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Party at the Two Whales diner by Afterlaughs - inspired by a scene from Tamen De Gushi (or Their Stories) web comic by Tan Jiu.

*** Note to fellow editors: I may not be here as regularly as I used to be. This is due to various commitments and the recovery from a health issue. I will monitor edits and respond to wall messages when I can. ***

LiS "detective" at your service. :)

I really enjoy exploring the hidden details and obscure references within Life is Strange: Season 1 (and now Season 2). Other times, I'm spotting (often accidentally) similarities and inconsistencies. I suppose that, even though I discovered the game quite "late", it's nice to be finding some interesting things for the long-time fans.

When I'm not adding stuff to the LiS wiki, I'm probably playing LiS to find even more stuff for the wiki! Haha!
I guess my contributions will be mostly Season 1 contributions until I stop finding stuff in that game! :)

Discovered LiS (Season 1): 15th December 2016 (Thanks, Afterlaughs!)

My favorite pages

Quick Editing Guide

Just some commonly used 'source mode' code that I've put together from my own frequent edits. I thought it might also be useful to any new editors to the wiki. (Any file names or any weblinks mentioned in the text are simply used as examples.)


Main header:

== Header ==


=== Sub-header ===


==== Sub-sub-header ====


To create a line break:

<br> ... Or... <br/>

To make text small:

<small>(cutscene)</small><br \>

To bring text into alignment (i.e. indent):


(A single colon at the start of the lie.)

To temporarily hide some text:


- written at the start of the text.


- written at the end of the text.

Notes and References

To add a Notes section:

== Notes ==
<references group="note"/>

Creating notes to appear in the Notes section:

<ref group="note">    </ref>

To add a References section:

== References ==
<references />

To make the References section's content smaller:

== References ==


== References ==
<references />
* <small> </small>
* <small> </small>
* <small> </small>

Creating references to appear in the References section:

<ref>    </ref>

Combining under the same reference:

<ref name=":0">     </ref>
Then the next reference tags should be: <ref name=":0" />

Pictures and Galleries

Inserting Thumbnail pictures:

[[File: chloe-shocked.png|thumb|left|250px]]

[[File: old-phone-bts.png|thumb|184x184px]]

(Note: These are just examples of size; the px size can be adjusted to suit layout.)

Nicely centered Image Gallery:

<gallery bordersize="none" bordercolor="transparent" hideaddbutton="true" widths="200" captionalign="center" position="center">
afterlaughs-balcony.jpg|Commission piece.
afterlaughs-present.jpg|Life Is Strange Fans Christmas Multimedia Contest 2016 - 2D Fan Art Winner.

(Note: The | is used to add a title or description of the image.)

Slideshow gallery:

<gallery mode="slideshow" type="slideshow"> (images) </gallery>

Or centred:

<gallery position=center mode="slideshow" type="slideshow" hideaddbutton="true">
Max concept art.jpg
Life-is-strange-02 1920.jpg
Life-is-strange-01 1920.jpg

Linking to a picture/media:

[[Media: david-concealedgunlicense.png|Concealed Gun License]]


Adding headphones image with Audio:

EXTERNAL LINK: [[File:Headphones.png|16px|link=]]
INTERNAL wiki-hosted template: {{Headphones|file=filename}} 

Navigation / Jumping to Sections

Jumping directly to a header on a page:

Example: [[#Sophomore Issue]]
Context: (See [[#Sophomore Issue]].)


To create an inset quote on the next line:

<blockquote>"I need proof that bottles were out to get me, just in case..."</blockquote>

(Note: Quotes can also be formatted to bold or italics like any normal text.)

Inserting Quotes:

Example 1: {{Quote|Are you cereal?|Max}}
Example 2: {{Quote|Everything is a picture waiting to be taken... |Max's Diary, September 3}}

Printed matter (e.g. Newspaper articles) quote style:

|''' <Article header text, if one if present - bold text.> '''
<subheader or author name comes next - plain text>
<main body of text goes here>

Video Approval Ratio

To calculate the "Approval" ratio % for YouTube Playthrough videos:

Likes divided by Likes + Dislikes = Approval percentage.

Extra Tabbers (Notes Pages)

To add a multiple "Read" tabs on the Notes pages:

|-|Read={{#tag:tabber|Page 1=[[File:Note-lis2-ep1-brodynote2.png|220px]]
{{!}}-{{!}}Page 2=[[File:Note-lis2-ep1-brodynote3.png|220px]]}}</tabber>

Useful Templates

Spoiler Warning

{{SpoilersLIS2}} - to use at the top of the latest game release pages.

Request For More Content

{{Stub/doc}} - to place at the top of pages that would benefit from additional content.

Freecamera Distinction

{{FreecamTT}} - to distinguish free-camera mod screenshots.

Editing In Progress Warning

{{EditWarning|user=XX}} - notifies others you are working on the page.
'''Replace XX with your username.'''


  • Easter Eggs and Easily Missed Details - Blog in progress by one of the Wiki Admins to help explain the difference.

Administration Tasks / Personal Reminders

Just a list of pages I intend to check periodically for administration duties.