Before the Storm

Trevor Yard is a student at Blackwell Academy and a classmate of protagonist Chloe Price in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

He originally appeared in the first game, Life is Strange.

Episode One - "Awake"

Trevor is seen on Chloe's student photo.

Episode Two - "Brave New World"

Trevor is mentioned by Justin Williams in one of the possible texts he sends Chloe when she's in Frank's RV.



  • Justin Williams - Trevor and Justin are fellow skaters, judging by one of the possible texts that the later sends to Chloe in Episode 2.


  • Although Trevor's surname was never mentioned in DONTNOD's original game, Life is Strange, a surname of "Johnson" existed for him in DONTNOD's original files. Deck Nine changed his surname to "Yard" for Before the Storm, as confirmed by Community Manager Toby Palm.
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