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"Dude, this is a motel, not an Airbnb. If we're lucky, it'll have cable and a hot shower."Sean to Daniel while searching for their motel room in "Roads"

The Three Seals Motel is a motel in Life is Strange 2 located on the North Oregon Coast, approximately two hours away from Arcadia Bay. It is located directly across the road from a coastal beach.





The Diazes' motel room consists of a medium-sized bathroom; a balcony overlooking the ocean; and a room containing two queen-sized beds, a wall-mounted television, a closet, several desks and drawers, and a complimentary coffee maker. After finding out about Esteban's death via the television's news channel, Daniel Diaz causes a miniature telekinetic storm, causing determinant damage to the room depending on how long it takes for Sean to calm him down.

Episode One - "Roads"

After leaving Otter Point, Brody Holloway drops off Sean and Daniel at the motel after ordering them a room to stay the night. Once in the motel room, Daniel challenges Sean to a game of rock-paper-scissors over who gets the bed in front of the TV. Regardless of who wins, Daniel inevitably takes the bed to watch an episode of Hawt Dawg Man while Sean prepares a bath for him. After Daniel gets into the bath, Sean goes out onto the motel's balcony with his phone intending to throw it away, but finds that Lyla has left him multiple messages imploring him to call her back.

Call Lyla.
Both on the verge of tears, Lyla and Sean talk about Sean's whereabouts, his willingness to return, and the status of their friendship before Sean ends the call. After watching an old Christmas home video, Sean throws the phone into the ocean, writing Lyla's number down in his sketchbook.

Don't call Lyla.
Sean chooses to not call Lyla with the intention of keeping her out of trouble. After watching an old Christmas home video, Sean throws the phone into the ocean, writing Lyla's number down in his sketchbook.

Once back inside, Sean finds Daniel dancing on his bed to "Banquet" and invites Sean to join him, which Sean can accept or refuse. Either way, Sean resolves to tell the truth about Esteban's death, but before he can do so, Daniel asks Sean to get him a drink.

Sean exits the room and walks up to the vending machine, but after noticing the lights flicker and hearing Daniel yell, Sean rushes back to the motel room. Upon entering the room, Sean finds Daniel causing a miniature telekinetic storm in the room after finding out about his father's death from the television's news channel. After Sean manages to calm him down, Daniel tells Sean to promise to never lie to him again, which he can either accept or refuse.

The following morning, Sean and Daniel leave the motel behind via bus.


PC users: Hover over the text to see Sean's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.

Room 10

Main Room

  • Sean can look at his new backpack. (Comment: "Man... Wish we still had Brody around...")
  • He can examine Brody's handwritten note. (Comment: "Thanks for everything, Brody...")
  • He can examine a Three Seals Motel business card. (Comment: "Yeah... Don't think we'll be coming back this way...")
  • He can look at the television. (Comment: "I used to be all over that show too... At least it's keeping Daniel busy...")
  • He can examine at a pile of flyers, including:
    • A VeryBus America pamphlet. (Comment: "Brody gave us some cash so we can take one of these tomorrow.")
    • A "Long Walks Hiking Tours" leaflet. (Comment: "Yeah, let's go *hike* tomorrow, just for fun...")
    • A flyer for a Halloween costume party at "The Regal Beaver". (Comment: "Yeah. Fuck Halloween.")
    • An advertisement for the Robot Castle, the "biggest robot collection in Oregon". (Comment: "Wish we could go there and pretend nothing happened...")
  • He can look at Daniel's shoes. (Comment: "Some things do not change.")
  • He can look at Daniels backpack. (Comment: "I wasn't planning on getting rid of this bag, but...")
  • If Sean or Daniel won the Power Bear toy at Bear Station, he can look at the figure on the nightstand. (Comment: "If I knew this bastard was so loud...")
  • If Daniel has become inclined towards stealing, Sean can examine and question Daniel about an "old toy" on the nightstand. (Comment: "Hmmm... Where did Daniel get this?")
  • He can look at his bed. (Comment: "A real bed... Can't believe I'm that happy to stay at a motel.")
  • He can look at and pick up a set of fresh towels. (Comment: "Ooh la la... Fresh clean towels!")
  • He can examine a painting on the wall. (Comment: "Damn. I could paint this shit...")
  • He can examine a map of Oregon. (Comment: "I miss GPS already... But at least we're progressing south...")
  • He can examine a list of motel rules. (Comment: "No worries. We don't have to build a fire tonight...")
  • He can turn on the bathroom light switch (required).
  • After sending Daniel to the bath, Sean can look at and knock on the bathroom door to check on Daniel. (Comment: Look: "Daniel's a real hippo when he takes a bath... Hope he won't make a mess.")
  • After sending Daniel to the bath, Sean can pick up his charged phone (required). (Comment: "Time to say goodbye to modern life...")


  • Sean can clean up at the tap. (Comment: "Dude... You really look like shit...")
  • He can look at the toiletries. (Comment: "My hair feels like it's coated in dirt. A shower after Daniel will be bliss.")
  • He can put the fresh towels on the towel rack. (Comment: (out loud) "Daniel! You have towels in the bathroom. Don't forget to use them!")
  • He can look at and turn on the bath's faucet (required). (Comment: "Man... This hot water is going to feel soooo good...")
  • He can look at and pour out a bottle of bubble bath. (Comment: "Time to be a kid again...")


  • Sean can look at an iron. (Comment: "I tried to iron my shirts once... Burned a hole through them.")
  • He can look at a patterned tie. (Comment: "I can see why they left that tie...")
  • He can examine a crumpled Three Seals Motel card. (Comment: "A cheap souvenir for a cheap trip...")
  • He can look at a dustpan. (Comment: "Yeah... Like I'm gonna sweep the carpet...")


  • Sean can look at an ashtray. (Comment: "This cigarette with Lyla seems so far away...")
  • He can look at a flyer advertising the grand opening of "The Green Room", an artisanal cannabis dispensary. (Comment: "I could use a serious bong rip right now...")
  • He can take a moment of calm resting against the railing.


  • After leaving the room to get Daniel a drink, Sean can attempt to buy a soda from the vending machine for $2 (required).


A comparison between the logos of the Two Whales Diner and the Three Seals Motel.

  • The Three Seals Motel's name and logo design allude to a recurring location in the original Life is Strange, the Two Whales Diner.
  • If Sean lingers outside of room 14 before entering their own room, a couple having sex can be heard through the door. Daniel will ask whether people are fighting, to which Sean can either tell the truth or respond that it's just their television.
  • If Sean remains idle, he will say, "Better get that bath going for Dirty Daniel", a possible reference to a meme from Spongebob Squarepants.




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