This is a compilation of the various comments made by Sean Diaz, the protagonist of Life is Strange 2, in response to his environment and situations. The sub-sections chosen for this article are based on naming categories in the game file.


Depending on how long Sean stays idle in a specific area, it will randomly trigger several inner thoughts from Sean, unheard otherwise.

Episode One - "Roads"

Diaz Household

Before gathering any items on the list:

  • "I need to take care of that party list..."
  • "Come on, move your ass... Get those party supplies on the list. Or Lyla will wreck me."

While gathering items:

  • "Definitely going to need major snacks for the party..."
  • "I bet there's some junk in the kitchen I can grab..."
  • "No drinks, no party... Better scope out the kitchen."
  • "I'm broke so... I better find some cash for tonight..."
  • "Gotta get that loooove blanket. Even if I don't... hook up with Jenn, at least I'll be warm..."
  • "There must be some blankets in the laundry room..."

After gathering items:

  • "Okay. Gotta go back to the living room and load the backpack."
  • "If I don't skype soon, Lyla will send me a hundred messages... 'Where are you?' 'Hurry up!' 'Asshole!'"

Episode Three - "Wastelands"

Diaz Household

Before finding Daniel:

  • "Maybe he's invisible now..."
  • "Okay, I'm done. Where the fuck is he?"
  • "He is sooo busted..."

After talking to Esteban:

  • "Ah, I better do something about Daniel..."
  • "He'll pout until he's 18..."
  • "Can't forget he's still a kid... even if he doesn't like it..."


Before leaving the Diaz tent:

  • "It's a mess... but our mess..."
  • "Weird how living in a tent is no big deal anymore..."

After leaving the tent:

  • "Ah, no more fog... sweet..."
  • "Must. Have. Coffee...."
  • "Funny how I like being out in the forest now... I actually feel free..."
  • "We're so lucky these guys took us in..."
  • "Get yer breakfast on, dude..."
  • "Maybe we hold off on Mexico... but can I really keep Daniel here?"

After speaking to Penny and Ingrid:

  • "They were headed to the lake... I should go check on them."
  • "Daniel spends a lot of time with Finn. Is it a... good thing?"

Pot Farm

While trimming:

  • "Big Joe's watching us, I better keep on trimming." (determinant)
  • "Gotta be more focused." (determinant)
  • Going too fast. Take your time, dude." (determinant)


  • "Damn, trimming is hard... how do these guys keep coming back?"
  • "Easy money, they said... Yeah right."
  • "Think I made some good trims today, and talking with the girls is always... entertaining." (determinant)
  • "I was really in the zone today, hope that'll pay." (determinant)
  • "I wasn't very focused on the trim today... Guess we'll see tomorrow... payday." (determinant)
  • "I'm not quite sure who Penny is. He's so out there..."
  • "Penny is all over the place... he’ll go anywhere..."
  • "Wonder what they all say about me... hmmm..."

Before lifting both water tanks:

  • "Yes I know, go fill the water tanks. I have one job."
  • "Don’t want the crew to get pissed if I don’t get their water..."
  • "Maybe Daniel could help me lift up those tanks... oh yes."
  • "One more tank to handle, then I’ll be done with this."

Before meeting Daniel at the lake:

  • "Okay, time to help Daniel do some power training... He’s waiting at the lake."
  • "Better go help Daniel train... I don't want him to get mad at me again."
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