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Some Unused Content exists that wasn't present in Life is Strange, which can be documented through examining the game files and early concept art. The content can reveal information about characters, locations, or possible alternate sequences and endings planned pre- or during development by Dontnod Entertainment.

Unused Audio

A lot of unused sound files exist that can be found in the extracted game files.

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Unused Text

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Unused Character Info


  • At some point in the game's development, Rachel Amber was going to be called Jessie. The file name for the photo of Chloe and Rachel found under Chloe's bed in Chrysalis is "TX_Papers_PictureChloeJessie01_D". The postcard from Rachel is named in a similar fashion: "TX_Papers_PostcardJessie01_D".
  • In an early stage of the game's development, Brooke Scott was going to be called Hayley. References to this name can still be found in the game files; an animation sequence of Brooke flying her drone in "Chrysalis" is named "AS_E1_3A_CampusA_Hayley".
  • Although Trevor's surname was never mentioned in the game, a surname of "Johnson" exists for him in DONTNOD's original files, as confirmed by Square Enix's Life is Strange Community Manager, Toby Palm.


  • Edouard-caplain-principal-hd.jpg
    A concept art by Edouard Caplain implies that in an early stage of development, Principal Wells' ethnicity/skin color was not decided yet. Designs for both a white and black skinned Wells exist. He is the one of two characters which concept art versions of different ethnicities exist for. The other being Evan Harris.
  • At some point in the game's development, Alyssa was going to have blue hair. In one of the photos of Kate Marsh taken by David Madsen, Alyssa can be seen with blue hair. Concept art from the Limited Edition also displays her that way.
  • Early concept art for Chloe Price shows her with a different tattoo sleeve design and a rainbow on her vest.
  • There is a seemly unused character concept art by Fred Augis.

Unused Graphics

The following files can or could be found in the game files but weren't used in the final version of the game:

Unused Locations

Some locations were cut from the game but references to them can still be found in the game files.[1]

Episode Locations
Episode3Sub7="E3_4A Nightmare"
Episode 4: Dark Room Episode4Sub13="Jefferson's Car"
Episode 5: Polarized Episode5Sub7="Chloe's Truck - In The Storm"
Episode5Sub13="High School Toilets - Focus"
Episode5Sub15="Hospital - Ending"

Jefferson's Car

This location was cut from the game, but it hints at there having been a different ending for Episode 4. Jefferson was driving his car with Max as a passenger, and they were talking about Nathan. It is possible that the destination was the junkyard, since Jefferson was already aware of Max knowing too much and was intending to kill Chloe and drug Max by offering to drive them to the junkyard.

Dialogue options:

  • E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_000="Call the police."
  • E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_001="Kill him!"


  • Cue_E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_Jefferson_001="So Max, what are you going to do?"
  • Cue_E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_Max_002="We should call the police."
  • Cue_E4_9A_JeffCar_CHJefferson_Phase01_Max_003="Let's kill the fucker!"

Samuel's Room

There also is unused concept art of locations that aren't explorable in the game, for example of Samuel Taylor's janitor room.

Unused Scenes

The following concept art sketches shows a scene that likely was planned early on for the game but was not adapted into it.

There was a planned hospital scene for "Polarized" which was meant to happen between David saving Max in the Dark Room and the scene at the diner during the storm. In this quick scene, David would have brought Max to the hospital after freeing her from the Dark Room, but Max would have escaped to go get the photo from Warren. It was stated by Michel Koch that they scrapped this scene because it "didn't add much to the story, and they preferred to focus their energy on more dialog and time between Max and Chloe after."[4]

In the third episode, after being dropped off by Chloe at Blackwell Academy, Max is then directly seen in her room. In the trailer for this episode, Max can be seen wandering around the main campus, likely headed for her dorms.

Max headed for the dorms

Unused Endings

During development, Dontnod had considered a "Hospital Ending", an alternative version of the "Sacrifice Chloe" ending, in which Chloe Price would have fallen into a coma instead of being killed. The scene would have shown Max Caulfield waking up in the hospital next to Chloe's hospital bed instead of attending Chloe's funeral.

Unused Outcomes

Unused audio files and animations indicate that it was possible for Chloe to die in three different ways at the end of the confrontation with Frank on the beach in Episode 4 while trying to protect Max.

The following are unused audio files named "Chloedead":

Frank: "You like having a gun pointed at you, bitch? Huh?" 
Chloe: "No, she doesn't, asshole!"
Frank: "Dumbass."
Max: "Chloe!"

The following are unused animations:

  • The first one is named "A_E4_4A_Beach_ChloeDead_Chloe_MF" and shows Chloe rapidly moving backwards before being shot in the stomach and falling to the ground.
  • The second one is named "A_E4_4A_Beach_ChloeDeadV2_Chloe_MF" and shows Chloe holding a gun and firing it before being shot and falling to the ground.
  • The third one is named "A_E4_4A_Beach_ChloeDeadV3_Chloe_MF" and shows Chloe drawing a gun from behind her back and being shot before she can aim. Chloe then falls to the ground.

Unused Choices

Some unused (dialogue) choices can or could be found in the game files.

Episode Choices
E3_1A_DanaRoom_CHDana_Phase01_015="Victoria tortured Kate."

Unused Video Sequences

These two videos appear to be an early version of the intro of Episode 3.

This video is an early version of the Episode 5 teaser video.This file was removed from Episode 3's files with Episode 4's release.

Unused Music

An early version of the choice music could be found in the game files.

In the leaked build of "Out of Time", the music on the jukebox can be changed to "As The Crow Flies".

Leaked Plot Points

A user called kcbeliever leaked plot points after the release of Chrysalis.

Leaked Build

Main article: Out of Time (Leaked Build)

On February 6, 2015, an incomplete build of Episode 2: Out of Time leaked.

Leaked Journal Screenshot

In this screenshot the scenes corresponding to the concept art of episode 3 and 4 are in reverse order compared to the final game.