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"Behold, the Flying Fortress!"Chris Eriksen in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The Tree House, also called the Flying Fortress, is an explorable location in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and a returning location in the second episode of Life is Strange 2. It is located in the backyard of the Eriksen household.


The tree house is a sturdily-built wooden structure with a red roof decorated by two multicolored pennant strings. It is built into a large tree in the Eriksens' backyard, and a ladder consisting of several wooden planks is attached to the tree's side.

Within the tree house, Chris keeps a rusty box containing items he doesn't want his father, Charles Eriksen, to know about. The box contains several of Emily Eriksen's old comic strips, a report card with low grades, and a letter regarding an incident where Chris fought someone after he made rude remarks about Charles, as well as some baseball cards and a map decoder.

A broken swing hangs from one of the tree's branches, half-submerged in the snow. In Life is Strange 2, on the day after Chris' fall, the swing can be seen repaired with a new rope.

Captain Spirit

After putting on his winter clothing and stepping outside, Chris can climb up the ladder to his tree house, where he can find the map decoder required to solve the map in his room. If Chris took a cigarette from Charles' room, he can light the cigarette and attempt to smoke it before coughing and doubling over. He can also choose to take a moment of calm on the tree house's lookout.

Later on, after Charles drunkenly accuses him of causing Emily's death, Chris runs out into the snow and towards his tree house. As he climbs the ladder, one of the upper rungs breaks and causes him to fall, but he is suspended in midair before reaching the ground and softly descends into the snow. As Chris gets up and looks around in wonder, he sees Daniel and Sean Diaz waving from the Reynolds' backyard and tentatively waves back.

Episode Two - "Rules"

While Sean attempts to unlock the Reynolds' backyard shed, Daniel witnesses Chris falling from his tree house and uses his telekinesis to stop him from hitting the ground. After a short conversation with Chris, Charles rushes out of the house and apologizes for his actions before noticing the brothers. He cautiously greets the brothers before leading Chris back inside.

The next day, while going to the Eriksens' house to find Daniel, Sean can look at the tree and wonder what happened between Chris and Charles yesterday.

Daniel told the truth to Chris
While escaping the Reynolds' house, Sean and Daniel come across Chris sitting on the tree house's swing. Upon realizing that the brothers have to leave, Chris gives Daniel his cape and directs them towards a shortcut to avoid the police. As they leave, Daniel sees Chris making the Spirit Squad pose from the top of the tree house, and he does the pose in return before running off with Sean.


Captain Spirit

PC users: Hover over the text to see Chris's comments. See here for all interactions in the game.
  • Chris can look at and go up the tree house. (Comment: "Behold, the Flying Fortress!")
  • He can look at a doll. (Comment: "Dad keeps telling me this is a 'girl's doll'... So what? She's the Ice Queen!")
  • He can look at and check on Sky Pirate. (Comment: "There's my loyal guard, Sky Pirate.")
  • He can look at and open his "secret stash". Inside: (Comment: "I can't let Dad find my secret stash... Ever!)
    • He can examine one of Emily's comic strips. (Comment: "I loved watching Mom draw her comics...")
    • He can look at and take his secret decoder. (Comment: Look: "Maybe I can use this to read the map..."
      Take: "Now I can use this to reveal the full map to my next adventure...")
    • He can examine his baseball cards. (Comment: "These are my favorite baseball players... Even if I don't understand the stats.")
    • He can look through his school letters. (Comment: Sorber letter: "Harry did say mean things about Dad, but I can't let him see this..."
      Report card: "This is my worst report card. I'm doing better now.")
  • He can look at Noctared. (Comment: "That's Noctarious' son... He looks like his dad...")
  • He can have a moment of calm on the lookout.
  • He can look at and smoke a cigarette by a bowl. (Comment: Look: "Well, maybe I could take one little puff..."
    Light cigarette: "Slow... like Dad. (coughing) Oh.. man... Stop...")
  • He can go back down the ladder.


Chris' drawing framed in in Stephen's office.

  • If Chris decides to pursue the topic with Claire Reynolds in Captain Spirit, it is revealed that the tree house was built by Claire's husband, Stephen Reynolds, with the help of Charles and Chris. In the second episode of Life is Strange 2, Sean can learn that Chris drew a picture of Stephen holding a fire sword as thanks, which Stephen keeps on a wall in his workshop.


Captain Spirit

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