headphones.png
  • "You need a bathroom time-out." Headphones.png
  • "Everybody looks happy just to be here, whatever." Headphones.png
  • "Max; you can always hide in a stall and cry." Headphones.png
  • "I need to go splash some water on my face and freshen up first." Headphones.png
  • "My eyes are stinging; let's go to the bathroom first." Headphones.png
  • "You totally wussed out on entering the photo contest." Headphones.png

In the corridor before entering the bathroom a second time to save Chloe:

  • "I can't tell anybody... they'll think I'm crazy!" Headphones.png
  • "I can't let that girl die in the bathroom..." Headphones.png

Bathroom (first time)

  • "I did come in here for a reason." Headphones.png
  • "My face feels so oily and gross." Headphones.png
  • "I should freshen up now that I'm here." Headphones.png

Blackwell Campus

On the campus after having saved Chloe:

  • "I like this school energy near the primordial forest." Headphones.png
  • "Blackwell Academy is like... a High School College." Headphones.png
  • "This is so weird: these visions, this power." Headphones.png
  • "Nathan Prescott is dangerous. Why didn't I tell the principal?" Headphones.png (choice-dependent)
  • "Arcadia Bay feels exactly the same but... different." Headphones.png
  • "I used to own this town as a kid. And now I don't know anybody." Headphones.png
  • "This is what it's like to be alone and feel lonely at once." Headphones.png
  • "I can't believe I saw that girl get shot." Headphones.png
  • "What is going on today?" Headphones.png
  • "Okay, I better get to my dorm and grab that flash drive." Headphones.png
  • "Warren really wants that flash drive. I better grab it." Headphones.png
  • "Time to go grab Warren's flash drive." Headphones.png
  • "That Nathan Prescott is... scary. I'm glad I busted him." Headphones.png (choice-dependent)
  • "I can't believe I actually reversed time." Headphones.png
  • "So weird to be back here after five years." Headphones.png

Lighthouse - Present

  • "If only Chloe and I were kids here again." Headphones.png
  • "This is way more peaceful than my nightmare." Headphones.png
  • "Chloe's step-douche better not cause me trouble." Headphones.png (choice-dependent)
  • "Man, I should have helped Chloe, I feel so bad." Headphones.png (choice-dependent)
  • "I love this October vibe." Headphones.png
  • "Wowsers. Been ages since I was here." Headphones.png
  • "I love how all the weeds and plants just grow wherever they want." Headphones.png

Episode Four - "Dark Room"

Alternative Chloe's Room (Upstairs)

  • "Chloe’s room was a disaster area, but it was alive... Now look at it." Headphones.png
  • "All that’s left of Chloe’s old life is cardboard boxes... stuck in time." Headphones.png

Alternative Corridor

  • "It feels the same yet totally different here…" Headphones.png
  • "Altering time and space doesn’t make life easier, huh, Max?" Headphones.png
  • "Chloe and me have a whole new set of old memories...Yet I have zero idea what I’ve done in that time..." Headphones.png
  • "I better not make Chloe wait for her pain relief." Headphones.png
  • "I need to hit the bathroom for the medicine." Headphones.png

Price House - Downstairs

Before taking the morphine:

  • "Man, Chloe is seriously hurting. I need to find her painkiller." Headphones.png
  • "Chloe said her morphine was upstairs." Headphones.png

After taking the morphine:

  • "Talk about Chaos Theory... I fucked everything up..." Headphones.png
  • "Nothing feels right about this reality…" Headphones.png
  • "So is this what you wanted, Max? Are you happy now?" Headphones.png
  • "How can I decide if William's life is worth what happened to Chloe... and vice versa?" Headphones.png
  • "This is Chloe's home now... forever. It's amazing what we take for granted." Headphones.png


  • "I am so happy to see you, Kate Marsh..." Headphones.png
  • "I'm sorry, but I do hate hospitals… So cold..." Headphones.png
  • "I wonder how Kate’s family feels about all this…" Headphones.png
  • "Maybe Kate has more information about Nathan that we can use..." Headphones.png


Before the conversation with Frank:

  • "I should get the hell out of town but... not without Chloe. We have to finish this." Headphones.png
  • "So now we have to see Frank all the way out here." Headphones.png
  • "Take a breath and go face Frank. You have the power." Headphones.png

Old Barn - Outside

  • "Now I need to find a way into the barn..."
  • "I hope this is the right place and we didn’t mess up the coordinates."
  • "We can’t just break the door down, we have to find another way in."
  • "Funny to think the Prescotts started on a farm... Nathan still acts like an orc."

Old Barn - Inside

  • "This place is the epicenter of creepy."
  • "I better keep snooping around..."
  • "I can look under those old metal sheets or that straw..."
  • "And yes, I’ve got a bad feeling about this."
  • "So Chloe and me actually killed somebody...|What happens to us now?" (choice-dependent)
  • "I should go upstairs and get Chloe to help me."
  • "Check out the area Max, you can find something heavy to use."
  • "Maybe we could drop something super heavy on it..."
  • "I could use this old motor with that rope and hook..."
  • "I could use the old motor as a counterweight to smash the padlock."
  • "Max, use your rewind and get that motor back up there."

Dark Room - Corridor

  • "Now that's a serious door. Where's Gandalf when I need him..." Headphones.png
  • "Come on, Max, break that digicode." Headphones.png
  • "Digicode, numbers, rewind... Take a breath and get cracking." Headphones.png
  • "The only reason to build a secret bunker under an abandoned farm is to do bad shit." Headphones.png

Dark Room - Inside

Before finding the binders:

  • "How did Nathan get ahold of this place? A gift from dad?" Headphones.png
  • "I don’t think this is just a photo studio." Headphones.png
  • "Oh no... is this the bright white room Kate told me about?" Headphones.png
  • "I couldn’t even make this shit up about the Prescotts..." Headphones.png
  • "Scour this room, Max. There has to be evidence here." Headphones.png
  • "I know we’ll find serious dirt in here." Headphones.png

After finding the binders:

  • "If Chloe did recognize a spot in the junkyard, then I better go with her and| just get ready for the worst... We'll need each other."
  • "There might be more clues around here, but I have to get back to Chloe soon…"

End of the World Party

Swimming Pool Area:

  • "I hope Chloe can handle all this…" Headphones.png
  • "After all this, Rachel is dead…" Headphones.png
  • "Everybody wants to party while Nathan gets away with murder…" Headphones.png
  • "We have to stop Nathan from hurting anyone else here tonight." Headphones.png
  • "I feel like I’m in some kind of dream nightmare…" Headphones.png
  • "Everything at Blackwell looks evil to me now." Headphones.png
  • "Principal Wells should have canceled this party... but he was paid off." Headphones.png
  • "I will get revenge for Kate and Rachel if it’s the last thing I do." Headphones.png
  • "Hey, kids, let's all get drunk and go swimming! What could go wrong?" Headphones.png

VIP Area:

  • "Is that a real leather couch and a Persian rug?" Headphones.png
  • "This must make them feel extra crispy special." Headphones.png
  • "I bet Rachel hated hanging out with these people..." Headphones.png
  • "Jeez, this whole fucking party is so tasteless and insenstive." Headphones.png
  • "Dance, monkeys, dance for the Prescotts... They own you." Headphones.png

Episode Five - "Polarized"

Art Class

Before searching David's phone number:

  • "So weird to be right back where it started…" Headphones.png
  • "It's only been a week but it felt like five years…" Headphones.png

After having texted David:

  • "I wish I was waking up from a long dream…" Headphones.png
  • "It doesn't matter what happens to me... I have to save Chloe!" Headphones.png
  • "Okay Jefferson, here's my fucking photo for the contest." Headphones.png
  • "Calm down... Breathe... One change at a time... for good." Headphones.png
  • "Whoa, so I'm inside of a photograph that's... inside a photograph." Headphones.png
  • "That shouldn't screw up time and space... too much... Please don't." Headphones.png
  • "I need to give him the last photo he'll ever judge for the "Everyday Heroes" contest... and then we'll all live happily ever after. Or try…" Headphones.png
  • "Don't mess this up, Max…" Headphones.png


  • "Is this what it feels like to be a real artist, jet-setting to your gallery shows?" Headphones.png
  • "Be careful... I'm still between realities... and I can't focus on this one for too long…" Headphones.png
  • "I hope I did everything right this time." Headphones.png
  • "But Chloe is alive! Focus on that, Max... Now I have to wait until after my trip to see her again... and I'm not letting her out of my sight again…" Headphones.png

Art Gallery

Before looking at Max's photo:

  • "Be cool, Max. Smile and don’t say anything stupid." Headphones.png
  • "I don’t know if I like all this attention…" Headphones.png
  • "Come on, Max. Chloe is finally safe, Jefferson is done and your photo is on display in San Francisco." Headphones.png
  • "What’s that line from Blade Runner?|"Revel in your time... "" Headphones.png
  • "I probably should at least go see my picture and see how it looks on the wall of a real gallery. Who knows when this will happen again?" Headphones.png
  • "I can always run to Principal Wells in case I need somebody to talk with… I'm surprised how chill he is outside of campus..." Headphones.png
  • "I do have to appreciate my life after everything that happened this week." Headphones.png
  • "Maybe I have to put my rewind power on a major time-out... Fuck it, pun intended." Headphones.png

After looking at Max's photo:

  • "No fucking way... Chloe can't die again... I have to save her." Headphones.png
  • "Please, no... I have to be in Arcadia Bay to help Chloe... not here." Headphones.png
  • "My contest photo… It might be the only way to get back." Headphones.png
  • "There'll be another contest, Max... You won't get another Chloe…" Headphones.png
  • "If I rewind into my contest photo then destroy it... I'll definitely end up in Arcadia Bay not San Francisco…" Headphones.png

Main Street

On the main street after exiting Jefferson's car:

  • "You know how to use your power... Do it." Headphones.png
  • "This storm is... huge. Keep going…" Headphones.png
  • "I need Warren's photo to save Chloe!" Headphones.png
  • "There's no way I'm letting Chloe die…" Headphones.png
  • "But the whole town is dying... am I responsible too?" Headphones.png
  • "I have to accept that I've changed more than time…" Headphones.png
  • "Please let Warren and Joyce be okay... Please…" Headphones.png

Nightmare - Art Class

  • "If this is a nightmare... I want to wake up..." Headphones.png
  • "What if I can't wake up and this is... real...?" Headphones.png
  • "Please, Chloe... Where are you..." Headphones.png

Nightmare - Dorms

  • "Now where exactly am I?" Headphones.png
  • "Too many doors to choose..." Headphones.png
  • "You're not going to be trapped here... Find the right door, Max!" Headphones.png
  • "Chloe... Help me..." Headphones.png
  • "Oh, thank God I'm myself again... Now I know where to go." (after having entered Victoria's room) Headphones.png

Nightmare - Maze

  • "Jefferson is coming after me again... No..." Headphones.png
  • "This is like an evil maze…" Headphones.png
  • "The lighthouse is over there!" Headphones.png
  • "Maybe I'll be safe in the lighthouse... maybe I'll wake up..." Headphones.png
  • "Dammit, Max... Wake up!" Headphones.png
  • "Be strong... You have to." Headphones.png
  • "Freddy Krueger better not show up or I'll scream..." Headphones.png