The Spying Game is a game Rachel Amber suggests to play to Chloe Price at Overlook Park in Episode 1 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. It's a game where they look at people through the viewfinder and imagine what they might be thinking/saying. Throughout the game, the player can pick three out of seven possible options.

Couple Holding Hands Edit

Wanna come listen to some music?

"After this, wanna come home and listen to my Spotify playlist?"
"Is it the kind of listening where you have to get under the covers to really appreciate the music?"
"Yes! And clothes really mess with the acoustics, so..."

Let's switch hands.


Statue Edit

"They totally stole my third-grade art project."
"Wow, you made that?"
"Can't you tell?"
"It does have a certain "gives zero fucks" quality that I recognize."

Man Edit

"Think this guy is married to a nutritionist? He's all like, 'I'm not allowed to eat this stuff at home, so..."

I love grease!

"I love grease! How can something that tastes so good--"
"--be so wrong!"
"Uh-oh, dropped a fry on my suit."
"Now I'll have to burn it."
"Good thing I have a giant squirrel costume in the car."

Attorney's fries.


Woman Edit

"Sweet beanie."
"What do you suppose she thinks?"

Nature's wifi sucks.

"Nature's wifi sucks."
"Maybe there's a squirrel family around here with broadcast."
"If only I can guess their password. Welovenuts69?"
"Too soon."

Looking at pictures of nature.



Mysterious Man and Woman Edit

Vibrating beds!



"Wait, you're a prostitute? But I'm a prostitute! Now who gets paid?"

Speedwalker Edit

"Loving this guy." "What's he thinking right now?"

Super wedgie.

"No matter how fast I go, I'll never walk outwalk the wedgie."
"That's so tragic. But also beautiful, in its own."

Stay away, bees!.


Grill Dad Edit

"Hmm, what's going on with these two?"

Child sacrifice.

"And the lord saideth: thou shalt make a burnt offering of your first born son..."
"Who are you talking to, dad?"
"No one, son. Now, lean into the grill and see if the fire's started. Further. Further..."
"Wow, that was dark."
"Too dark?"
"Perfect dark."

Hunting party.


Gallery Edit

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